Simco Catering Equipment is a foremost technological company that is renowned for the production and sales of quality and high-class Catering equipment. One of which (not limited to) is our hi-tech refrigerators that have been built to satisfy every of your cooling, freezing, and storage use. Our Atosa refrigerators are efficient and reliable to deliver anywhere, anytime, irrespective of climate change or difference. This means you don’t need to worry about the atmospheric temperature of our country, whether high or low.

Where can I buy the best quality commercial freezers in Australia?

We do have warehouses in Australia with more than 150 dealers’ networks across the country, and we can assure you of nothing but the best quality, highly durable and pocket-friendly pieces of equipment.

We sell in different sizes, shapes, and capacities to meet every of your storage, cooling, and preservation needs. There they come in different price ranges and sizes to meet your daily refrigeration needs. We have got hundreds of them in stock, and you can be sure to find what suits you best.

Which is the Best supplier for Commercial fridges in Sydney and Perth?

Now, we hear people ask if there are suppliers for commercial refrigeration in Sydney and Perth. Simco Catering Equipment are not just available at your beck and call, we are the best you can find in these locations. We can supply for wholesale and retail purpose and boast of swift and easy delivery in these areas as it gets to you within hours.

How to select the best commercial refrigerator?

Doors: An essential factor that must be considered is the doors of a refrigerator. Humans are naturally not patient, and this does not exempt customers as everyone wants to get his or her items before the other person. Hence, there is a need for a refrigerator that can accommodate this factor. And yet, we have got you covered! Our coolers have doors to meet your specific requirements. There are single (1) door, double (2) doors, Triple (3) doors, and quadruple (4) doors fridges and freezers that facilitate multiple users at the same time. These also provide convenience for use and easy access to items being stored.

Volume: In the decision process of what type of refrigerator to buy, the volume (i.e., amount of content) of such is very crucial. For example, a fridge or freezer used in housing beverages and drinks might not be adequate to store frozen foods in a cold-room, the reason being that the volume capacity or storage spaces are different. To forestall this challenge, we made sure our refrigerators come in various volumes and capacity. Available for your use are refrigerators of 1- 300 litres capacity, 301- 600 litres capacity, 601- 900 litres capacity, and 901- 1200 litres capacity. The smallest of the volumes can effectively produce your ice cubes while the largest of them all can serve as your cold-room, preserving several cartons of fishes, poultries, and other frozen foods for days.

Measurement / Sizing: For accurate measurements and effective sizing, our fridge-freezer is measured in depth, width, and length. What this does for you is accuracy. You would not get a refrigerator that will function below or above your desired expectations. All of these variances are measured in millimetres. None of our cold storage equipment rank below 500mm in depth because of its functions. But the more, the better right; the biggest of these is about 1000mm deep. The widths are between five hundred and one (501) and two thousand five hundred (2500) millimetres. They are as high as 0- 1000mm, 1001- 2000mm, 2001- 3000mm.

Purpose: You should also consider the use for which you want to get a fridge and freezer. There are no places or functions that we do not have a refrigerator that will perfectly suit the occasion. Some may satisfy more than three venues as the case may be, but each refrigerator is best suited for a purpose. This is more to say that each refrigerator is built with a picture in mind. Different retail locations like; restaurants or cafes, clubs, pubs or bars, quick service restaurants, convenience, petrol stations or supermarkets, food production, hospitality or venues, bakery, or pastry have a peculiar refrigerator that will correctly work for them.

Effectiveness: About efficiency, this equipment is named to show their ability to deliver. There are Solid Door Chest refrigerators that can keep items frozen for days after the interruption of power supply because their doors have been built to trap in ice for an extended period. Also, we have the Keg Coolers, and these can freeze contents that are stored in containers. This is more like deep freezing, such that when the kegs are taken out of the freezer, it stays frozen for a more extended period than what any other type can do. Keg coolers come in rolling tires and handle to facilitate easy movement from a place to another. This is a type of refrigerator that is best suited for events and venues.

Examples of commercial fridges and freezers available at Simco catering are; Back Bar Cooler with Glass Door, Chiller Fridge Cabinet, 2 Door Sandwich Prep Table fridge (best suited for your pizza), Single and Double Glass Door Mounted fridge and freezer, Upright Storage Fridges and Freezers, ESL Counter Top Salad Bar, Top Mounted Single, or Double Door Glass fridge, Dual Temperature freezer, Single and Double Door Top Mounted fridge-freezer, 2 Doors Table Saladette, Under Bench Fridges and Freezers.

All these are available at your disposal at very affordable prices and come with a 4 years warranty. You can trust us to provide fast delivery, anywhere, any time of our durable and reliable Atosa refrigerators.

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