Simco Catering Equipment is a company primarily concerned about your basic catering needs. We are well known for supplying of top-notch Catering Equipment. Our premium quality commercial gas equipment will meet the needs of the Master Chef down to the average Cook. Thanks to our team, we provide this exceptional equipment with fast heating, accurate cooking temperatures, and, most importantly, recovery heating. With our premium gas cooking stoves, you don’t have to worry about efficiently, uneven cooking, and your expectations.

Where can I buy the best quality Commercial Gas Cooktops in Australia?

Our Establishment is within the confinements of Australia, providing superior and pocket-friendly stoves.

Our cost-effective product comes in a variety of sizes and shapes, providing the cooking and baking needs of everyone out there. We have a large number of these products for sale, depending on your taste.

Which is the best supplier for Commercial Cooktops in Sydney and Perth?

We so understand that there is a high demand for commercial quality stoves and ovens, especially in the areas of Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane. However, it raises one question, “Where can I purchase the best cooktops supplier?” Simco Catering Equipment offers the perfect solution to this question. You can always trust the quality of the products you purchase from us. We sell the very best gas stoves in Sydney and Perth.

Our customer service is at its best. As a company, our sole aim is to offer a high level of customer satisfaction. We have a culture of ensuring quick and quality delivery to meet Wholesale and Retail needs.

What are the Best Commercial Gas Cooktops?

Simco Catering gives the best commercial gas cooktops for sale. Depending on the kind of services you render and the designed area, it comes in various exciting categories that will consummately suit its purpose.

Our grills are perfect for your burgers, pancakes, eggs, and grilled cheese sandwiches as they offer the best experience thanks to their amazing features.

The superb thing about our Deep Fryers is its ability to heat large quantities of cooking oil for deep frying large amounts of foods such as funnel cakes, French fries, and mozzarella sticks. Our Gas Char Grill (Rock) gives your finished foods that smoky flavour. There is a soothing satisfaction of our Gas Char Grill (Radiant) also provides. Similarly to the other varieties our company has, the burners with oven gives you precisely what you need.

How to select the best Commercial Gas Cooktops?

Picking the best commercial cooktops to suit your needs is of utmost importance. Below, we’d enumerate “factors” you should consider when trying to make a choice.

OIL CAPACITY: With the amount of oil our deep fryers can take, there’s no cause for restraints. The oil capacities of our deep fryers tackle the undying needs of customers. We ensure you never stop making those fried ice creams, fried mac ‘n cheese balls, deep-fried peanut butter, and jam sandwiches crusted soft-boiled fried eggs and deep-fried cheesecakes. Our deep fryers come with a range of oil capacities cutting out all limitations as regards deep frying.

We have 26.4 L, 26.6L, and 34.7L volume capacity deep-fryers perfect your chicken, chips, pastries, and lots more.

TYPE: The combustion performance of the cookers should never is essential. We offer two specific kinds of stoves for even heating and combustion. Available for use are the LPG and natural gas. Our natural gas is environmentally friendly and burns well; it is also pocket-friendly, safe, and extremely reliable. The LPG hits an efficiency of almost 90%, ensuring you a smooth and happy experience cooking.

BURNERS: Burners are one of the most critical parts of the entire system; forged to allow for instant changes in heat while cooking, so no interruptions. The stoves come with four different kinds of burners (the two, four, six, and eight burner types)—the more the number of burners, the more space you get, the faster the cooking.

Keeping the flame at optimal performance is also a top priority. We can only do this by having high burner outputs. We have outputs of 23Mj, 26Mj, 28Mj, 30Mj, and 33Mj to suit your taste.

DIMENSIONS: Depending on the purpose or use of your cooktops, we have a lot of the different sizes based on their width, height, and of course, depth. You should never have to bend your will, so we created a variety of sizes to help with that.

The least depth of our gas range is between 501 millimetres and 1000 millimetres. We also have dimensions of about 1501 millimetres to 2000 millimetres. For the height, it’s between 0 to 1000 millimetres and 1000 to 2000 millimetres. They are also as wide as 01-500 millimetres, 501-1000 millimetres, and also 1001-1500 millimetres.

PURPOSE: A factor we must never to push aside is the purpose and use of this cooking equipment. There are so many places this equipment can function. It’s safe to say that it’s functional anywhere an activity related to food takes place. The power of this product is its versatility; the fact that it performs loads of functions makes it important almost anywhere. Places that could make excellent use of this cooking equipment are Clubs, Schools, Factories or Food Production centres, Homes, Hostels, Hotels, Bars, Pubs, Schools, etc.

EFFECTIVENESS: The most hurtful feeling is buying a product that doesn’t prove useful over time. It is why our product consists of nothing but the best materials to help facilitate your kitchen experience. We also took to mind the durability of our cookers; they are guaranteed to last years after purchase. As regards the effectiveness of this product, there’s no need to worry. Thanks to our top-grade materials, you can get even heating while cooking, accurate cooking temperatures, and also fast cooking.

Examples of Commercial Gas Cooktops available at Simco Catering Equipment are:

8 Burner With Oven, 6 Burner With Oven, 5 Tubes Gas Deep Fryer, 4 Tubes Gas Deep Fryer, 3 Tube Gas Deep Fryer, 2/4/6 Burner Cook Tops, 1220mm Griddle, 910mm Griddle, 610mm Griddle, 910mm Radiant Broiler, 610mm Radiant Broiler, 910 Char-Rock Broiler, 610mm Char-Rock Broiler, 2 and 4 Burner Cook Tops.

The products listed above are all available at your disposal at very affordable prices and come with a warranty. You can rely on us at Simco Catering to provide the best quality cooking stove coupled with fast delivery, anywhere, anytime. At Simco Catering Equipment, your comfort is our concern.

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