Commercial Gas Stoves

Commercial Gas Stoves

If you are in the food service industry or want to start your business in the segment, you need a bag full of food preparation equipment. You have to select the best products for your needs according to the food you serve, the rush hours at your place and the skillset of employees. However, gas stoves are one piece of equipment you must-have for your kitchen. 

Its commercial variant constitutes the base and burners. You can get it in the market in either gas, induction or electrical variations. These models are available in multiple burner gas stoves starting from two-burner and going to four and more. The size of the appliance is dependent on the number of dishes you want to prepare at the same time. A storage cupboard or refrigerator can be the base of the gas range. You can also decide to remove the base and keep it on the kitchen shelf. 

Burners are the isolated areas that heat up on the range. These components are needed on commercial gas stoves to warm the cooking utensils. You can use the gas stoves for multiple tasks like food preparation, heating, tossing and shallow frying, among others. When you want to choose a gas stove, always check for a ventilation area. You can arrange for such a system by asking your commercial gas stove supplier. Usually, the internal temperature gets too high while cooking. Therefore, it is required to expel the additional heat from the kitchen by using an exhaust system.

There are numerous options for cooking ranges, and one of them is the Commercial Gas Griddles, which is used for shallow frying of delicate foods. 

What are the Main Features of Industrial Stoves?

  • High-end and robustly designed frame to serve the industrial environment
  • Intense task completion burners with additional pilots
  • Controls & Valves - American Robertshaw
  • Stainless steel-made classic burners
  • Designed with the help of 304-variant stainless steel
  • Comes with manual mechanisms for effortless handling
  • Long-lasting matt trivets (black)
  • ¾-inch pipe gas inlet 
  • Easy sitting posture on an adjustable leg bench with the help of four stainless steel screws 
  • Detachable drip tray
  • Manual hand-operated controls for seamless and crafty operations
  • All burners come with straightforward and helpful manual ignition
  • LPG and Natural Gas options are available
  • Rust-Proof
  • Hassle-free upkeep
  • Easy to clean
  • Stainless steel manufactured grills suitable for every kitchen.
  • 2 Years warranty on appliance components & labour + additional two years warranty on only parts (when registered online)

What are the Cleaning Tips for the Gas Stove?

  • Arrange the relevant items - the mixture of water and soap, a scrubbing brush, a sponge and a clean piece of cloth and a sponge.
  • Commence the procedure by arranging the relevant tools and detaching the grates and burners from the cooktop.
  • At this point, do not use the scrubbing brush to remove any dry pollutants.
  • Use soap-laced water by adding a few soap drops for dipping the grates and burner. You can get information from Simco – the leading commercial gas stoves supplier & distributor in Melbourne.
  • Find out whether the fuel ports of the device are blocked. If they are indeed clogged, clean them with a brush and make them unclogged. As the choked gas stoves pose a high risk in the pantry, following this step is crucial.
  • Once you have completed the mentioned above process, you can start cleaning the titular premium equipment. Scrub it properly by utilising the side of a sponge that is dipped in the dish soap drops.
  • Wipe in a circular motion, wash the liquid and add detergent in drops. Please don't employ excessive dish soap for soaking since too much will dampen the fuel ports, and you have to shelve the remaining process until it dries out.
  • End the maintenance process by clearing the stove with the sponge. Use fresh water for rinsing, and use a kitchen towel for drying to complete the process.
  • You can also employ Ammonia to clean the grates of the commercial gas stoves as it is a fantastic component. Get some of it from a nearby shop and dip your grates and burners overnight for best results. Seal the items in a zip-lock bag and add Ammonia afterwards. You can wash them with water the next day and witness all the waste go away.

One of the appliances which promote even supply of heat is Commercial Deep Fryers. If you want to buy this machine for your kitchen and looking for a credible source, look no further. Visit us on the Simco webpage.

What are the Benefits Provided by a Commercial Gas Stove?

It gives you a Temperature Controlling Option.

One of the gas cooktop's many advantages is the thermostat adjustments feature, which makes cooking delicacies a simple activity. You can change the temperature controls by touching the knob gently, which helps in cooking food by providing a significantly higher level of flexibility. Every food item class needs a varied temperature level to heat and prepare cuisines. For instance, you must heat a bowl of water at a specific temperature. However, when deep or shallowly frying an item, you must heat the pan to a more considerable degree. A cleverly purchased gas oven gives you a choice to cook things at varied temperatures and make the delicacies more delicious & attractive. You can go through the catalogue of Simco - the top commercial cooktop supplier in Sydney & Melbourne - on their portal.

Helps in Fast Cooking of Food

Suppose you operate a catering business or work in such food establishments. In that case, you must know that no employee can afford to be lazy for even a minute when customers queue up for their order, waiting to be served. It would be best to cook the delicacies swiftly. In addition, no patron wants any leftover items. Therefore, everything needs to be prepared from scratch and served piping hot. Therefore, most experienced chefs in the hospitality sector solely rely on premium and high-end commercial gas stoves for saleto help them be efficient in their cooking. As these appliances help in the swift preparation of dishes, it makes sense to choose these products. One can also tweak the temperatures to prepare a delicacy at the desired speed due to the thermostat attributes mentioned earlier. Once a food joint tastes the benefit of these industrial offerings, they will always try this option and ditch the old way of cooking.

Beautiful, Durable and Light

These products provide one of the most defining characteristics of being significantly long-lasting and lightweight than other contemporaries in the field. These devices come with a beautiful design and metal exterior that provides durability. This kind of offering is best for the food establishments that select the open layout pantry mechanism, where you can showcase your whole cooking procedure to your customers. These machines easily entice and look pretty on the eye due to their negligible weight and classy design compared to a piece of large equipment that is not aesthetically pleasing.

Even & Equal Heat Allocation

The main reason cuisines are cooked faster in the titular equipment, which is also one of the primary advantages of the industrial appliance, is the uniform and even manner of heat allocation. You will discover that the middle portion of this device gets heated swiftly, leading to a dramatic reduction in the lengthy prep and food preparation duration. As the warmth equally gets distributed across the utensils, the hot spots do not create burned or ugly marks on the cooking device. Another benefit provided by these machines is that you can quickly cook food without experiencing any difficulty due to the cold patterns on the pan. Due to the uniform heat allocation, the kitchen cook can effortlessly prepare even the rarest and most exotic cuisines in a jiffy. For further clarity, visit Simco, the foremost commercial gas stoves supplier in Brisbane.

Helps in Efficient Cleaning of the Appliance

One of the crucial advantages of the commercial gas cooktop is that it helps in efficient and effortless cleaning practices. While it is true that the utensils and products designed with other substances like glass look more enticing and provide an unparalleled aesthetic experience, these materials also get filthy and splotched relatively quickly. Many restaurants and food service industries use these appliances but also confess that it takes constant effort and lots of soap and water to keep them maintained. However, you do not need to make any visible effort to clean & maintain the stainless steel variant, as a simple wiping and cleaning process will suffice for its upkeep. In addition, always ensure to turn on the exhaust fans as it helps expel the soot and debris from the pantry, leading to a more comprehensive cleaning of the appliance. 

There are numerous other factors to check before purchasing commercial gas cooktops. For more info visit the Simco website.

Why Simco Catering Equipment for your Kitchen?

One of the enduring advantages of Simco is that we immensely appreciate the goodwill & trust placed by our customers and try to add durability, high performance and trustworthiness to our offerings like commercial gas stoves at our company. That is the reason why we continuously check that all our offerings are certified CE and adhere to the industry's standard guidelines concerning ecology. After all, we put the highest emphasis on quality to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

There are numerous reasons why you should choose our organisation to purchase the products for your kitchen. We have used the following lines to provide a few of the most important reasons:

Product Warranty of 2 Years - The Gas stovesmanufactured by us is not just a straightforward creation but also a hallmark of long-lastingness and durability! That is the reason why we offer up to 2 years warranty on all our items to our customers and ensure giving back to our customers in return for the trust they place on us.

Top-Level Product Analysis Before Production - We conduct a lot of study and analysis before the manufacturing stage. Our company continuously looks forward to ways to be better equipped and learn various methods to make our offerings the finest in the business.

Offerings for Every Need - We have a vast catalogue of 500+ assorted items on our website to cater to every restaurant and every requirement. We offer numerous alternatives because we know that every food joint has some specific requirements and needs products that complement its working process. Our varied options help such organisations and enable them to browse to their heart's content. To browse the selections, visit Simco - the leading 

commercial gas stoves supplier, distributor, and manufacturer in Sydney & Perth

 - to go through our collection.

Use the Gas burners with oven from Simco to save your precious time wandering around the kitchen for items and limit the movement of your product. For more info, visit us.

Our Brands

Our organisation has a fruitful relationship with numerous reputed brands, and we feel proud to use every offered opportunity to represent and promote them. We cater to a host of kitchen requirements with the following leading brands at your service:

ATOSA (Refrigeration)

COOKRITE (Commercial Gas Equipment)

MIXRITE (Stainless steel benches, shelves & sinks)

PREPPAL (Planetary Mixers)

SimcoHOOD (Exhaust Canopy hoods)

We want to achieve our potential of quality and long-lasting performance by associating with these brands. We want to provide our users with products likecommercial gas stovesthat become a crucial part of your pantry for a long duration. We desire peerless excellence, and our endless passion for getting better is what makes us unique.

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