Gas Burners with Oven

What is a commercial or professional gas burner with oven?

A commercial or professional range is a type of cooking equipment that consists of distinct areas that cook using electricity, gas or induction.

A range is a merger of a cooktop range with a base. A cooktop range can be designed or composed for several cooking techniques and methods. Such as with burner grates, charbroilers, griddles or other additions. Cooktop base is usually an oven. But you will find many cooktops with a base used for storage or refrigeration.

The term stove and cooktop range are used frequently to substitute each other. Most manufacturers call stoves "cooktops and a collection of burners on the top of the oven as a range.

The separate areas that heat on the top of a range are called burners. A burner is used to heat the cookware. These burners can be flat or elevated, open-flame surfaces. Burners can heat via gas, electricity, or induction.

How many varieties can I find of a gas burner with oven?

You can come across two kinds of gas burner with the oven:

  1. Restaurant Grade- This type is well suited for small or medium-sized restaurants. You can locate them in schools, churches or religious gatherings and similar places. They are also known as medium or mid-sized professional gas cooktops ranges. In comparison to the heavy-duty grade, they consume less gas or fuel and can serve up to a food establishment that serves 130 people.
  1. Heavy-Duty Grade- This type of variety has a huge output and consequently uses more fuel or gas than the restaurant grade. They perform well at facilities like hospitals, huge restaurants and cafeterias that serve more than 250 guests. You can produce more than 4 meals a day with this load shredder.

Cooking has come a long way. Today it is the most sought profession or stress buster. Looking for innovative ways to prepare dishes, learn about how to cook on gas char grill (radiant) at Simco.

Benefits of a cooktop professional gas burner with oven

Thie completely professional set-up has a good amount of benefits to offer you so that the heart of your restaurant, i.e., the kitchen keeps pumping with good food on time:

  1. You receive heat on your cooktop at the drop of a hat.
  2. You save a lot of time as you get instant heat to your cooktop burner.
  3. You can see the flames on the burners. This helps you decide the amount of heat you wish to cook on.
  4. You save money every month as gas is less expensive than other sources.
  5. As you can control the heat you require, cooking on gas burners gives your food quality and consistency.
  6. You know you will receive the heat once the knob is twisted. So gas burners are more reliable.
  7. Gas burners have a quick cool-down time as compared to other sources like electricity. This means as you turn the know off, your food will not continue to overcook.

It is imperative to maintain professional cooktops to increase their life…

Cleanliness and Maintainance are vital or you lose not just money, but a lot of business too. These easy and quick steps will help you:

  1. Make sure your commercial gas burners with oven supplier has handed you the instructions manual. It will always carry information about maintenance.
  2. Always prepare a schedule for cleaning the cooktop range. If your food establishment has too many rush hours, create a bi-weekly cleaning program.
  3. Once you are set, make sure the knobs are off and the burners have cooled down.
  4. Don’t forget to wear safety gloves and a safety apron.
  5. Make sure your exhaust is on and working properly. As you clean, your cooktop should dry by the circulated air.
  6. In case you get stuck, soap with lukewarm water and a damp cloth works best.
  7. Don’t use harsh chemicals. They might leave a pungent smell and can harm the surface of your range.
  8. If you notice that your range is too much soiled, first clear the food with a dry cloth or a smooth serving spoon.
  9. Dip your burners in lukewarm water for at least 10 min. This will help to get rid of grease and their coating will remain harmless.
  10. While cleaning the oven, make sure the oven is cool and knobs are off.
  11. Don’t spill water or soap water in the oven area.
  12. Wipe off the oven area with a damp cloth and soap water.
  13. Do not use chemicals or detergents with a high chemical ratio. You might completely damage the entire apparatus.

Buy Australia’s best Gas Char Grills from Simco Catering Equipment

Simco Catering Equipment has been a reliable partner in distributing and supplying professional food types of equipment. Whether it is a Stainless steel bench or a Gas stove, Benchtop catering equipment or a Steel Hood- you name it and we will get it to your doorstep. The chieftain of the Simco Group rests with an experience of over two decades as we have a broad bandwidth of distribution and supplying commercial catering types of equipment Australia wide.  

The Simco Team comes with a wide horizon of understanding the requirements of professional food equipment. And we love to be the favourite of our esteemed customers. Our team members not only handle inquiries but also guide you in the buying process. We have earned a reputation for delivering excellent quality at the best prices in New Zealand and Australia.

Learn new and innovative cooking with gas griddles. For complete support and guidance to purchase and installation of professional food equipment at your doorstep through a smooth process, click here.

We provide a 2 + 2 years warranty. This includes 2 years warranty for parts and two years warranty on labour and parts. We want our buyers to be comfortable and easy while planning their purchases.  We come with a huge list of equipment which includes a complete range of shelves, & benchtop/catering equipment, chargrills, Pizza prep, preparation refrigeration, gas griddles, cake displays, mixers, stainless steel sinks, benches and Bar freezers. We have the

Best commercial Gas burners with oven for sale.

Our team of experts are well-versed in handling inquiries and guiding you through your purchase. The design of the products is professionally curated keeping in mind the modernization of several industries and delivering maximum productivity in the most competitive space. 

Our sales team spread its wings in major metro cities of Australia- at Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast, New Castle & Canberra. Our team is known for its spontaneous service and response to calls and concerns.

*All catering types of equipment at Simco Catering Group are CE certified and that we take care of the safety, environmental protection, and health standards of the products sold at

Unique features of Commercial gas burners with oven at Simco:

  • Constructed in 304 stainless steel front back & sides
  • Stainless kick plate including back guard & high shelf
  • Heavy-duty constructed frame
  • Tall stainless-steel splashback
  • Standard flame failure
  • Heavy-duty burners with a stable flame & standby pilots
  • Stainless steel tubing for burners & pilots
  • Easy to use low & high temp controls
  • Heavy-duty cast iron trivets
  • Oven pilot with 100% safety shut off
  • Heavy-duty Robert Shaw USA thermostat
  • American Robert Shaw components
  • Manual Ignition
  • Piezo Ignitions on oven only
  • Adjustable Stainless-steel legs
  • ¾ inch gas Inlet
  • Multiple position oven rack guides
  • Comes with one chrome rack per oven
  • Static oven
  • Stainless steel legs
  • Available in Natural Gas & Liquified Petroleum Gas
  • Each burner power is 21MJ

Find out the newer version of gas char grills in radiant option with unique cooking features. Call us and find now.

Why should you opt for Simco Catering Equipment:

  • Warranty across entire Australia- for eg. Services, parts of equipment, labour, etc.
  • Designs are exceptional to accommodate maximum in a suitable space. It also enhances the look and feels of your commercial space.
  • Decked up with substantial expertise in commercial catering
  • Variety of products to facilitate the evergrowing demand

We are proud of our partners:

  • ATOSA (Refrigeration)
  • COOKRITE (Commercial Gas Equipment)
  • MIXRITE (Stainless steel benches, shelves & sinks)
  • PREPPAL (Planetary Mixers)
  • SIMCOHOOD (Exhaust Canopy hoods)

Find Australia’s best commercial gas deep fryers with unique features and complete customer support. Get complete guidance on commercial purchasing and easy and safe delivery.

Head Office of Simco Catering Equipment is based in the capital city of Sydney, Australia. We deliver commercial gas burner with oven in Perth, Sydney, and major metro cities in Australia. Products sold at Simco Catering Equipment facilitate Australian standards and guidelines. We come with a good number of delivery options to cater to quick and safe delivery.

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