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  1. How to successfully set up a salad bar?

    How to successfully set up a salad bar?

    Most people globally are slowly adapting to healthy food due to hectic work schedules and inherently harmful ways of living. Such preference for a healthy lifestyle has transformed the status quo of having a delicacy, as customers prefer to have fruits and healthy vegetable options in place of a sumptuous meal. Therefore, having a commercial salad bar in the kitchen is a necessity nowadays more than a luxur

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  2. Advantages & special tips for buying stainless steel benches for your kitchen

    One of the biggest businesses in the Australian region is catering, as it provides work to the workforce of around 38,000 persons and contributes almost $8 billion per year to the country's economy. However, with multiple commercial kitchen & hospitality companies coming into the fray, it is not easy to achieve success in this field. Numerous factors must be in sync to decide the success and failure of your venture. But it is of no doubt that high-quality products, equipment and practices

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  3. Tips for organising your Under Bench refrigerator

    Tips for organising your Under Bench refrigerator

    Most commercial kitchens face a similar problem of keeping theirs under bench fridge clean and tidy. If you’re not aware enough, you will find that the refrigerator is stocked with spices and condiments that are past their sale-by-date, leftovers from a long time ago and rapidly deteriorating vegetables. Such lack of space is why organising the freezer is essential for better management

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  4. What should you consider before opening a restaurant?

    What should you consider before opening a restaurant?

    Every catering owner's dream is to enter the catering industry since it is a high profit-making sector to dive into if your approach is correct. However, it is also true that launching a new food establishment is taxing and overwhelming, with multiple tasks to complete, from hiring staff to purchasing commercial kitchen equipment.  If you have already pinned your hopes on starting your new restaurant occupation, you should take ca

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