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Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Simco Catering Equipment Australia brings a breath of fresh air to the industry, showcasing the most affordable variety of Commercial Kitchen Equipment ever seen in Australia. Now the reality of starting a business in Australia is within every one's reach, thanks to the price point of the Simco range of products. Simco recognised that Australia needed a better solution to its Commercial Kitchen Equipment & refrigeration demands. We are committed to provide Australia with equipment that is environmentally responsible, and built to withstand the harshest of Australian conditions.

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Amazing deals on refrigerators, cooktops, benchtops, sinks and shelves

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Commercial Kitchen Equipment Manufacturer and Distributor

If you’re planning to start a new restaurant the first thing that comes to your mind is "Commercial Kitchen Equipment". We understand the need for high-quality commercial apparatus and that is why we manufacture just that. No matter which sector, no matter what the climate, our range is built with precision and stands true in the face of durability, design, and dexterity. With stainless steel necessities on your mind, we are just a click away!

From energy-efficient refrigeration to space-saving benches, we have tirelessly worked to bring out all your kitchen needs into the market. With our seal of trust, you can reliably take it to be a one-time investment.

Simco Commercial Catering Equipment

We are well known for the commercial spaces goodness we offer and our reputation comes from quality service. With our main goal being responsiveness to customers and customer satisfaction we can incessantly design the perfect commercial kitchen products. Our drive comes from the trust our customers invest in us. With a wide range of cooktops, refrigeration necessities, catering equipment, stainless steel benches, sinks, shelves, and exhaust hoods, we always have new designs under the canopy.

With our headquarter in Sydney, we keep our services available to all of Australia. It is a large distribution network and our undying promise of quality that helps us stay afloat. In the last 15 years of practice, we have partnered with some of the greatest brands across categories. Current brands under our umbrella are MIXRITE, COOKRITE, PREPPAL, ATOSA, and SIMCOHOOD. Our products come with a 4-year warranty along with the promise of never waning quality.

Commercial refrigerators - Quality food is not just about storage, but also about how well it can be stored. These refrigerators are masterpieces designed for your comfort.

Stainless steel sink, benches, shelves -The foundation for any healthy workspace must be strong and that is exactly what you get when you opt for our brand.

Stainless steel hood - Our special models are designed in such a way that your cooking environment will never bother you again.

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How to maintain your kitchen?

To withstand the huge workload faced by a lot of sectors, commercial kitchen equipment becomes a necessity. However, for work to unfold swiftly and efficiently without any hassle, one needs to take good care of the elements that build a good kitchen. If you are using our premium stainless steel wonders, we make the cleaning process extremely easy for you. You need not tire yourself over the question of maintenance. Wash your sinks and shelves well with warm water and do not use excessive scrubbing. It is recommended that you use a disinfectant spray as it will help you clean as well as sanitize. While cleaning, remember to clean all the parts since it is easy to ignore corners and bends. You can quickly disassemble the parts and carefully and put them back in place after a thoroughly clean and dry session once a month.

When it comes to everyday practices, wash your benches, sinks, and shelves thoroughly so that food doesn’t stick to them. You might use a small or medium-sized brush that facilitates cleaning to be resourceful. This will help you reach areas that might otherwise be unreachable. Avoid using harsh chemicals that can affect the equipment at all times. Instead, you could opt for an anti-bacterial detergent.

Every once in a while, sterilizing the surface area of the equipment is essential. You should lightly scrub the surface, disinfect it with a spray that is safe for the surface top, and finally wash it with warm water. Oil split everywhere along with food on it could turn into a horrifying nightmare if you met the dirt accumulate. Everyday cleaning and sanitization coupled with special monthly touch-ups can take you a long way!

Benchtop catering equipment - Durability and endurance are the key factors to all our products, and this is especially true for these. With this catering material, you won’t ever need any other!

Food Prep equipment - For the best results in cooking, you must use the best products. This is why you should choose us today and never have to second guess your cooking quality ever again.

Commercial gas cooktops - Our equipment is tried and tested extensively before we roll it out for your use. This is why you will notice that these cooktops can go on for years with consistent results.

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Who brings you the best products in this range?

Simco Catering brings you the best range of Commercial kitchen equipment and we keep our price tags worry-free. We constantly strive you offer you great deals and discounts so that all your commercial equipment needs are taken care of at one stop. Maintaining elite standards and high quality in terms of our services when it comes to manufacturing and sales, we stick to our warranty claims. We understand the importance of quality, and it is this understanding that leads us to praxis. As per the standards of the market, our products are made efficiently so that they fulfill the demand of customers. We deal with all kinds of commercial kitchen stainless steel equipment and make them reliable without being unreasonably expensive.

Our heavy-duty commercial range finds itself comfortable in any weather and space. It unfailingly meets the demands of several sectors such as manufacturing facilities, hotels, restaurants, cafes, and other hospitality venues.

Explore our wide range of products

Simco provides a wide range of Commercial Kitchen Equipment which is not just supplied in Australia but throughout the world. When it comes to this niche, the range offered by manufacturers and suppliers varies. Since we do not want you to go looking place to place, you bring you all your needs here. Satisfying people are the main target of every workspace. Simco has helped a lot of kitchens with its satisfying equipment.

Different kinds of utensils are used for different purposes, and thus, they are available in all kinds of sizes and shapes. Our exhaustive range gives you a detailed catalog to choose from.

From the most efficient cooktops to the most advanced benches and sinks, we have them all wrapped up for you. Since most of our products are made of stainless steel, cleanliness, and maintenance worries fall lighter on your pocket. To add to it all, we guide you with specifications and care instructions so that you know the product you are going in for. Our detailed brochure and website help you pick your requisites from a sea full of precision-made equipment.

Why Choose SIMCO Products?

Simco products have been an integral aspect of the commercial hospitality sector for a long time. We provide delivery all over Australia, and because of this, you will find it extremely easy to reach us no matter where you are. Our brand specializes in the services we offer and excels just as well with the relationships we build with our customers.

Our seal of approval is a guarantee which speaks for itself. All Simco products are bound to make your life easier. Our build and technique are unparalleled in the industry. This is why we often like to say that there is no other like Simco in the market today.

  • Warranty Assured- We deliver a promise of quality. To stand by this promise, we provide all our customers with a warranty with which they can easily maintain and use their equipment efficiently

  • Best of the Best- All Simco products have an elaborate backstory to them. Hours of research go into each of our products so that we can vouch for their quality as well as their efficiency

  • A Testament of Time- Our brand has been in the market for too long to be unnoticed. Over the last two decades, our range has periodically improved and it continues to improve every day to make your lives easier. That is a Simco promise!


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  • commercial kitchen equipment   What is a commercial kitchen equipment?
  • Commercial Kitchen Equipment is heavy-duty kitchen appliances that is designed to withstand repeated tasks of food preparation procedures. This equipage is most suitable when bulk food orders need to be produced. This equipment could be a gas cooktop, planetary mixer or a refrigerator.
  • commercial kitchen equipment supplier melbourne   Is a commercial kitchen equipment different from the ones I use in my home kitchen?
  • Yes for sure! The domestic appliances are designed to function at a frequency that is quite low as compared to commercial ones. A domestic cooking/refrigeration unit has a low output according to the number of family members or guests which is occasional. You can not replace commercial catering equipment with domestic ones to run a food business.
  • commercial kitchen equipment supplier   How will I know which equipment suit my requirement?
  • You will have to identify your type of catering business according to your choice of menu items. For instance, if your menu items have more bakeries, then you will have to invest in a planetary mixer, gas stove with oven and refrigerated glass displays. But if your menu items have Italian dishes like pizzas and portions of pasta, you will need a pizza prep table along with prep fridges. You will also have to measure the floor space of your cookhouse so that you purchase the equipage that fits perfectly. Our Simco team guides and coaches you about all the details when you reach us for inquiry at
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Simco Catering Equipment has a sustainable partnership with renowned Kitchen Equipment manufacturer. These manufacturer provide us a wide range of Refrigerator, Cooktop, Benchtop, Catering Equipment, Sinks and Benches .

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