Simco Catering Equipment is a renowned and foremost technological company that is outstanding for the manufacture and sales of quality and high-class commercial stainless steel. We are highly efficient in providing an elite range of Exhaust Hood Canopies. They are great for carrying heat out of the kitchen or cooking area. These supplied products are made in conformity with the expectation and standards set in the market. They are easily accessible in a variety of stipulations, depending on the requirements of clients.

Where can I buy the best quality Stainless Steel Hood in Australia?

We have our company situated in a part of Australia, and we can confidently promise nothing but the best quality, highly durable, and pocket-friendly stainless steel hood.

There are all sorts of varieties available depending on the width, depth, height, and many more just to your preferential treatment. Also, they come in different price ranges and sizes to meet your daily needs. We have got loads of them in stock, and you can be sure to find what fits your needs best.

Which is the best supplier for Stainless steel hood in Sydney and Perth?

There have been lots of demands asking where to get stainless steel hood for sale, especially in Sydney and Perth. Simco Catering Equipment provides one of the very best in these locations, and we are readily available to deliver these high-quality products to your homes. We can supply both wholesale and retail sales, and we assure you of swift and smooth delivery in these areas so that you can get them within hours.

Where is the best Commercial stainless steel hood?

You will get the best stainless steel hood and exhaust canopies in no other place than Simco Catering Equipment. However, it certainly depends on what kind of services you are offering and the location where you want to use them. They come in various unique features that you can conveniently pick one that perfectly suits your purpose.

We provide a wide range of category options that allows you to get a steel hood that will make your work in the kitchen more convenient. As a big restaurant, for example, you must get a commercial kitchen hood system to help you in getting out the smoke and smell from the kitchen. It is one main priority, and this canopy can be a great help, and we offer the very best.

How to select the best stainless steel hood?

Choosing the right exhaust hood:

When selecting a steel hood, you need to make sure that you pick the right one. Some are heat-exhaust while some are grease-exhaust hood. This hood has slotted filters that trap the grease oil and are great for places that do much deep frying. However, the heat exhaust hood vents out the fumes and let out a high level of heat which is suitable for things that are prepared at very high temperature.

Selecting an Exhaust fan:

Another critical component you need to watch out for in the exhaust steel hood is the fan. The fan helps in keeping the place clean and minimizes the risk of fire outbreak by reducing the grease level. If you need the stainless steel canopy for a large kitchen, you should choose one that has a high power exhaust fan. We have that available for you, and there is even an option of up blast or down blast fan that you can choose.

Picking the right Makeup air fan:

The makeup air fan is primarily needed to take in air and pump it into the kitchen. It is during the period when the fan draws out all the heated air from the kitchen functioning area, and there is a need for air circulation, the makeup air fan comes into play. A good makeup air fan maintains the airflow in the kitchen and also preserves the energy released from air conditioning and heating.

Suitable ducts, caps, and curbs:

Every outstanding commercial exhaust hood system needs a sound duct system. It also needs hood funnel through which the vents lead to the air fans. Also, there is a vent that connected back to the kitchen; all of these units need curbs.

Hood exhaust rate:

The total amount of air your vent should have removed from the kitchen is known as the hood exhaust rate. It is usually measured in cubic feet per minute(CFM). However, it still definitely depends on the amount of smoke, grease, and heat that is produced from the kitchen appliances. These factors need to be considered carefully when calculating a reasonable exhaust rate.

Fire suppression systems:

It is necessary to have a sound fire suppression system in your kitchen. These fire suppression systems come from tanks and are in connection with a series of pipes at the end, which sprinkles water above the kitchen area. They can be activated automatically with a heat sensor or just manually by you. It is good to get fire suppression systems with stainless steel exhaust canopy.

Examples of stainless steel hood that is available at Simco group are based on these categories;

 1. Width: there are different dimensions ranging from 501-1000mm, 1001-1500mm, 2001-2500mm
 2. Depth: there are varying depths that we also have, which are 1001-1500mm, 1501-2000mm.
 3. Height: also, you can choose based on the height of the steel hood, and there is only one variation, which is 0-1000mm.

After selecting the best stainless steel hood, people tend to forget about the hood after some time, but it is necessary to maintain the system. This is very important to keep it in good working condition. The most crucial factor you need to consider here is cleaning the unit regularly so that grease doesn’t build up in the system. Always ensure that you keep the filters clean to get the best performance of the hood and regularly check the vent as many greases can lead to a threat for a fire outbreak.

All these different categories are available and ready for delivery at very affordable prices and come with a warranty. We are very trustworthy and reliable at the Simco group to offer fast delivery, anywhere, at any time.

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