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All that you need to know about benchtop catering equipment by Simco

We boast of an extensive range of top-quality commercial kitchen equipment designed according to the latest international standards. Our products are optimized to serve the Australian hospitality industry and offer the best value for an affordable price.  The range covers a good selection of quality benchtop catering equipment that fits actual business needs with maximum efficiency.

Simco’s benchtop equipment range -

Soup Kettle

A soup kettle is a small but highly efficient addition for every small and big kitchen, buffet line or catering that serves soups, stews, gravies, etc. It ensures that these foods are kept at the ready to serve and food-safe temperature, which saves the trouble of re-heating repeatedly and ensures quick serving on order.

Features of our Soup Kettle warmer,

  • Comes with simple manual control, so that you can set the temperature as per the need  
  • Holds the item at around 40 °C – 90 °C temperature range
  • Stainless steel construction with a black coating on the body
  • Highly durable and easy to clean
  • The device comes in the dimension 360mm(D) x 355mm(H) 
  • Capacity is 10 litre 
  • The appliance is manufactured by the world-renowned brand CookRite
  • Ideal for commercial kitchens as well as catering and buffet services

What makes it stand out?

Best quality and efficient service even under heavy-duty use, make it stand out. It is easy to maintain and lasts really long.  

Bain Marie

This bain marie heater efficiently thwarts large quantities of frozen food within minimum time. Every foodservice business uses powerful refrigeration solutions for storing ingredients as well as prepared items as per need. Before these can be used or served, thwarting them to the right temperature is vital. The bain marie serves as a food rethermalizer, helping you to thaw frozen items quickly before you can use them in cooking.  

How does it work?

This bain marie heater follows the heated water bath principal. You need to fill in water within the well of the device and then place the vessel holding the item to be thwarted in the well. The device heats the water and circulates it around the pan to thwart the ingredients placed in the vessel.

Features of our Bain Marie heater,

  • The powerful mechanical controller that lets you set the temperature precisely as per your thwarting requirements.
  • Maintains a consistent temperature between 60 °C and 88 °C range   
  • Comes with automatic energy cut off mechanism that disconnects the power if the temperature of the water goes above the set limit, ensuring precise temperature control.   
  • The stainless-steel tank is durable, easy to clean and gives service for years
  • The device’s dimension is 580mm(W) x 340mm(D) x 245mm(H)
  • It holds 150mm GN 1/1 food pan
  • Manufactured by CookRite

Bain Marie from Simco is available in two different models – Bain Marie with Mechanical Controller and Bain Marie with Mechanical Controller and Drain. As the name suggests, the second model comes with an inbuilt drainage system that makes cleaning the device simpler.  

What makes it stand out?  

It has a simple, gastronorm compatible design made of high-quality stainless steel. It offers uninterrupted service for years, even under heavy-duty, commercial usage. 

Juice Dispenser

Restaurants, hotels, buffets, and other catering services can benefit from this premium quality dispenser. The air-tight design ensures safe storage of fruit juice for longer duration and the easy stop-cock dispenser promotes quick serving without hassle. The stainless-steel legs make it simple to place this compact commercial benchtop catering equipment on the workbench or table.

Features of our juice dispenser,

  • Made of high-quality stainless steel
  • Comes with a stop cock dispenser
  • Flat stainless-steel base with rubber holders underneath for perfect balance
  • Supports easy fill-up and dispensing 
  • Comes in the dimension 350mm(W) x 260mm(D) x 580mm(H)
  • Holds 8 litre juice at one time
  • Manufactured by Mixrite

What makes it stand out?

The juice dispenser is of premium quality, easy to clean and maintain. It also has an eye-catchy look that makes it ideal for buffets and presentations.

Coffee Urn

Serving a large number of guests with hot tea or coffee on repeat can be challenging. It can keep more than one of your staffers engaged. With the coffee urn, you no more need to worry about serving the beverage or about keeping it warm. Just install it in any catering buffet or self-serve station, and your guests can serve themselves a hot cup of tea or coffee whenever they need.  

Features of our Coffee Urn,

  • Keeps beverages warm for a long time
  • Stylish look with sleek stainless-steel finish and curved legs
  • Best quality and sturdy
  • Holds 12 litre of beverage at one time
  • Fitted with an easy flow spigot that helps in effortless self-service
  • Comes with a canned heat fuel, so you can use this urn at any place for keeping tea or coffee warm, including outdoors even if there is no electricity connection.  
  • The device has a dimension of 350mm(W) x 310mm(D) x 500mm(H)  

What makes it stand out?

The nice holding capacity, along with the stylish look and ability to carry and install it wherever you want or need makes this a popular choice in the hospitality industry.

Cereal Dispenser

It is another efficient catering equipment with important application in the hospitality industry. Our cereal dispenser is a perfect appliance to promote easy self-service. The air-proof design ensures that the cereal is kept fresh for longer; the removable canister makes it easy to clean and refill. The tap mechanism of this single cereal dispenser allows serving exact measured portions. 

Features of our Cereal Dispenser,

  • Comes with stainless-steel lid and chrome-plated base 
  • The removable canister is dishwasher proof, hence easy to clean
  • Has a tap dispenser
  • Holding capacity is 9 litres
  • The dimension of the device is 360mm(W) x 230mm(D) x 660mm(H)
  • Ideal for buffets and self-service establishments   

What makes it stand out?

This standalone compact cereal dispensing solution has a perfect look, serves the purpose efficiently, is easy to clean and maintain.

Chafing Dish

For buffets and canteens, chafing dishes are essential equipment. Simco sells three different varieties of chafing dishes to meet the diverse requirements and tastes. The selection includes - Delux Oblong Chafing Dish, Delux Round Chafing Dish and Economic Oblong Chafing Dish. All our chafing dishes are made from high quality stainless steel, and they use the right technology to keep the food warm without drying it out.

Features of our Chafing Dishes,

  • The Delux Oblong Chafing Dish comes in the dimension 645mm(W) x 475mm(D) x 435mm(H), has 8.5 litre holding capacity.
  • The Delux Round Chafing Dish has the dimension 500mm(W) x 530mm(D) x 450mm(H) and the holding capacity is 5 litre.
  • Simco’s Economic Oblong Chafing Dish comes in the dimension 600mm(W) x 360mm(D) x 300mm(H). The 9 litre holding capacity makes it the biggest in the lot.

What makes it stand out?

The chaffing dish collection at Simco gives the best options available in the range.   All the chaffing dishes are easy to clean and maintain. They have a sleek look and offers years of service.  

Gastronorm Pans and lids

No kitchen and catering business can run efficiently without standardized GN pans. The lids make an essential addition to the gn pans ensuring better hygiene and proper storage. We have a wide range of options when it comes to GN pans and lids.

Gastronorm pans

  • Our GN pans are available in all the sizes used in the industry. 
  • We also have a wide range of size options in perforated GN pans.

Stainless steel lids

We sell GN compatible, high-quality stainless-steel lids in various sizes to meet industry needs. We also have a collection of gastronorm compatible stainless-steel lids with cut out for spoon.   

What makes it stand out?
Our GN pans and lids are not anything special, but we have the best collection and we ensure to provide the best quality for the right price for every product, be it a gas cooktop or a gn pan.

Countertop Cake showcase

The last product in our benchtop equipment range is nothing other than our compact countertop glass cake showcases that enjoy huge popularity for food display in the hospitality industry. The showcases are available in the curved and square glass varieties. There are two width options – 700mm and 900mm in each of these styles.

Features of our Benchtop Cake Showcases,

  • The refrigerated showcases work in the 2°C to 8°C temperature range
  • Manufactured by Atosa, comes with all branded parts 
  • The removable back door ensures easy cleaning, quick serving, and fill-up
  • Comes with stainless-steel wire shelving racks that hold heavy food trays efficiently and ensures proper circulation of cold air
  • Are fitted with LED lights which ensures maximum display advantage  
  • Comes with two years warranty on parts as well as labour plus extra 2 years warranty on parts on online registration

What makes it stand out?

This high-end refrigeration solution is efficient, easy to maintain and ideal for gaining display advantage in small shops. It also comes with a warranty. 

We started our journey with the objective to introduce the best quality commercial kitchen equipment in the Australian market. Our range of benchtop equipment stands for high quality, long uninterrupted service for minimum maintenance and a stylish look. We are one of the renowned commercial benchtop catering equipment suppliers, serving the Australian market with the best products at an affordable price. To know more about our product range, please check our website.   

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