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Monthly Archives: October 2020

  1. Sell more with the right display in your Food joint, Deli or Bakery

    Have you heard of the food industry's visual merchandising strategy for selling more? No matter what they name it, we call it the 'food placement' – a robust retail marketing technique that can boost sells. Merely seeing food can trigger the urge to consume it and the immediate availability of the item intensifies the drive. So, are you using this strategy the right way in your foodservice business? Or you are still waiting for orders from your customers before

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  2. How to use, clean and maintain a hot soup kettle?

    A soup kettle is a useful piece of equipment for commercial kitchens that serve soups, sauce, or hot beverages. It is quite a versatile appliance and is an effective solution to keep your hot broths and curries at the right serving temperature for long. These are available in various sizes - a ten-litre unit is most commonly used in the food and catering businesses.

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  3. Buying Square Glass Cake Display - How to Make the Right Choice?

    Do you hear the call of the creamy, and soft pastries and cakes while crossing the patisserie or bakery down the street? If you do, you are not alone! Just the thought of biting through the creamy delight while enjoying the velvety base melting quickly in your mouth is enough to make any cake or pastry lover hungry. While the ‘deliciously charming’ cakes and pastries grab our attention, we often overlook the stage that makes it possible. 

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  4. Commercial kitchen sinks – what you should look for?

    Small or big, basic or advanced, commercial or residential - the sink plays a crucial role in every kitchen. But when it comes to commercial purposes, the requirements are often unique. Depending on the size of the cooking unit and the volume of food prepared, the requirements for sinks can vary extensively. For example, a compact basin might easily suffice the needs of a home kitchen, but for a full-scale restaurant, a double or a

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  5. Going Digital – Why your foodservice business needs it?

    Running a business is always challenging, and when it comes to the food and catering sector – be it a restaurant, a cafeteria, a salad bar or a catering company, the task might be overwhelming. Every business is now going digital to keep up with the changing times. So, do you also need to follow suit? Is it just another difficult addition to your business operations that wil

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  6. How to find the best supplier for stainless steel benches?

    Benches – in different styles and forms – make an essential part of every commercial kitchen. Starting from the flat workbench to the sink counter, they come in unique variations and customizations to serve specific purposes. Like most other equipment, benches in commercial kitchens, are commonly made of stainless steel to ensure the best longevity. A goo

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  7. What is a bain marie? the different types, use and maintenance

    Use of unique and often obscure terms is quite common in the foodservice industry. The name Bain Marie which translates to “Mary’s Bath” is one such mystic names that naturally stirs up curiosity. It might sound complicated, but in reality, it is quite a simple piece of equipment commonly used for holding warm foods. What it is and how does it work? We will d

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  8. Benefits of modern commercial prep fridges

    For any commercial kitchen or catering operation, commercial prep fridges or prep counters are essential. They work as the centre of operation for prepping and serving special delicacies like pizzas, salads, sandwiches, and many more. It is essential to choose high-quality fridges with worktops to suit your needs. The many options offer plenty of benefits and can be most helpful to s

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  9. Kitchen Equipment - Purchasing a commercial gas deep fryer

    Are you planning to add some more delicious foods to your menu?  How about some fried chicken wings and French fries or fried pastries? Sounds good?    To add the delicious and crunchy fried foods to your menu, first, you need the right fryer and purchasing commercial gas deep fryers requires some research. What type of fryer do you need? What will be the best size for you? There is mo

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  10. Questions you should ask your supplier before buying a gas char grill

    If you run a commercial kitchen, a chargrill can add a lot of value to the menu. Be it a burger, veggies, steak, chicken or prawns the grill can give the dish your signature style and flavour. Grilled foods are one the hot favourites of the young generation, and a good quality broiler is as crucial as the marinating sauce and seasoning, to get the right taste. Once you decide to get a charbroiler for your kitchen, firstly, search out a renowned 

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  • commercial kitchen equipment   What is a commercial kitchen equipment?
  • Commercial Kitchen Equipment is heavy-duty kitchen appliances that is designed to withstand repeated tasks of food preparation procedures. This equipage is most suitable when bulk food orders need to be produced. This equipment could be a gas cooktop, planetary mixer or a refrigerator.
  • commercial kitchen equipment supplier melbourne   Is a commercial kitchen equipment different from the ones I use in my home kitchen?
  • Yes for sure! The domestic appliances are designed to function at a frequency that is quite low as compared to commercial ones. A domestic cooking/refrigeration unit has a low output according to the number of family members or guests which is occasional. You can not replace commercial catering equipment with domestic ones to run a food business.
  • commercial kitchen equipment supplier   How will I know which equipment suit my requirement?
  • You will have to identify your type of catering business according to your choice of menu items. For instance, if your menu items have more bakeries, then you will have to invest in a planetary mixer, gas stove with oven and refrigerated glass displays. But if your menu items have Italian dishes like pizzas and portions of pasta, you will need a pizza prep table along with prep fridges. You will also have to measure the floor space of your cookhouse so that you purchase the equipage that fits perfectly. Our Simco team guides and coaches you about all the details when you reach us for inquiry at
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