The Flat Stainless Steel Workbench is used in various commercial sectors and areas. The product has a flat top and is used for various purposes. Because of the quality steel, the product is rust-resistant and can also resist vibrations. They stand on four tubular stainless steel legs. You will be able to use them for a variety of purposes. We aim to create the perfect models and bless you with an extensive range to choose from.

Where are they used?

This excellent commercial catering equipment can be used in restaurants, hotels, and several other places. The product is both, easy to clean as well as highly durable which makes it perfect for kitchen use. It can be used to store all the cooking utensils. This Stainless Steel Flat Workbench comes in different variants. It has a bottom shelf where you will be able to store all the essentials. The sturdy and careful construction allows you to place all your hot cooking utensils on it without causing the slightest damage to our carefully designed model. Our Workbench is will fulfil all your business needs and will give you an extraordinary cooking experience. It also sports a clean-stylish look and can be placed anywhere in the kitchen.

How to clean the product?

Most commercial kitchen constituents are designed in such a way that they can withstand tremendous pressure and give you a hassle-free work experience. However, if these products are not maintained properly, it may cause you a lot of trouble. So, it is highly recommended that you clean all the elements of your kitchen regularly to maintain proper hygiene. Given below are a few points that must be kept in mind while you indulge in cleaning: 

  • First, you need to disassemble all the parts of the workbench so that it can be cleaned properly. Be very careful while separating the parts so that you do not get injured.
  • Then you should separate the parts and give each of them a good wash. The top portion should be cleaned with extra care as it comes in direct contact with the food particles.
  • You may use a small or medium-sized brush to clean the areas that you are not able to reach easily. If you choose to use a toothbrush, the bristles of your brush must not be very hard.
  • Do not use harmful chemicals to clean the product as they may cause damage to the surface. You can go for an antibacterial detergent of good quality instead.
  • You must dry all the parts carefully before you finally assemble your product.
  • The top surface must be sterilized often to maintain hygiene. Otherwise, it may become breeding grounds for harmful bacteria.

Who brings you the best products in this range?

Simco Catering Equipment Australia is one of the leading brands for manufacturing kitchen products. We bring before you a huge variety of commercial kitchen equipment all of which are extremely affordable and are of superior quality. We are the top Flat Stainless Steel Workbench suppliers in Australia and Apart from durable and efficient Flat Stainless Steel Workbenches, we also manufacture commercial refrigerators and freezers, commercial gas cooking equipment, exhaust hood canopies, and more. We have a good reputation in the wholesale market for being a popular Flat Stainless Steel Workbench distributor.

Features of the product

Being a renowned Flat Stainless Steel Workbench manufacturer, Simco’s Flat Stainless Steel bench offers these amazing features:

  • Stainless steel top having 1.2 mm thickness.
  • Available in 600 or 700 mm deep models.
  • Worktop has a 3mm zincalume coated steel reinforced backing.
  • Tube legs of 41mm diameter.
  • Legs have a thickness of 1.2mm.
  • Adjustable feet.
  • Under-shelf made of 1.2mm thickness.
  • A product having 2100 and 2400mm length units.
  • Extremely easy to assemble.
  • Also available with a splash-back, having 150mm height.
  • Comes in different models and variations.
  • It can be cleaned and maintained quite easily.

Double Sink BenchesOur kitchen catalogue will not only make your cleaning work lighter but also much easier than it ever was before.

Wall Mounted and Over shelvesOur wall mounts and over shelves are made after a tremendous amount of research. Commercial hospitality requirements are difficult to match, and we understand that.

Flat Workbench - Needed for almost everything in a kitchen, we know how it needs to be built to your desire. Therefore, we tire a little extra hard to give your kitchen the feel that it deserves.

Steel Benches with Splashback - Our range will surely leave you pleasantly surprised. Simco guarantees that you will have an unforgettable experience with them.

Single Sink Bench Our diverse range is created to ensure that you can choose the perfect one for your kitchen. After all, they are the basic most fundamental units in there.

Undershelves and Leg Bracing - We create exclusive undershelves and leg braces that appear like royalty. These Simco storage units will surely take your breath away and let you store anything you need to.

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Why Choose Us?

Simco Catering Equipment Australia is a well-known kitchen equipment manufacturer. Our products come in various shapes and dimensions and can be assembled with ease. You will easily be able to make the kitchen of your dreams. We sell our kitchen equipment in different parts of Australia and thus reaching us is extremely convenient. You will be able to purchase our Flat Stainless Steel Workbench in Sydney as well as all other parts of Australia.

Over the last few years, Simco has provided people all over Australia with commercial hospitality equipment. We have left an imprint in the hospitality industry with years of service. This fifteen-year spell of success has been all thanks to our loyal customers and we plan to expand this family of ours as much as we can. Therefore, we here at Simco have these tenets when it comes to being of service to you:

Warranty for All

At Simco, if you buy a product, you get a warranty with it. Commercial hospitality equipment is always more about durability than it is about anything else. We pride ourselves on putting in the effort to create the best of equipment for the industry and to maintain this equipment, we offer a warranty period on all our items. This is the Simco seal of trust. 

The Perfect Equipment for You

Having a commercial job means that your kitchen will often be its unique version and every kitchen has different needs. Our products are manufactured in various series and types because we understand that your needs cannot be generalized, that’s why you can log onto our website and choose the requisites.

Experience and Quality

Having been in the business for over fifteen years, Simco has learned the art of manufacturing the perfect commercial hospitality equipment. Today, when we make our equipment, we can vouch for its quality and proudly showcase it to the world. Simco equipment always stands out amongst other commercial kitchen equipment.

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