Salad Bars

Commercial Salad Bars- A fresh and healthy serve to your guests

Health and healthy food are becoming famous among people across the world. Diners choose to have nutritious side dishes to balance their calorie intake while sitting down for main meals. Restaurants and food joints have responded to their preference by innovating the inclusion of salads to their menus. Some food trucks or side cafes specialise only in fresh green veggies and fruits paired with different sauces or dressings. They keep you healthy and fuller for a long time.

Excite your customers by attracting them with new varieties of salad and salad dressings with your own Commercial refrigerated salad bar. Check out here.

Businesses have placed commercial salad bars on their premises to attract their customers towards healthy eating. It excites your guests to engage in preparing their plate or bowl while they wait for their lunch or dinner. Placing colourful fresh fruits, salad leaves, seeds, sauces, dressings and many such similar food items trigger your customers to indulge in it. Thus giving a boost to your sales too.

Commercial refrigerated salad bars are set up to keep the temperature of the nutritious food optimum while they are served. They come in a closed guard which keeps dirt, germs and unnecessary touching at bay. Thus keeping your food items clean, fresh and hygienic. You can change the serving style in such bars that come in a variety of styles and sizes to accommodate your requirements.

Prep Fridges are multi-utility fridges that can be used to keep your preparation food material at optimum temperature and ready to use. It is a must for every restaurant business.

Benefits you should know what a Commercial Salad Bar can offer to your business:

A self-served nutritious bar can bring multifold benefits to your food trading establishment like the below:

  1. Add equity to your label: Your guests will find a new and healthy attraction with this bar. It is a healthy answer to your guests' requests.
  2. Display variety: your guests will be enticed when they are treated with different varieties of healthy food every day. Several combinations of sauces and dressings will make healthy eating, a fun task.
  3. Engage them: Your guests in restaurants will engage themselves while they fill their bowls as Salad bars are self- service-oriented.
  4. Salad bar on ice: This is an innovative way to serve cold green vegetables or fruits for that crowd who enjoys chilled food items to beat the heat.

Make your bar visitors keep coming back for chilled beer and other alcoholic drinks. Buy a bar fridges for your restaurant and see your business bloom.

Features of the bar at Simco

  • Available in 6 sizes
  • Ideal for Pizza, kebab, hot dog, fast food outlets, food trucks many sizes available
  • Ideal for any food preparation
  • Quality countertop refrigerated prep unit
  • Constructed in high-quality stainless steel exterior & interior
  • Glass sneeze canopy guard structure or steel canopy structure
  • All units take 1/3 GN pans OR 1/4 GN pans
  • Italian Dixell digital controller with temperature display
  • Static cooling system

Salad Bars are being promoted in universities and schools. Getting the students acquainted with healthy eating right from the beginning is a healthy practice that many state councils and government bodies are encouraging in the curriculum.

Renowned Food Service Director, Jessica Shelly states that by introducing healthy bars in schools and universities, we empower children towards a variety of veggies and fruits that can be considered as a healthy lunch option. This also promotes multiple nutrition to small and young children in their developing years.

Let’s look at some of the tips for creating a fascinating and enticing salad bar:

  • A handsome amount of fresh veggies including many greens and fruits both dry and organic variants.
  • Assortments like cheese, specifically cottage cheese.
  • Protein zones loaded with eggs, tofu and green and red beans.
  • A row for seeds and nuts.
  • A rush of fun dressings with virgin olive oil and lemon juice.
  • Specialities- olives, grilled meat, roasted nuts and grams, ethnic ingredients, artichokes.
  • Select veggies in different colours and fruit of different shapes and sizes.
  • Present different items by artistically playing with them making them enticing.

Taking extra care of the cleanliness of the salad bar can go a long way. No one will wish to see a messy and spilt bar while approaching for a bite.

Salad Bars are highly profitable. People approach it east with their eyes and then with their mouth by filling their entire bowl. The same goes for schools and colleges. Prospect graduates can go on to choose hospitality as their career. The influence of a good and balanced presentation can go a long way and impact many lives, thus creating new businesses. You can choose a variety of designs of such equipment from the commercial salad bars on sale.

Some tipsy bitsy:


  • Go for seasonal and local produce
  • Always display a balanced line of food items like kale and proteins.
  • In-house soups with a dash of personalised speciality.
  • Red pepper flavoured hummus.  
  • Eye raising sprouts and palm slices.
  • Just dropped from the trees fruits (fresh ones) and avocados
  • Infuse Asian and Latin origins like black beans, roasted corn, jalapeño, soba noodles, and toasted sesame dressing
  • Green and fresh picks of herbs


  • Tinned stuff
  • Colourful and fun-filled salad dressings (in-house preferred)
  • Processed foods like meats
  • Mayonnaise-based preparations like pasta salad
  • Gelatine based salads

If you are looking for trustworthy commercial salad bar suppliers, Simco Group is the perfect pit-stop. The team at Simco is loaded with dense experience in customer handling and guiding businesses to a balanced purchase. Simco is a master when it comes to smooth deliveries across Australia and New Zealand. In major cities like Adelaide, Sydney and Perth, delivering and installation of commercial salad bars is carried out with utmost professionalism.

Find out the best quality commercial kitchen equipment at no regret prices at Simco. Browse the online inventory and drop a query. We will respond to you within no time.

With Simco you enjoy:

  • Quick and smooth sale service from an experienced team with years of service in commercial catering.
  • Pick your favourite from an exhaustive online inventory manufactured by the most trusted brands in commercial refrigeration.
  • Warranty across Australia for services, parts of equipment, labour etc.

Stationed in Sydney, you can get complete guidance on commercial catering. All your queries regarding purchases, calculation of measurements, occupying the best possible space with the best possible placement- all such and more can be easily sorted with us. Products sold at Simco Catering Equipment completely abide by Australian standards and guidelines. 

*All catering types of equipment at Simco Catering Group are CE certified and that we take care of the safety, environmental protection and health standards of the products sold at

An experienced and highly reliable brigade of brands are available with us:

  • SIMCOHOOD (Highly dependable for Exhaust Canopy hoods)
  • MIXRITE (The most trustworthy name for Stainless steel benches, shelves & sinks)
  • ATOSA ( Specialises in Refrigeration)
  • PREPPAL (Highly reliable brand for Planetary Mixers)
  • COOKRITE (A hot name for Commercial Gas Equipment)
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