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Exhaust Hood canopies have become a growing phenomenon in kitchens across the world for a while now. They refine your kitchen with elegance and ease. Over some time, they have become the essentials of the cooking world. A good rooftop air filtration mechanism lets out all those greasy fumes. Our extensive range of commercial exhausts ensures peaceful cooking.


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What Is an Exhaust Hood Canopy?

These are essentially rooftop style models that remove grease, fumes, heat, and smoke by bringing the process of evacuation and filtration into use. These are majorly used in commercial-style cooking wherein the air gets heavy with fumes, grease, soot, and more.

Ducted Hoods as the name suggests, have a duct fitted in which expels the smoke created right outside while cooking. On the other hand, they have a unique air filtration system that purifies the heavy air and pumps it right back into the room. This is almost like recycling the air and proves to be very beneficial for you.

What Does SIMCO Offer?

Here at SIMCO, we pride ourselves on working extra hard to make sure that you have the best of catering equipment at your disposal. Unlike usual cooking, catering can be more strenuous especially with the pressure that everyone is under. We understand that to propagate the best professional experience one needs to have the best equipment for it. So, to help your kitchen blow off some steam (and much more), we suggest our specialized ductless canopies that will add the cherry on top to your magnificent kitchen. 

Why Should You Buy Your Exhaust Hood Today Itself?

Having the right equipment helps you in many ways. Our honeycomb meshes are specially designed to filter out air the right way, but there are a lot more advantages to having these stainless steel hoods:

1.    Heat Expulsion

If there is something we all know about kitchens then it is that they are perpetually hot. This is why having exhaust hood canopies can be a great asset as it filters out the excess heat and keep your kitchen at a cooler temperature.

2.    Creative Spaces

If you can get a little creative with your workspace, you'll soon realize that they are a great place to install some lighting. This adds to your kitchen ambience and scales up its value as well.

3.    Biosphere Friendly

Filtering out the smoke and grease from your kitchen means that none of your kitchen staff will be facing any negative long term effects of being exposed to them. To make things even better, the ductless exhaust hoods take this one step further and filter the air instead of just diverting it outside. This ensures that your kitchen is not just clean but also green in the long run.

The SIMCO Exhaust Hood Canopy Range

SIMCO is one of the topmost commercial equipment brands and we have been in the hospitality industry for years. Our stainless steel hood has been crafted keeping your needs in mind. We make the best rooftop canopies money can buy. Our range of commercial hospitality equipment has you covered for all your needs and the SIMCO seal of assurance is pretty much all you need to know the quality.

Our stainless steel hoods for sale are priced especially for you and once you go through our wide range, you'll find one that suits your needs-

Magnificent Features of Our Stainless Steel Hoods:
  • Heavy Duty Castors Included
  • Fully Welded Corners
  • Removable Grease Drain Tray
  • Filter-less Dividers
  • Fully Constructed Stainless Steel
  • Honey Comb Filters
  • Vapour proof led lights

Asian Type SHA Series Exhaust Canopy - Equip your commercial kitchen with the perfect Asian style exhaust and give the employees a breath of fresh air.

SH Series Exhaust Canopy - A timeless stainless steel construction coupled with effective filtration capacity is all your kitchen needs.

Pizza and Bakery Oven - Our intricately designed pizza and bakery ovens carefully look into your commercial baking needs in terms of quality and quantity.

Shop today!

Where can an Exhaust Hood Canopy be used?

We are amongst the best stainless steel hood canopy suppliers and here are the places where the product can be effectively used.

Restaurants: We understand the perils of restaurant-style high-pressure cooking. This is why our products are perfect to keep your restaurant workforce calm and serene with the ideal air filtration equipment.

Bars and Pubs: Bars and Pubs are fun and light on the outside but we know that the back ends here can get pretty messy and with grease-filled air, neither the customers nor the staff can be happy.

Convenience Stores and Super Markets: Managing a big store can often be a tough task and no matter what kind of a workforce you have, it never seems to suffice. To keep your integral workforce ready for anything, our ductless canopies can work wonders.

Bakeries and Cafes: When it comes to a Bakery or a Cafe, most of the cooking done is not only spontaneous but also quick and consistent. This consistency can quickly take a hit if the air ridden grease and smoke start sticking to the products meant for the shelves. To avoid such mishaps and to make sure that your products remain fluffy and delightful, choose the perfect Pizza and Bakery Oven Canopy for your store today.

Hospitals or Age Care Homes: It can be hectic adhering to the tough schedule of these places. Being in this business means that you have to be prepared for anything and have food ready to be served at all times. To make this chaotic procedure easier and to stabilize your kitchens, use our special air filtration systems to ensure a healthy life for all.

Our Models

1. Asian Type SHA series Exhaust Canopy

2. SH Series Exhaust Canopy

3. Pizza and Bakery Oven

SIMCO has a wide range of Rooftop exhausts in these categories. After all, being one of the best stainless steel hood suppliers in Australia is not easy. This wide range includes multiple options in each series which are created so that you can choose the one that suits your kitchen the most.

Our Guarantee

Having been one of Australia's leading commercial kitchen equipment providers for a while now, SIMCO is now more than a brand. It is a seal of approval. Our products are cherished by Australians all over the country and it is this undying love that keeps us going every day.

- Credibility

The SIMCO brand has been well and resourceful for many years now. Our consistency over the years speaks tonnes for the quality of our products and we plan on delivering consistently for years to come.

- Warranty for All

All our SIMCO products that are delivered have a standing warranty in Australia. No matter where you are in the country, if we can reach you then we will.

- Valuable Feedback

We are always eager to hear from our customers so that we can strive relentlessly to serve them better. Valuable feedback is always welcome!

Our Partners

Simco Catering Equipment is proud to be associated with its sustainable partners:

SIMCOHOOD (Exhaust Canopy hoods)

COOKRITE (Commercial Gas Equipment)

ATOSA (Refrigeration)

MIXRITE (Stainless steel benches, shelves & sinks)

PREPPAL (Planetary Mixers)

Simco Catering Equipment Head Office is located in Sydney. We deliver our extensive range of products in Perth, Sydney and other major metro cities in Australia. Our wide range of delivery options prioritizes time and safety. Products sold at Simco Catering Equipment are in adherence to Australian standards and guidelines.

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