When it comes to cleaning your tools, dishes, and equipment within your commercial kitchen, our single sink benches can fall to your rescue. They are also popularly known as inlet or dishwasher benches. They are a valuable addition to your kitchen as they reduce excessive movement around the space and you can manage your cleaning in one adequate corner. The basic washing and cleaning needs required by all workspaces are fulfilled by these innovations and they are used in kitchens across the globe.

Where do our Single Sink Benches work best?

Our single sink benches are largely used in commercial spaces as they come with a splashback. This feature helps you maintain cleanliness by avoiding dangerous spills that could leave a stain. If you are considering buying one of these to add to the workspace neatness and charm, it is best to proceed with the single sink benches. These work best if your washing load is manageable. They also have a storage shelf as a valuable addition, and the sideboard can be used to dry the utensils. Here is a list of a few places where this model finds extensive use:

  • Restaurants

In quick eateries and restaurants, they are used for holding, washing, and drying utensils.

  • Catering Industry, Pubs, Bars, and Clubs

These are one of the most important elements in this industry. They facilitate multitasking as they come with a splashback bench and prep area.

  • Laboratories

Instruments like syringes, tubes, bottles, and other medical equipment can easily be washed and sanitized using these.

  • Food Trade Kitchens

Since these are easier to clean than tiles and grouts, they are often seen in food trade kitchens.

  • Hospitality Venues and Aged care Facilities

Our equipment is designed for multipurpose usage. They find themselves extensively employed in hospitality venues, old age homes, and relative spaces.

Stainless Steel Sink, Bench, Shelf - We have been producing the basic equipment that is integral to every commercial kitchen for a long time! Our products are designed to meet your demands.

Steel Benches with Splashback - Having the right kind of apparatus is very important to a healthy kitchen or workspace. These heavy-duty beauties are sure to blow you away with their neat look and features.

Double Sink Benches - We specialize in making everyday commercial products because we understand that the back end of a kitchen is just as important as the front end. Our solutions are not only fast but also reliable.

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Cleaning our Single Sink Benches

Efficient maintenance tags along with every new purchase. Keeping this in mind, we have jotted down the exact guidelines that will help you take care of this kitchen requisite.

It is recommended that you clean the sink after every use as most soaps and detergents contain chloride. Unlike other materials, stainless steel sinks do not wear out by excessive cleaning. Instead, they thrive! Here are some tips that can take you a long way:

  • Use a clean soft cloth and warm water for regular cleaning.
  • The minerals in the water can leave marks. Hence, drying with a cloth to prevent water spots is necessary.
  • An unblemished finish can be achieved by wiping in the direction of the polish lines. It is even better to use a microfiber cloth as it absorbs water better.
  • For tough stains, you can use a mild detergent added in warm water.
  • Fingerprints can easily be removed with a glass cleaner by spraying it on a microfiber cloth. You should wipe in a circular motion. To sum it up, rinse with clean water and dry thoroughly.
  • Avoid abrasive cleaners as they cause permanent scratches.
  • Bleach products must not be used.
  • Do not use steel brushes as they cause scratches.
  • Remnants of cleaning products can also take a toll on the surface. Please ensure you rinse and dry the work area properly.

Features that will grace your space

  • The height of the splashback is about 150mm.
  • The single sink benches are available with a depth of 600mm and 700mm.
  • The feet are adjustable.
  • The top is 1.2mm in thickness with grade 304.
  • It has a 41mm diameter and round stainless steel tube legs which are 1.2mm in thickness.
  • It has a fabricated sink bowl.
  • Popular standard dishwashers are admirably compatible with this design.

Flat Workbench - These special benches are revolutionary in their build and you can easily get a lot out of them with the right usage.

Wall Mounted and Over Shelves - We believe that by enhancing your kitchen storage options, your work becomes significantly lighter and easier.

Undershelves and Leg Bracing - These sturdy designs and their implementation will solve all your kitchen woes in no time!

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Who brings you the best products in the range?

High-quality catering equipment at the cheapest cost is brought to you by the Simco Group. With our headquarters in Sydney, we cover all of Australia providing commercial goodness. We have over 15 years of experience dealing with kitchen equipment. Compared to our competitors, we deliver the best quality products at affordable prices so that you do not have a reason to fret. Not only are we backed with spare parts and service, but we also give out a warranty of 4 years on most products. If you are looking for a commercial single sink benches for sale, we have the perfect product in store for you.

Our quick and safe doorstep delivery further ebbs your worries away. We are the best single sink benches supplier in Australia as we have a network of more than 300 distributors across the country which enables delivery in Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne, Gold coast, and several other cities.

What makes us special?

The fact that Australia needs the best solution when it comes to commercial catering equipment was recognized by us. At the Simco Group, we believe in thorough research before product design and distribution. Our products are built keeping in mind the harsh Australian weather and they work well no matter what the climate. Manufactured under strict protocols, our equipment is environmentally friendly and we have left no stone unturned to deliver a new standard in our area of expertise.

The Simco Group undoubtedly stands out because we strive to achieve customer satisfaction over everything else. This makes us the best supplier of Single Sink Benches in Sydney.

Why Choose SIMCO?

For the last two decades, the Simco brand has extensively delivered products that revolutionize people's kitchens all over Australia. From storage solutions to complex builds, we have catered to commercial kitchen needs with craft and precision. This is what makes Simco special today.

Our experience in this field is unlike any other company, and that is why Simco continues to deliver the best quality products across Australia. Our equipment has stood the test of time and during this period, we have continued to polish our skills to get better with every passing day.

We believe in forming a special bond with our customers, and this is why we offer a warranty on all our products. The warranty is a promise to keep giving you our services even after the purchase has been made. Through these bonds and several orders, we have been able to help our customers at every stage.

Our products keep getting better over the years by endless research before designing. All Simco products are created and updated extensively. We have a diverse range spread out on the website, designed especially for you. These products are unique and enhance your kitchen’s looks and features. So, you can now measure your exact requirements and proceed to choose the best Simco product for you.

Our formula for success is not stagnant and is ever-changing. Through hard work and dedication, we strive to be better versions of ourselves every day, and it is this pulse that keeps us light-years ahead of our competition in the industry.

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