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Benefits of Benchtop Catering Equipment at Simco

Simco Group has been a reigning name in the arena of commercial catering equipment across Australia. Major categories of specialisation are benchtop catering equipment, food prep appliances, gas cooktops, refrigeration, stainless steel sinks, benches, shelves and Stainless steel exhaust hood canopies. You can find a wide variety of business kitchen appliances that suit the needs and requirements of the restaurant business in Australia and New Zealand.

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We want you to know what advantages you can reap while purchasing commercial benchtop catering equipment from us.  Baine Marie, Soup Kettles, Curved glass cake display, square glass cake display, Stainless steel lids and trays, pans are some of the types of commercial benchtop catering equipment on sale at Simco.

It is important to know what benefits you would get when you select a particular brand for your food business. By studying these benefits, you can assess the long-term returns your equipment can fetch for efficient running. This, in turn, not only increases the life of your equipage but also keeps your butlers happy and curbs unnecessary expenses. While you make your purchase with Simco Group, you will enjoy the following benefits of benchtop appliances, that we are sure you would not want to miss:

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  1. Most of the Simco benchtop inventory is manufactured with food-grade stainless steel material. This material is proven to yield efficient usage results and enhance the overall performance of a business kitchen. Hygiene quotient is extremely essential and never to be ignored in a business kitchen. This factor will be a deciding one for your local health code, licenses and permits. Which is why stainless steel is a highly preferred material when it comes to kitchen types of equipment. This material is easy to clean, disinfect and maintain. Benchtop equipment is one type which is used extensively (of course, depending on the menu) as it is quite handy to operate.  Moreover, this material is non-corrosive and does not react to food chemicals.  Such high-performance material is used to fabricate both inside and outside of benchtop equipment at Simco.

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  1. Any butler or chef would always want appliances which are easy to operate. This enhances the performance of the staff and increases the productivity of the kitchen. Benchtop equipment at Simco like Baine Marie and square glass cake display is extremely convenient to place and operate. They have been designed to accommodate maximum usage with easy utilization.  Other appliances like benchtop bar freezers come with long door handles that facilitate easy opening and quick service. Adjustable shelves help you to accommodate inventory items of a variety of sizes which is imperative for a busy food work area. You can always ask you commercial benchtop equipment supplier to guide you towards a particular appliance by telling him your business requirements.
  2. Today, any size of a restaurant business always gives importance to the aesthetic appeal of the food work area. With so many innovative designs, manufacturers have changed the mindset of business owners to not only polish the front face of the food trade but to also decorate the spine of that trade, commercial kitchen. You will find most of Simco products designed to give a visual appeal to your cookhouse and frontend so that your butler brigade and customers feel good about it. You don’t have to add extra to enhance the look of both the frontend and your cookhouse. Manufactured with good quality stainless steel, your kitchen looks polished and styled just by installing Simco inventory into your kitchen. For eg., Curved glass cake display in benchtop category add a stylish cook to your counter while your customer makes the payment. It triggers sales and makes the customer aware fo the items you sell.

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  1. Products at Simco Group are available in varied capacities and sizes to facilitate all of your business needs. Likewise, we cater to all sizes of food businesses, ranging from small, medium to large heavy-duty kitchens as in restaurants and hotels. For eg., we have silicon rimmed stainless-steel lids in many sizes that would fit on pans to keep the preparations, hygienic, fresh and warm.

  2. A benefit that every business should yearn for is energy-efficient appliances. Your business should not harm the environment. Benchtop catering equipment at Simco is manufactured and designed as for low- consumption of energy to low the pressure on the environment. The material used to fabricate and style such equipage supports a lot to save energy consumption. Our other models like the gas griddles and gas chargrill in radiant style facilitate quick-cooking and minimum usage of power and energy.

  3. The complete range of equipage at Simco are designed and manufactured to perform in a versatile manner. Cake displays not only keep the bakery items at an optimum temperature, but they also create a layout for designing your food trade workspace. It offers countertop space to additionally display other preparations items for sale. This equipment acts as a strong magnet for visitors. And in turn, increases your sales. Easily re-arranged parts and door spaces also add to quick use of the appliance. Our benchtop catering appliances are ideal for mobile catering businesses. With limited space and compact designs, our products aid to maximum performance out of minimum installation. Our products are designed to accommodate both dry and wet food preps operations.

  4. Our services and warranties speak volumes about the benefits we offer for commercial catering appliances. Benchtop catering equipment in Sydney is mostly recognised by Simco. Our warranty policies and services which include labour and parts are much needed for any size of food businesses. We understand that you invest a handsome amount of money into your venture. So we make sure you receive maximum benefits for the smooth functioning of your busy cookhouse.

While making your choice for your new food venture or expanding an ongoing one, consider the above advantages which you deserve. We will be more than happy to serve you across Australia and New Zealand.

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