Simco catering equipment has earned its goodwill as one of the most trustworthy manufacturers and suppliers of high-class devices for the kitchen. Simco catering equipment has ensured the production of unique kitchen appliances like bain-marie with the help of ground-breaking technology. It has been successful in sending its items to users all around the globe.

Our objective is to offer our customers affordable kitchen appliances, including commercial soup kettles. Our state-of-the-art premium kettle can both store your soup and keep it at a hot temperature before it is served to the patrons. Simco items are fully equipped with all the features and take a reasonable time to deliver this product to any region.

It is a challenging task to decide on buying a kettle, especially if your budget in hand is significantly low. On the one hand, you require a long-lasting and robust hot beverage kettle; on the other end of the spectrum, you doubt your budget can get you one. This part is where you have to trust Simco as we offer the best benchtop catering equipment like this one at an affordable price. Our primary objective is to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the products we offer without them having to break the bank.

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How Can We Define the Titular Item? 

The titular product is an ideal appliance for holding your soup & other beverages and storing them at a hot temperature. It is also the go-to device during an occasion when the guests are required to serve themselves. However, one should note that the commercial soup kettle for sale is not created to prepare delicacies or warm frozen beverages. This device comes with a large container that keeps the soup warm when you fill it with hot water.

What are the Advantages of Owning this Equipment?

  • You can manage almost 30 to 35 servings with the help of a standard 10-litre kettle. Therefore, you can significantly scale up your business by having such a piece of equipment and considerably boost the serving capacity of your kitchen.
  • You can make the overall environment flexible with this appliance. As it is simple to use this device, you should not frequently take the help of your colleagues to warm the beverages. The warming duties of a broth to be provided to the users can be furnished by anyone for an extended period.
  • These products have a light and portable design that makes them relatively easy to carry and valuable in the pantry. You can also serve the beverage up front by utilising the space beside your bakery display.
  • You can purchase these appliances to significantly reduce the time between the placing of an order and serving, resulting in immense user satisfaction.
  • You can also reduce the danger of horrible product taste or fast-decaying cuisine on account of continuous heating by purchasing this item.
  • You don't have to employ numerous new utensils or additional space to efficiently serve the customers as these products are readily available in a compact and pleasant form.
  • Owning this appliance can let you experience numerous benefits. You can serve a large number of hot broths, curries and beverages, which can add to the serving accessibility and a convenience. For further details, visit Simco – the leading commercial soup kettles supplier in Sydney.

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Where can you find a high-quality device?

It is essential for you to not only conduct proper research on the features of this catering apparatus but also on the manufacturers too before purchasing a premium kettle. You can also place trust in a product if its overall reviews and testimonials are positive. Simco deals in this high-quality item and is based out of Australia. We have a premium web page with all the listings to give the consumer a glimpse of the offerings we have.

Who is the best dealer of the product all around Australia?

Our company is not just famous for delivering high-quality products. We also ensure that the items reach our patrons early at economical prices. If you are on the lookout for the top dealer of soup kettles in the Australian states, you have come to the perfect place. Trust us to supply your catering goods and experience a quick delivery with efficient customer service.

How to Maintain & Clean the Elite Equipment?

Regular upkeep and sanitisation are the keys to ensuring the soup kettle provides the best quality. It is straightforward to ensure the upkeep & cleanliness of this machine. While the task may feel simple according to others' opinions, you must ensure to stop yourself or the appliance from coming in harm's way by working with precision. You should adhere to the below-described procedure.

  • Kindly ensure to unplug, switch off and ultimately cool down the device before commencing the cleaning process.
  • Do not submerge the outer vessel in the water. Additionally, it would be best not to complete the washing objectives by putting the device in the pressure washer. 
  • Ensure employing a sponge and a mild detergent or soap. In addition, it is not recommended to use steel wool, harsh agents or scrubber pads.
  • If you wash the internal component of the warmer after every use, the process will make a significant difference.
  • Apart from device maintenance, it would be better to check that the drinks and food items you keep and heat have the precise quality and taste. Please take out the internal pot from the vessel, remove any stuck ingredients and use regular tap water to wash it properly.
  • You can use a mild soap bar if needed.
  • You can keep the appliance in the best shape by ensuring to clean the device regularly after the end of the working day. 
  • Wipe the device dry with a soft and spotless cotton fabric after emptying it whenever the unit becomes entirely chilled. 
  • Use a damp and soft fabric to clear the machine's external surface. For more help, reach out to Simco, the best commercial equipment supplier in Australia.
  • Wipe the water splotches again with a dry fabric to eliminate them.
  • It is necessary to clear the controls & knobs every day. However, do not use water until required. Ensure that you have a dry and clean cloth handy to wipe it off. You can also contact Simco – the leading commercial soup kettle distributor in Melbourne.

What are the Features to Consider When Selecting a Kettle?

The objective of the Equipment

Although these devices are designed to fulfil one general objective, they can also have unique attributes that make them indispensable to individual ventures. So, first, determine the reason you need the product before purchasing one. This practice will enable you to trim down your alternatives and assist you in picking the product best suited to your serving requirements. At Simco, we design various soup kettle models suitable for Pubs and Bars, Restaurants and Cafes, Petrol Supermarkets, Clubs, Hospitality Venues and Food Production Organisations.


Before purchasing such a device, you must know the amount of soup a soup kettle can hold. Simply put, try buying a piece of equipment appropriate for all your requirements. For example, if you own a soup pantry, you will require a boiler that can carry a large amount of soup or sauce. This process will ease the work for you or your staff because the beverage can be prepared at once and stored in one location.

Long-Lastingness & Efficiency

 We provide you with a soup kettle that is available in a cylindrical shape. It lets you or your personnel take out delicacies from it swiftly. We are a trustworthy and reputed supplier of the titular item that meets your catering requirements through its customised design. Our soup boilers are corrosion-proof and can preserve their shiny surface for a longer duration.

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The Substance Employed to Design the Kettle

You can find various kinds of premium pots in the market in today's time. All of these are created with the help of various substances. However, the most popular among them is stainless steel. This material is deemed the best material to design this kitchen equipment. You can benefit more from this substance because it swiftly warms your food and guarantees that the delicacies remain warm. Simco provides industrial soup boilers for sale made from the mentioned material because our primary aim is to provide our patrons with premium and top-class hospitality equipment.

Your Prospective Budget

The decision on buying a commercial soup kettle for sale must be taken after looking at the capital you are willing to invest. However, efficiency has no relation to costs, and it is not necessary for a piece of hospitality appliance to be effective only if it is costly. At Simco, we provide you with cost-effective supplies that are bound to fit within your budget range.

What Can be Kept in this Device?

Despite trends, beliefs, and the fact that force you to call it a soup kettle, you can also store liquid-based food, including Bolognese sauce and chilli, in this multipurpose kitchen equipment. This attribute makes them appropriate for an industrial kitchen, especially a pantry that assembles food for a large number of patrons. The significant part is that the device delivered by Simco is lightweight, portable and compact, which means that it can be hauled to any occasion and can easily fit into small areas in your kitchen.

Why Should you Use Simco Catering Equipment?

One of the best benefits of Simco is that we highly value the confidence & goodwill placed by our users. We also frequently attempt to provide additional trustworthiness, high working ethics and robustness to our products like gas burners with oven at our firm. The aforementioned is the reason why we continuously try to ensure that all our commercial equipment is CE certified and sternly follows the proper rules related to ecology laid down by the industry. In short, our highest focus remains on quality to ensure no customer feels unsatisfied.

You buy the items for your pantry from our organisation for many reasons. The following lines contain a few answers to the question of 'Why Us':

2-Years Item Warranty - The commercial gas deep fryers for sale built by us are not just a product like other competitors but also an example of exemplary design marvel! Therefore, we give up to 2 years warranty on all our catalogue products to our patrons to impress and provide a quality product to them for the trust they have in us.

High-Level Analysis Before Manufacturing - Before commencing the manufacturing, we research a lot on the build and design of our products. Our organisation frequently strives purposefully to find methodologies to be better in terms of technique and learn numerous ways to make our items the top-selling in the industry. 

Products for Every Establishment - We cater to every establishment and every need by offering a vast collection of 500+ assorted items on our web page. We offer many options because we know that every food organisation has relevant requirements and requires items matching its working procedures. Our wide variety of choices assist such firms and enable them to check out our products as much as they need. To check out the selections, visit Simco - the leading commercial gas deep fryers supplier, distributor, manufacturer and supplier in Brisbane & Perth - to go through our collection.

Use the Commercial Gas Stoves from Simco to prepare delicious & hygienic food for multiple customers simultaneously and save your valuable time. Visit us for information.

Our Brands

Our firm has a high-class relationship with multiple top brands, and we feel blessed to represent and promote them using every offered opportunity. We offer a host of equipment fulfilling kitchen requirements with the following leading brands at your service:

  • MIXRITE (Stainless steel benches, shelves & sinks)
  • PREPPAL (Planetary Mixers)
  • ATOSA (Refrigeration)
  • COOKRITE (Commercial Gas Equipment)
  • SimcoHOOD (Exhaust Canopy hoods)

We collaborate with these brands to reach our high-end and durable performance capabilities. We want to enable our users to use items like commercial gas deep fryers that can provide services for a long duration and become a critical component of your pantry. We aim for peerless excellence, and our endless passion for getting better is what makes us unique.

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