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Simco catering equipment has earned its title as one of the most reliable manufacture and supplier of high-quality appliances for the kitchen. With groundbreaking technology, Simco catering equipment has overseen the production of unique kitchen appliances like bain-marie and have managed to deliver its products to customers around the world.

Simco aims to provide its customers with affordable kitchen appliances, and this includes soup kettles. Our state-of-the-art soup kettle is capable of both storing your soup and keeping it at a warm temperature before it is served. Simco items are fully equipped to deliver this appliance to any state within a reasonable time.

  • What is a soup kettle? 

A soup kettle is a perfect appliance for storing your soup and keeping it at a warm temperature. They are also the go-to appliance during an occasion where the guests are required to serve themselves. However, it should be noted that these kitchen supplies are not designed to cook soup or heat frozen soup. This kitchen appliance comes with a large container that is filled with hot water in other to keep the soup warm.

  • What are the benefits of owning a soup kettle?

If you are in the business of serving a large number of soups or sauces and you need a way of storing it without it taking up much space or getting spoiled, a soup kettle is an answer. A standard commercial soup kettle ranges between 6 to 7 litres in size and holds a large quantity of soup. You can use it to keep your food warm, and they are also easily accessible, enabling your guests or customer to serve themselves.

  • Where to get a quality soup kettle?

Before getting a soup kettle, it is essential you not only conduct adequate research on the features of this catering apparatus but also on the manufactures too. The general reviews and critiques will determine if their products can be trusted. Simco is based in Australia, and we have a fully functional website that gives you an insight into the type of products we sell.

  • Who is the best supplier of soup kettles in Sydney and Perth?

Simco is not just renowned for supplying quality kettles; we ensure our customers receive our products promptly and at affordable prices. If you are on the hunt for the best supplier of soup kettles in Sydney and Perth, you do not need to look further. Trust us with supplying your catering supplies and experience a quick delivery with efficient customer service.

  • Features to consider when selecting a soup kettle?

Purpose: Although these boilers are built to serve one general purpose, they can also feature distinct properties that can make them valuable to individual businesses. So before purchasing one first determine why you need it. This will help you narrow down your options and help you pick the product best suit your catering needs. At Simco, just like our stainless steel gn pans, we produce a soup kettle that is suitable for Restaurants and Cafes, Clubs, Pubs and Bars, Petrol Supermarkets, Food Production Companies, and Hospitality Venues.

Capacity: Before purchasing a soup kettle, you need to know the amount of soup such commercial kitchen equipment can hold. In other words, ensure you get one that can best accommodate your needs. For instance, if you own a soup kitchen, you will need a boiler that can hold a large amount of soup or sauce. This will make work easier for you or your workers because the soup can be made at once and kept in one location.

Efficiency and durability: Simco offers you a soup kettle that comes in a cylindrical shape allowing you or your workers to dish out food from it quickly. We provide a reliable and durable product like Square Glass Cake Display that are designed to meet your catering needs. Our soup boilers are rust-resistant and can maintain their shiny exterior for an extended time.

The material used to create the soup kettle: There are various types of soup kettles on the market today, and they are all made with a variety of materials with stainless steel being the most popular. Stainless steel is regarded as the safest material used to make this kitchen appliance. This material is more advantageous than its counterparts because it can heat your food quickly and ensure your food remains hot. Simco offers commercial soup boilers for sale made from stainless steel because, first and foremost, we strive to provide our customers with excellent and top-notch catering pieces of equipment.

  • Your budget

It is imperative you determine the amount of money at your disposal before purchasing a commercial soup pot. However, a piece of catering equipment does not have to be expensive to be efficient. At Simco, we offer you cost-effective supplies that are bound to fit within your budget range.

  • What food can be placed in a soup kettle?

Despite popular beliefs and the fact that it is called a soup kettle, you can use this versatile kitchen equipment to store any liquid-based food including Bolognese sauce, and even chilli. This feature makes them ideal to have in a kitchen, especially a kitchen that produces food for a large number of people. The best part is that the kettle supplied by Simco is compact, portable, and not heavy. This means that it can be transported to any occasion and can fit into small areas in your kitchen with ease.


Committing to a kettle can seem like a daunting task, especially if you have a low budget to work with. On the one hand, you need a durable and sturdy soup kettle, and on the other hand, you doubt your budget can get you one. This is where Simco comes in; we provide the best equipment like Curved Glass Cake Displays at a reasonable cost.  Our goal is to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the products we offer, without them having to break the bank.

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