Exhaust Hood Canopies

Exhaust hood canopies are defined as the variants created in rooftop mannerisms that ooze elegance and class to provide an aesthetically pleasing appeal to your kitchen. These devices eliminate heat, fumes, grease & smoke by employing the procedure of evacuation and filtration. These devices are mainly used in food preparation for industrial kitchens as the air inside gets polluted with heavy soot, fumes and grease. These appliances possess an inbuilt vent that enables efficient removal of smoke to the outside environment that is developed while cooking. These appliances also have a unique purification mechanism that filters the air full of smoke and fumes and then sends it back into the pantry. This procedure is like the recycling method, which is helpful for every kitchen.

There are numerous options for cooking ranges, and one of them is the Commercial Gas Griddles, which is used for shallow frying of delicate ingredients. Go to the Simco website for procuring the device.

What are the Main Features of the Device?

  • Inclusive of Heavy Duty Castors
  • It comes with fully welded corners
  • Removable grease drain tray
  • Fitted with filter-less dividers
  • Fully Constructed Stainless Steel
  • Honey Comb Filters
  • Vapour-proof led lights

What are the Cleaning Tips for Canopies?

  1. Check the Exhaust Mechanism

Before you commence the cleaning procedure, you must hire technicians to check the exhaust system to find anything other than ordinary that is required to be monitored. The technician might locate aspects of the system during this inspection that must be taken care of or probably changed, such as the baffle filters.

  1. Switch Off the Fan

While the mechanisms of the exhaust hood canopies for sale differ for every food establishment, and there may be some machines that will automatically be off on the arrival of a technician, the workers must ensure the entire program is switched off to avoid probable damage to the device or the cleaning tools & equipage of the said technician.

  1. Make the Kitchen Ready for the Process

The process of duct hood cleaning can get filthy. Therefore, the workers should commence work by taking out the filters, collecting grease & other contaminants by preparing the funnels and ensuring covering nearby products and the floor space to protect it if the funnel fails or contaminants spread all around during the taking out process.

  1. Turn Off All Gas Valves & Pilot Lights for other Appliances

Switching off all the gas valves and pilot lights on nearby kitchen equipment would be best before covering them with tarps. It is a significant requirement to eliminate fire hazards as the technicians will clean the appliance with flammable cleaning agents and water. For more information, visit Simco – the leading

exhaust hood canopies supplier in Melbourne

  1. Initiate the Cleaning Procedure

The tech guys typically work in pairs, with one on the ceiling and another downwards in the pantry area. The technician on the top will use a degreaser to spray the elements of the exhaust fan and the ducts from above and then wash them with warm water.

The kitchen technician's job during this procedure is to guarantee that the debris and soot effortlessly flow down the funnel into the accumulation equipment device without any problems. The kitchen technician also uses hot water and a degreaser to clean the baffle filters.

  1. Scrape the Affected Locations Manually

During the process, the service providers may require to scrape the elements manually to eradicate debris and soot, especially if they are filthy. Once the scraping is done, you can spray the components with degreasing agents and then rinse them with warm water.

  1. Commencement of Work after Ceiling Grease Removal

Once you have completed the process on the roof, the person on the ceiling joins the kitchen service provider, and they work together to polish the commercial exhaust hood canopies from bottom to top. One has to spray the degreasing agent on the hood again and then rinse with hot water. Repeat the process until cleaning is completed.

  1. Polish the Equipment

Once it is confirmed that the hood is clear from all the grease, one has to remove the plastic protecting it. After that, you must dry and polish the hood on the canopy's internal and external parts.

  1. Reset the Filters and Check the Mechanism

Once all the components are properly cleaned, you must put the filters in the hood. The technicians will also check whether the fan works seamlessly.

  1. Put the Certification Logo

The technicians will put a logo on the hood according to the applicable law. You must always showcase it on the appliance. The health department, fire inspectors and even the insurance agent will get to know about the cleaning date and next scheduled maintenance of the product. For more clarity, you can visit Simco – the foremost exhaust hood canopies supplier in Sydney.

  1. Wipe the Kitchen Properly

Once all the process is completed, the service providers will clean the floor and any other locations where you find splattered contaminants. You can turn on all the pilot lights, exhaust fans and gas valves. You must ensure that your kitchen is in better condition after the technicians leave.

  1. Inspect the Area After Cleaning

The technician will visually check the system cleaning and equipment for the benefit of the kitchen manager or restaurant owner, provide a written document and double-check all the provided services. If someone is unavailable, one must leave a copy of the report at the restaurant or email it to the prescribed address.

Even if a manager is trying to clean the kitchen exhaust system by themselves (even though it is not recommended), knowing and understanding those processes & steps are extremely helpful for your hired person to confirm the tip-top shape of your system.

Apart from the item described in this content, Simco also provides the customers with other devices like stainless steel sinks, which is a great addition to your kitchen. To browse through its range, visit the website of Simco.

Why Should One Choose the Right Hood Equipment?

  1. Boosts air quality

Helping boost the air quality of your kitchen is the primary and essential advantage of proper exhaust hood canopy. Industrial food preparation locations constitute a lot of cooking, frying, searing, and grilling happening all the time. As a result, the air quality naturally deteriorates because no matter how big, it is an enclosed space after all. The equipment eliminates all the steam, smoke, grease, and other potentially harmful particles that are created while preparing food. It takes in all the unwanted gaseous components from the area and removes them along with the smoke and debris, helping to improve the indoor air quality to a great extent. Better air quality is related to safety and the health and wellbeing of your employees working there.

  1. Efficiently Manages heat

Your commercial exhaust hood canopy will undoubtedly not replace the air conditioning system, but it considerably assists you in controlling the heat created during cooking. A lot of heat is generated from the ovens, open flames, heaters, as well as other tools like heated pots. One can preserve a comfortable temperature only by neutralising the heat. The canopy eliminates hot air & steam and thus assists in protecting the internal temperature. It also reduces pressure on the air conditioning mechanism. If you are employing a ductless process, it will filter the air produced during food preparations and put it back in the kitchen, helping to maintain healthy air quality and temperature.

  1. Mitigates odour

The kitchen environment can get seriously damaging by the stench of raw fish, meat and the smoke generated during cooking. No one wants their industrial establishment to emanate stench. This equipment works overtime to keep your cooking location free from smell and unwanted odours. While eliminating unwarranted toxic airborne substances & gases, the product also eliminates odour, thereby making the kitchen hygienic – a challenging task in most commercial food preparation areas. For more information, visit Simco – the top exhaust hood canopies distributor in Brisbane.

  1. Better health for your staff

If you want to conduct a business successfully, you should take additional care of your staff's health, including that of your kitchen personnel and chefs. If your employees spend their entire day in a stuffy and heated area with poor ventilation, it can severely and visibly impact their health, leading to frequent leaves and stress on your employees well-being plans. In addition, having a clean, ideal and hygienic surroundings is necessary to let your staff adopt a positive frame of mind and produce their best work. As already described earlier, the titular premium instrument plays a significant role in maintaining the ideal environment in the food preparation area, thus enabling your staff to work more efficiently throughout the day.

  1. Easy cleanup

Cleanliness is one of the essential components when one starts a discussion about commercial kitchens. You should not only conduct cleaning activities due to several guidelines set by the location official but see it as a crucial requirement to prepare and serve healthy and hygienic food to your customers. Cleanup can be messy for the commercial cooking areas considering the amount of cooking and use of oil that goes on every day. Greasiness is one of the significant challenges you face in maintaining a clean kitchen and a stainless steel hood from a reputed exhaust hood canopies supplier in Brisbane makes you successfully complete the challenge by gathering the oil and grease from the air in the grease drain tray, which can be cleared easily afterwards. It saves the walls and ceiling from getting a greasy patch and the other equipment and appliances on the cooking floor from getting dirty. 

Apart from canopies, restaurants also need other appliances such as Commercial Refrigeration. If you require the same, visit us at our official portal.

Why Simco Catering Equipment for your Kitchen?

One of the enduring advantages of Simco is that we immensely appreciate the goodwill & trust placed by our customers and try to add durability, high performance and trustworthiness to our offerings like commercial exhaust hood canopy at our company. That is the reason why we continuously check that all our offerings are certified CE and adhere to the industry's standard guidelines concerning ecology. After all, we put the highest emphasis on quality to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

There are numerous reasons why you should choose our organisation to purchase the products for your kitchen. We have used the following lines to provide a few of the most important reasons:

Product Warranty of 2 Years - The exhaust hood canopy for sale manufactured by us is not just a straightforward creation but also a hallmark of long-lastingness and durability! That is the reason why we offer up to 2 years warranty on all our items to our customers and ensure giving back to our customers in return for the trust they place on us.

Top-Level Product Analysis Before Production - We conduct a lot of study and analysis before the manufacturing stage. Our company continuously looks forward to ways to be better equipped and learn various methods to make our offerings the finest in the business.

Offerings for Every Need - We have a vast catalogue of 500+ assorted items on our website to cater to every restaurant and every requirement. We offer numerous alternatives because we know that every food joint has some specific requirements and needs products that complement its working process. Our varied options help such organisations and enable them to browse to their heart's content. To browse the selections, visit Simco - the leading exhaust hood canopies supplier, distributor, and manufacturer in Perth - to go through our collection.

Use the Stainless steel shelves from Simco to save your precious time wandering around the kitchen for items and limit the movement of your product. For more info, visit us.

Our Brands

Our organisation has a fruitful relationship with numerous reputed brands, and we feel proud to use every offered opportunity to represent and promote them. We cater to a host of kitchen requirements with the following leading brands at your service:

ATOSA (Refrigeration)

COOKRITE (Commercial Gas Equipment)

MIXRITE (Stainless steel benches, shelves & sinks)

PREPPAL (Planetary Mixers)

SimcoHOOD (Exhaust Canopy hoods)

We want to achieve our potential of quality and long-lasting performance by associating with these brands. We want to provide our users with products like commercial exhaust hood canopies that become a crucial part of your pantry for a long duration. We desire peerless excellence, and our endless passion for getting better is what makes us unique.

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