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Commercial Gas Cooktops – Benefits & Selection Parameters

With the influx of so many restaurants and other food joints, the value of a commercial gas cooktop has grown manifold. Many machine variants are available, such as 8 Burner with Oven, 6 Burner with Oven, 5 Tubes Gas Deep Fryer, 2/4/6 Burner Tops, 1220mm Griddle, 910 Char-Rock Broiler, 2 and 4 Burner Tops and many more. This equipment is perfect for grilling delicacies such as eggs, grilled cheese sandwiches and pancakes, among others. These appliances provide the best experience in the kitchen due to their valuable attributes. The offerings presented by the apparatus has the unmatched ability to deep fry large amount of food items, such as french fries, by heating a lot of oil. There are many benefits of a gas cooktop, and some of them are mentioned below.

Provides you Option to Control Temperature

The thermostat adjustments feature in the gas cooktop is one of its many benefits and makes food preparation an effortless task. The temperature settings can be adjusted just with the touch of the knob, which contributes to the higher rate of flexibility while preparing food. The different kind of food items needs different temperatures to heat and make delicacies. For example, a particular temperature is required in order to heat a utensil of water, and you have to heat the pan to a greater degree while planning to deep fry or shallow fry. A shrewdly bought gas oven gives you the option to make items at different temperatures and make the meal more tempting. You can check the collection of Simco, the top commercial cooktop supplier in Sydney & Melbourne, on their website.

There are multiple options of cooktops, and one of them is Commercial Gas Griddle, which is used for shallow frying for delicate foods. If you wish to purchase this equipment, visit Simco.

Makes Food Preparation Process Quicker

Every restaurant or eatables store owner can relate to the fact that when there is a long queue of patrons waiting to be served, one can't afford a delay of even a minute. Dishes need to be prepared swiftly, and as the patrons want only fresh items, they need to be served freshly made and piping hot preparations. That is why all the chefs working in professional food preparation outlets choose to ply their trade on sophisticated gas ovens or gas stoves. The reason behind this is straightforward - they want to make high-quality dishes significantly faster. Due to the fantastic thermostat settings feature discussed before, you can modify the temperatures to enable fast or slow preparation. Once a restaurant experiences the joy of commercial gas tops, they will scarcely go back to any other method.

Long-Lasting, Lightweight & Beautiful

One of the most enduring features of commercial gas cooktops is that they are very durable and lightweight compared to other industrial cuisine preparation equipment. These appliances have a metallic body and a beautiful finish that lasts long. This type of machines is perfect for the food joints that opt for the open layout kitchen system, where your patron can witness the whole process of cooking. These stoves and machines attract and appeal to the eye since they are lightweight and beautifully designed instead of a piece of heavy equipment that is not pleasing to the eye.

Uniform & Consistent Distribution of Heat

One of the main benefits of a commercial top and the primary reason for making cuisines easier with this equipment is that it distributes heat in a uniform and consistent manner. The central portion in this type of machine gets heated very fast, which leads to a drastic reduction in the food making prep-up time. As the heat spreads uniformly across the pots, the hot spots do not form burned or scorched blotches on the food appliance. Another advantage of these pots is that the relatively cold spots on the pan do not create any problems while cooking food. The even distribution of heat allows a chef to cook even the exotic and complex recipes in an effortless manner.

One of the appliances which promote even distribution of heat is Commercial Deep Fryers. If you want to purchase this machine for your kitchen and looking for a credible source, look no further.

Enables Hassle-Free Cleaning

Another of the outstanding advantages of the commercial gas cooktop is that it enables effortless & hassle-free cleaning. While food appliances made of other materials such as glass may look more attractive and provide a more pronounced beauty, the truth is that they also get stained and dirty very quickly. The restaurants owning such a device would vouch for the fact that these appliances require constant efforts to keep them clean with soap water. Also, switching on the exhaust fans is a must so that the smoke and soot get removed from the kitchen and the glass appliance remains clean. However, no such efforts are needed in the stainless steel version, as you only need to wipe & clean it with a cloth after every session in the kitchen.

Things to Check before Buying Commercial Gas Cooktops

One should always check the following things before buying gas cooktops for your commercial kitchen:

Check the Oil Capacity

One of the crucial things to verify is the amount of oil that a deep fryer can take. If you cater to many customers, you should look for appliances that have no option for restraints. The oil capacities of the deep fryers should handle the immeasurable needs of your patrons. Always make sure that the equipment can prepare various delicacies such as fried ice creams, deep-fried peanut butter, jam sandwiches, crusted soft-boiled fried eggs and deep-fried cheesecakes. The deep fryers should also come with a range of oil capacities cutting out all limitations regarding deep frying. Simco is one of Australia's leading commercial gas cooktops supplier and has 26.4 L, 26.6L, and 34.7L volume capacity deep-fryers for your kitchen.


Look out for the Cooktop Type

The combustion performance of the machine is crucial to choose an oven or stove. Check whether the kind of stoves offered by a store is LPG or natural gas and whether it provides combustion and even heating features. Simco provides both variants on its website. Natural gas is environment-friendly and burns well, along with being cheap, extremely reliable, and safe. The LPG variant also has an efficiency of approximately 90% and ensures a smooth and wonderful cooking experience.

One of the cooktop types is Commercial Gas Stoves, which are available & beneficial for food establishments of every shape & size. For more info, visit simco.

Purpose of the Equipment

One of the crucial factors for the catering equipment owners is to determine the purpose of the equipment. This appliance can function in multiple places, and it is the owner's discretion to choose the model which suits the environment of his/her kitchen perfectly. It's safe to say these devices are helpful anywhere an activity related to food takes place. One of the prominent advantages of this product is its versatility; therefore, it is essential anywhere it is placed in the kitchen. Some of the locations where these food appliances could be beneficial are Factories or Food Production centres, Schools, Clubs, Homes,  Hotels, Bars & Pubs etc.

Check Product Effectiveness for your Kitchen

The most disappointing feeling is purchasing a piece of equipment that doesn't prove helpful over time. Therefore it is vital to ensure that the products are practical for your kitchen and consist of the best components to help transform your cooking experience. Also, check and ask questions on the durability of the cooktops. If it is indeed durable, it will be guaranteed to last a long time after purchase.  The products offered by Simco, the commercial gas cooktop supplier in Sydney & Melbourne, are very effective in this regard. Their high-quality product components enable even heating during food preparation, precise temperatures and swift food making.

There are various other factors to check before purchasing a commercial gas top. For more info on it and other similar products, visit the Simco website.

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