Pizza Prep Tables
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Improve your Pizza service with Pizza Prep tables

Pizza joints and restaurants or cafes serving pizza on the tables of their guests always have to work in a calculated environment. The temperature, proper quantity of ingredients, and proper size according to the order- all these are only possible if you have the perfect appliance that facilitates all pizza jobs.

Commercial Pizza Prep tables are quite user-friendly at such places. It reduces the time required to prepare or assemble a pizza with its toppings and sauces. It provides a working board space to prepare medium to large size pizzas. The pizza prep tabletop is refrigerated. This reduces rounds that your staff has to make to the other refrigerator for ingredients or sauces. It comes with multiple slots that aid to store different toppings, cheese, sauces and dough.

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These appliances add substantial value to your pizza assembly line or service because you can store prepared and unprepared ingredients all on one counter and can use them as and when required. You don’t have to pull out packets of ingredients from another fridge for your pizza orders. Convenient wheels allow to maintain cleanliness on the floor space as well as helps in movement. The countertop facilitated additional ingredient storage space and work area while you can store and refrigerate your special pizza recipes all in one place.

The front area of the equipment allows you to store and access your pizza inventory and other food stocks through doors and drawers. You can choose from double or triple door designs according to your business requirement. Pizza Prep tables come in a huge variety of sizes, capacities and configurations to suit your professional need and requirements.

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Features of Pizza Prep Tables at Simco

• Front breathing, side mount compressor unit 
• Exterior & interior stainless steel construction 
• Stainless steel food pans included 
• Heavy duty Embraco compressor 
• Self-closing and stay open doors 
• Efficient refrigeration system
• Round corner design
• Recessed door handle 
• Standard safety door lock 
• Magnetic door gaskets
• Pre-installed castors
• Pre-installed shelves
• 70 kg loading capacity per shelf

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While in the food business, one of the most prominent factors that will attract your customers will be the freshness of the food you serve. While dealing with prep tables, especially pizza prep ones, it is prime to clean and maintain the appliance for proper functioning. These tables are available in different styles and designs that not only appeal to the eyes but are great in their functionality too. Cutting-boards, drawer style storage or bins with separators- almost all of them undergo the same maintenance process.

Follow the easy care tips for the smooth functioning of your high traffic food work area:

  1. Cleaning
    You should perform daily cleaning tasks. A mild detergent solution can be used daily with warm water. This combination not only cleanses but sterilises surfaces and bins. Refrigerated cutting, boards or work counters can be wiped off daily with a food-grade disinfectant. Or you can follow the local health code directives. If the boards are removable and can be washed in a dishwasher or separate sinks, that is perfect. It is highly recommended to follow the user manual which you receive while purchasing.
    The empty bins should be wiped thoroughly. Don’t miss the door gaskets are they can be breeding grounds for bacteria. Make sure you clean the holding area nicely.
  2. Regular care
    The condenser coil needs to be thoroughly checked and cleaned every 4 months. Avoiding this habit can push your prep table into scrap. The coil of the condenser easily gets dirty with dust, dirt and other blockages. All this stops it from transferring heat out to keep cold in. You might find filters in some condensers. These filters can be removed, cleaned and reinstalled. A proper cleaning task of the condenser will involve the following steps:
  • Place the food apart from the appliance.
  • Align your cleaning tools: a soft bristle brush, tarp, compressed air unit, dust buster and a safety mask. (you can rent or buy a compressor air unit)
  • Unplug the unit. And then leave it for some time to neutralise as the temperature of the appliance might be hot.
  • Use the soft bristle brush to clean the dirt on the coil fins. But be careful as the fins should not bend or damage.
  • Go over the entire condenser coil surface with the dust buster. Again be careful when around the fins.
  • Now get your compressor air unit and start blowing out debris stuck in areas where you can’t reach. Make sure you ask yourself while doing this.
  • Chemical unless recommended by the manufacturer or your commercial equipment supplier, should not be used. You could permanently damage the system of your prep table. You can’t claim your warranty in this scenario.

    If you feel you can’t handle the cleaning job, always seek professional help from a technician.

Keep a check on gaskets

Ensure routine cleaning tasks of the door or drawer gaskets. Manufacturers have redesigned the gasket holding method making the cleaning task easier. Now they are created like wider gaskets (a larger surface better holds the door closed) or magnetic gaskets that close in and out. The plight of cleaning the gaskets in earlier times is well-known. Some of the manufacturers have designed removable gaskets that can be washed in a dishwasher.
After some time, gaskets do wear out due to their nature of functionality. Preferably they should be replaced after the cleaning and maintenance process. Keep in mind the rise of temperatures as they leave an impact on gaskets.  

Prep Fridges are multi-utility fridges that can be used to keep your preparation food material at optimum temperature and ready to use. It is a must for every restaurant business.

While using Pizza prep tables, pay attention to these alerts

  • Don’t leave the lids open while not using them. They will keep the food cold. Or else the compressor will have to work more to attain the desired temperature.
  • Prep tables are designed to cool food. Know how to use it to balance between cooling and freezing foods.
    Use the correct size of pans and bins for storage.
  • Do not place hot pans or hot lids on the boards or workspace. This shift of temperature will ruin the cooling system.
  • They are designed to cool raw foods and not chill cooked foods.


Modern science and technology have given the functionality of prep tables a complete makeover. Pizza prep tables have to be able to sustain dry jobs as well as retain temperatures of sauces and mayonnaises. Fully remote controlled prep fridges are being designed and manufactured to curb bad practices. This will enhance the proper usage thus giving you an efficient kitchen. You might find some very good deals at pizza prep tables on sale. For buying from the best pizza prep table suppliers in Australia, log on to

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Simco Catering Equipment is loved for delivering excellent quality equipment across Australia. The high-quality online inventory comes with unique features that address the needs and requirements of the food business. Having the head office in Sydney, Simco offers the best deals at no regret prices. Delivery of pizza prep fridges is spread over major cities of Australia like Adelaide, Perth and Sydney.

Simco comes with the following set of benefits for you:

  • You enjoy service from a team that has substantial expertise in professional commercial catering
  • An extensive online inventory to choose from the most reliable and trusted brands
  • Designed to fit into your business kitchens
  • A country-wide warranty of services, parts of equipment, labour etc. 

*All catering types of equipment at Simco Catering Group are CE certified and that we take care of the safety, environmental protection and health standards of the products sold at

Find out the best quality commercial kitchen equipment at no regret prices at Simco. Browse the online inventory and drop a query. We will respond to you within no time. 

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