One of the crucial parts of any business is commercial shelving. The commercial-grade storage units mounted on walls are called commercial wall mounted shelves. The unused space can be efficiently utilized to add extra storage. They can withstand commercial demands since they are durable. Wall Mounted and Over Shelves are used in many commercial places like libraries, restaurants, and many other businesses.

Where is Wall Mounted and Over Shelves generally used?

You can find wall mounted and over shelves in various places from restaurants and kitchens to libraries which are mainly used to hold items that are displayed or simply as a storage unit. If you want to make use of any extra unused space, consider purchasing a shelf that caters to your needs. Here are a few places where a wall mounted and over shelf can be used

  • Office Spaces

These are ideal for storing business documents and the documents can be easily accessed. It can also be used for a backroom organization.

  • Cold Storage

The items in cold storage are kept cold with the help of our carefully designed range that has flow-through ventilation which results in less condensation.

  • Commercial Catering/Food Services

It is very easy to hold the food products with the help of these and you will surely want them in your kitchen.

  • Hotel Laundry Room

Any extra linens or sheets can be easily held by these shelves.

  • Retail Stores

These shelves can hold a considerable amount of weight and due to visual merchandising, they are widely used in retail stores.

How to Clean Wall Mounted and Over Shelves?

Our range of products in this area are very reliable and durable. However, effective maintenance of any equipment requires it to be cleaned from time. Here are some tips for cleaning and maintenance that are likely to come in handy:

  • Keep the shelf in a dry environment to avoid rusting. In case it gets wet, dry it immediately.
  • To ensure the surface is safe for food processing, sanitize the surface by using a disinfectant cleaner.
  • You can use water and a clean cloth for wiping off any spills.

-       For keeping the wall mounted shelf tidy and shiny, you must use mild soap and lukewarm water. This can be done even for cleaning dirt and tougher stains.

  • Make sure that the surface of the shelf is moisture-free.
  • The main area of wall mounted shelves, where rust can hold up, is at the fasteners like bolts and nuts. Ensure that these fasteners are not loose.
  • Use the glass cleaner to spray off fingerprints.
  • You must always towel dry after wiping away the water streaks.
  • While cleaning, do not use cleaning solutions or sprays that contain bleach as they will stain and damage the shelves.
  • You can use a simple cleaner to remove stains.
  • The steel surface will be more prone to rusting if steel brushes are used while cleaning.
  • To avoid leaking streaks, always wipe in the direction of the grain.
  • Avoid abrasive cleaners as they will scratch the surface.

What are the features of Wall Mounted and Over Shelves?

  • The unit is ready to assemble and is supplied with fitting.
  • The unit is supplied in just one box including brackets and other important equipment.
  • To fix to benchtops with covers, the over shelves are provided with flanged feet.
  • The backing to the over shelf is provided by reinforced steel which is coated with zincalume which is 3 mm in size.
  • The steel tops have a thickness of 1.2mm.
  • To enable top mounting on benches, both single and double tier shelves are used.

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Who brings you the best products in this range?

With more than 15 years of experience, the Simco group is renowned when it comes to commercial equipment in Australia. As per the guidelines and standards of Australia, our company works relentlessly to give the best quality products at the cheapest prices. Known for our quick and fast deliveries in all situations, we have ample delivery options that ensure doorstep delivery to our customers. Our company has 300 distributors network who enable us in offering quite a lot of delivery options across the country making us the best Wall Mounted and Over Shelves supplier in Australia

What makes us special?

Our focus is more on achieving the satisfaction of our customers than on maximizing our profits and because of this, we stand out.

Our products are built to last and we understand the harsh unpredictable weather that Australia experiences throughout the year. Our products are built to stand unaffected under any possible adversity caused by seasonal disturbances. All our equipment, especially the stainless steel shelves are environmentally responsible and works well in any space.

Why Choose Us?

Having been in the industry for so long, we here at Simco have become experts in the equipment that we deal with. Our experience in the field has allowed us to keep getting better over the last few years. After all these years of hard work and passion, we have come to offer our customers certain guarantees that go hand in hand with buying commercial kitchen equipment.

4 Years Warranty- When you buy a Simco product, you get a warranty on that product. This warranty is symbolic of our dedication and our passion to be at your service even after the product is purchased.

Researching for Excellence- Simco has been in the game for a long time now and even after all this time, we have not stopped looking for the winning formula. We believe that products must be researched exclusively and extensively. This helps us better our products and bring to you, the products of tomorrow.

Assured Range- When you shop for products at Simco, you get to choose from lots of options for your products. These options are for you. We would hate to see you settle for anything less than what you want and this is why our range is wide for your creative space.

Over the years, we have partnered with various companies and on our journey, we've learned the essentials of making the best commercial use hospitality goods in the business. Simco levies importance on its carbon footprint and this is why all our products are in adherence to the standard regulations and are eco-friendly as well. Our faith in ourselves and what we have created has resulted in many companies partnering with us as well and Simco has established itself as a nationwide brand today. Our brand is not just a name but a guarantee. It is a seal of approval that promises the customer an exceptional experience. After all, that is what makes us one of the biggest commercial brands in Australia.

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