Gas Griddles


What is it?

Let’s understand what a gas griddle is. A gas-driven griddle is a rectangular metal plate that is heated by burners or other elements lying under the plate. The shape of the griddle promotes shallow frying for delicate food and more of similar type. Gas Griddles are best suited for cooking which requires a flat surface and even cooking. Griddles create that perfect brown effect on the surface of the food, making your visitors go mad on your curated dishes.  

What can you cook? 

The above citation is proof of why gas griddles in establishments are best suited for breakfast and lunchtime service. The thick plates provide you with options like cooking frozen food, steaks and burgers. These kinds of food require a longer time of heat. Whereas with thin plates, you can relish foods like eggs, pancakes, bacon and fried toast.

Why Cooktop?

Cooktop Gas Griddles have the biggest advantage of even heat distribution. The thick plates do require time to heat up but they continue to remain heated up for long, giving you more utilisation. While thin plates need less time to heat up for a specific type of cooking. Gas Griddles with cooktop feature aids the ease and comfort with which you can serve your visitors or guests coming to your establishments. In a cooktop variation, cleaning the metal plate is very convenient and it does not hamper the taste of the food as well.

How to clean the commercial gas griddle plate?

There are many ways the metal plate can be cleaned. You require:

  • Grill scraper
  • Towel or clean cloth
  • Mild Soap
  • Water
  • Soft brush
  • Protective gloves

Easy steps to maintain your commercial griddle plate:

  1. Remove excess oil and food from the surface and wipe the surface with a cloth.
  2. If you find the plate is too messy, use a grill scraper.
  3. Clean the plate with a mixture of mild soap and water.
  4. Wipe it off with a griddle cleaner
  5. At the end of the day, regularly wipe your plate and the front setting of the griddle to maintain its cleanliness and hygiene. 

To increase the life of your gas griddle plate, you should not use:

  • Pumice stone, griddle stone or abrasives
  • A sharp object
  • Steel wool
  • Commercial liquid grill cleaner 

If you are looking for mobile catering, opening your restaurant or a fast-food joint, Cooktop Gas Griddles is the best choice. Buy now.

What size will fit in my commercial kitchen?

You have a good amount of choice when it comes to selecting the size for Commercial Gas Griddles. The space you have in your restaurant kitchen will decide the size of the cooktop. You can go for a larger one with metal plates and gas knobs to ease your busiest periods or rush hours. While if you don’t have the rush hour pattern to follow, then you can opt for a three or two gas knob gas griddle which can accommodate both space and capacity.

Why go anywhere? Buy the best Cooktop Catering Equipment here.

Choose the best Gas griddles from Simco Catering Equipments…

Simco Catering Equipment has been a famed supplier of Cooktop Gas Griddles, Benchtop catering equipment, commercial refrigeration and many catering types of equipment. The head honcho coming with a dense experience of over 20 years, spread our wing of distribution and supplying types of equipment Australia wide.   

The team at Simco comes with a wide bandwidth of understanding the requirements of such types of equipment at a commercial level. This has made us our clients’ favourite. Our team members not only handle enquiries but also guide you in the buying process. We have earned a reputation for delivering excellent quality at no regret prices Australia wide. We even extend our services to New Zealand.

We provide a 2 + 2 years warranty. This includes 2 years warranty for parts and two years warranty for labour and parts. This facilitates ease and a no-stress factor for the buyer when he is buying.  We come with a huge billboard of equipment that includes a complete range of commercial refrigeration, freezers, display refrigeration, preparation refrigeration, under counter refrigeration, ice makers, cake displays, gas cooking ranges, mixers, stainless steel sinks, benches, shelves, & benchtop/catering equipment. We have the best commercial Gas Griddles for sale.

Our team is well decked not only with handling enquiries but also stating advisories regarding your purchase keeping your requirement in mind. The design of the products is professionally curated keeping in mind the modernisation of several industries and accommodating maximum in minimum space without compromising the good-look quotient.

Our sales team spread its wings in major metro cities of Australia-  at Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast, New Castle & Canberra. Our team is known for its spontaneous service and response to calls and concerns.

We take complete care when it comes to opening your new venture or you are looking to pursue a career in commercial catering. Check out our complete range of products.

Eye-catching Features of Cooktop Gas Griddles at Simco

  • Heavy-duty constructed frame
  • Heavy-duty burners and standby pilots
  • 3-speed gear driven
  • Safety cut switch if gears are changed without switching off
  • Interlocked bowl lift
  • Interlocked bowl guard opening
  • American Robert Shaw valves & controls
  • Constructed in 304 stainless steel
  • Stainless Steel burners
  • Heavy-duty matt black cast iron grill
  • Stainless steel splashback
  • ¾ inch pipe gas inlet
  • 4 stainless steel screws on adjustable
  • Legs designed to sit on the bench
  • Removal drip tray
  • Manual controls
  • Easy manual ignition to all burners
  • Independent burner controls
  • Heavy-duty black matt trivets
  • Available in Natural Gas & Liquified Petroleum Gas
  • Corrosion-resistant & easy to maintain & keep clean

Gas Stoves - Gas Stoves at Simco can fit in all sizes and deliver to all sorts of capacities. Available in two, four and six-burner options. Buy now.

Gas Char Grills - Add that smokey grilled lip-smacking punch to your preparations and let your guests roar the market with appreciation. Shop today

Commercial Gas Deep Fryers - Give those crunchy munchy fries a toss-up with gas fryers. Available in capacities to suit your trading needs.

Gas burners with oven - Looking for a multitasking beast machine for your rush hours? Get a gas burner with an oven to cook and bake at the same time. Available in four, six and eight burner options with single and double oven variants.

You name it, we have it. Shop today.

*All catering types of equipment at Simco Catering Group are CE certified and that we take care of the safety, environmental protection and health standards of the products sold at

Why should you opt for Simco Catering Equipments:

  • Warranty across entire Australia- for eg. Services, parts of equipment, labour etc.
  • Decked up with substantial expertise in commercial catering
  • Variety of products to facilitate the evergrowing demand
  • Designs are exceptional to accommodate maximum in a suitable space. It also enhances the look and feels of your commercial space.

Simco Catering Equipments are proud of their sustainable partners:

  • ATOSA (Refrigeration)
  • COOKRITE (Commercial Gas Equipment)
  • MIXRITE (Stainless steel benches, shelves & sinks)
  • PREPPAL (Planetary Mixers)
  • SIMCOHOOD (Exhaust Canopy hoods)

Simco Catering Equipment Head Office is stationed in Sydney. We deliver Gas Griddles in Brisbane, Sydney and major metro cities in Australia. We come with a good number of delivery options to cater to quick delivery with safety. Products sold at Simco Catering Equipments facilitate Australian standards and guidelines.

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