Double Sink Benches

When it comes to commercial hospitality, your kitchen can either make or break your business. Double sink benches are perhaps the most essential of the various kinds of equipment in the kitchen. They are used universally to clean your utensils, tools, and dishes or organise them. They are certainly a must-have. These models are used all over the globe and are thus manufactured in large quantities. Other than adding a timeless look to your workspace, they provide an easy way to clean materials depending on the particular sector of their usage. They undoubtedly make your work easier and more organised.

Apart from the product mentioned here, the Flat Workbench models we design are incredibly long-lasting and can withstand intense use. They will leave you happy and satisfied indeed. For further information, visit our portal.

Where are they used?

The need for the right draining equipment is felt across all sectors and services. Their hospitality value is high, and they are practically the driving force behind most kitchens. These are the best if you plan to open a hotel/restaurant or organise your kitchen to set up a workplace. Here are some of the places where these are a must:


These are a must-have in hospitals. Every kitchen becomes a better one with the help of the right equipment and organisation. It not only lessens your workload but also helps maintain dishes properly and hygienically.


Double sink benches for sale play a crucial role in almost all restaurants and hotels. They can handle significant loads at once and are specifically designed to operate with high efficiency. Having them in your back-end kitchen helps speed things up when necessary and keeps your staff efficient.


These are an integral part of all cafe kitchens. Cafes have a reputation for serving orders fast, and this pace can only be maintained with the best cleaning equipment in the kitchen.


Household work can often be the most perilous work on your hands. If you have a sizeable family, the dishes can undoubtedly build up to pose a significant task over some time. This is where Simco’s Double Sink Benches can make your life much easier and help you clear that clutter.

How do Double Sink Benches work?

Simco is one of the leading double sink bench suppliers in Brisbane today. Our quality products have reached various places in Australia; the best part is that they are straightforward to maintain. A standard model has two bowls that are precisely the same size, each placed side by side. When using this kind of model, store dishes on the side without garbage disposal. When washing the dishes, scrape food into the side with the garbage disposal, stack the dishes on the counter, and fill the other side with soap and water. Now you can soak and wash the dishes on the side with the water and rinse them on the other side when finished.

How to Clean the Premium Device?

Double sink benches are made out of premium stainless steel. These benches must be cleaned regularly to maintain proper hygiene and even to resist corrosion. The stainless steel surface is protected from corrosion by a thin layer of chromium oxide. You can wash them using a mild detergent in warm water and then rinse them properly. You also need to wipe the surface well so that no streaks are formed. To give the equipment a shiny and polished look, you may use undiluted white or cider vinegar to clean the surface. The models made by us are easy to maintain and clean so that you do not have much worry in the store.

Our range of Single Sink benches is classy & provides multiple alternatives at the same time. They are the fundamental aspect of every commercial kitchen, and this is why you must choose them with extreme precision and care.

What are the Benefits of the Titular Product?

Enables Easy Maintenance

Some covers, like copper or other solid surfaces, show continuous depreciation when you use them continuously for a long time. In addition, it is also challenging to undergo the maintenance process for these items. However, as described earlier in the content, it is significantly easier to perform maintenance and upkeep of the double sink bench. You only need to clean it with water mixed with soap frequently, and it will last long to perform unparalleled services.

Helps Save Significant Counter Space

The steel variant with dual sinks proves to be helpful in saving space on the counters of industrial kitchens. The food cooking counter area is often filled with products connected to decorations, storage, and kitchen accessories. If this situation sounds similar to your kitchen, you have to try this equipment. The titular item offers the alternative of keeping the drying shelf in the bay instead of putting it on the countertop. The product simultaneously allows you to clean & dry the utensils and basin without needing a counter area.

If an organisation wishes to make its kitchen more upgraded, it should also check out the Undershelves and Leg Bracing collection by Simco. For further information, visit us on our official page.

You Can Effortlessly Set It Up

Another advantage of the double sink benches for sale is that you can set dual sink variants effortlessly. These items contain two special drains that must be connected with each other. The only issue during set-up that may arise from the factor is that while one side of the equipment contains a unit for garbage disposal, this feature is missing from the other side. In addition, the installation of faucets is a challenging aspect for double basins, as it needs to be present to restock both sides if both flanks of the items are utilised for washing. However, with the quick service of Simco, you can quickly resolve these issues.

What are the Factors to Consider Before Purchasing this Device?

Find out the Kitchen Bench Space you Possess

One of the primary components of the workspace is the basin. Therefore, it is crucial to use the entire available space you have, whatever may be the design strategy. You can opt for a larger basin if you possess a lot of bench space. However, if the said location is tiny, your options become less and limited to a smaller model. You will have to decide if you want the product to be employed as a part of your table, i.e., as a drying location after cleaning up or whether you will garner this benefit from the benchtop. This attribute will determine whether your best option is a top or undermount basin. The sink is a crucially significant component of your pantry when it comes to performance. Every designer considers this aspect while designing the workspace, as it is needed in the sacred & professional kitchen area.

Ensure Long-Lastingness by Choosing Premium Devices

Another factor to consider is to ensure your double sink benchesdurability by employing products designed with stainless steel substances. This material is one of the most demanded items by industrial kitchens and families. As per a study conducted by a famous hospitality & food catering organisation, steel is deemed one of the best basin products for the kitchen. This substance is long-lasting, easy to maintain, sanitised and created especially for harsh environments where it is required to have efficient and continuous performance. The basins of this product offer a host of advantages like safety from chipping, peeling and cracking. Additionally, they also help stop noise from dishes and vibrations.

Choose the Ideal Style for your Restaurant

Another factor to pay attention to when selecting sinks is determining which style will work best with your countertop. One alternative is the top-mount, which is rife with the countertop and often employs laminate counters. Another option is the top mount basins. These products provide additional relief with a fast and easy set-up procedure. Undermount basins below the countertop complement the quartz and stone counter surfaces well. Undermount sinks offer unmatched beauty, eases the cleaning process and prove an ideal companion to classy counters made of natural stone and solid surfaces.

Check Out Options That You Can Easily Maintain

Another factor to consider is the upkeep and maintenance of your equipment. Please spare some time thinking about the ease of cleaning & maintaining your sink. It would help to pay attention to the time it would take to care of the titular device while finishing your pantry. While it is acceptable to build a new cooking area, when the time comes to clean, you need to give it your considerable time and frustration & dread kick in while going to the designated place. That is why you must always consider the kitchen upkeep, and this attribute is applicable to your basin. You must generate queries and ask two questions to yourself: is it possible for you to efficiently perform the maintenance and care, and can you properly clean the corners of the basin without making it too complicated? The current trend is to procure square variants. However, cleaning these items could be tricky due to their square edges. You can use a toothbrush as one of the top methods to clean the square edges. For further information, contact Simco – the foremost double sink benches supplier in Sydney.

Procure our premium range of Stainless Steel Benches with Splashback, designed with extreme care so that your time in the workplace can be memorable.

What Makes Our Sink Benches Special?

Simco catering equipment Australia brings out the best equipment, showcasing the most affordable variety of double sink benches for sale along with various other high-end commercial kitchen equipment. The equipment is easily accessible to all, and we cover an extensive range of commercial equipment tailored to the Australian industry. We are committed to providing Australia with environmentally responsible equipment built to withstand the harsh blows of Australian conditions. Hence, our products last and stand unaffected by the adversities of seasonal disturbances. Our products are reliable and trustworthy. We understand the Australian way of cooking; thus, our products are designed to suit many sectors. Our euro design appearance is sleek, innovative, and unique to the industry.

Why Should you Go for Simco Appliances?

Simco offers one premium benefit, i.e., they are one of the market's most trustworthy and efficient distributors due to their customers. Therefore, our team always try to incorporate top-in-class reliability, performance and durability in our products, like our company's double sink benches. The reason described above is why we frequently look to check all our machinery's CE certification and diligently adhere to the sector's stipulated guidelines connected to the climate. In short, we try to focus our immediate attention on quality by guaranteeing complete customer satisfaction.

There are multiple objectives for which you must choose our facilities to purchase the products for your kitchen. We have provided some of the most crucial reasons in the below-mentioned lines:

2-Year Product Warranty - The top commercial catering appliances we design are not just any ordinary design item but a benchmark of strength and long-lastingness. That is why we offer up to a 2-year warranty to all users, as we consistently try to give value to our consumers for putting their trust in us.

Offerings for Every Need - We have an impressive catalogue of 500+ items on our website to offer facilities to every food establishment and every requirement. We give a host of options because we are aware that every food establishment is different, and each has its typical & specific requirements. Every organisation needs some special items that assist in its tasks. Our diverse options assist such firms and help them in browsing as much as they want. You can go through our collection by visiting Simco - the leading double sink benches supplier, manufacturer, and distributor in Melbourne & Perth.

Unparalleled Product Analysis Before Final Manufacturing - We start production only after performing numerous research, analyses and studies. Our firm continuously tries hard to learn numerous methods by adopting various techniques and be better prepared to make our offerings the best in the business.

Our Brands

Our company maintains an efficient and significantly fruitful relationship with numerous leading companies. We feel blessed to leverage every available chance to advertise them and present them to our users on their behalf. We get the opportunity to reach out to the leading firms mentioned below that serve you & take care of your every requirement:

  • PREPPAL (Planetary Mixers)
  • COOKRITE (Commercial Gas Equipment)
  • ATOSA (Refrigeration)
  • SimcoHOOD (Exhaust Canopy hoods)
  • MIXRITE (Stainless steel benches, shelves & sinks)

We achieve our high-level and robust performance capacities by connecting with these brands. We want to assist our users in utilising items like double sink benches that can offer facilities for a long time and become a crucial element of your pantry. Our objective is unmatched excellence, and our eternal passion for getting better is the attribute that makes us unique.

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