Gas Char Grill (Radiant)

Gas Char Grill Radiant

The menu of the restaurant plays an important role in listing the types of commercial catering types of equipment to be installed in a business kitchen. A small café might not require baking equipment if it is not selling pastries and scones. Every appliance has its own set of features that makes it stand out. Some menu items are specific to their nature and serving style.

Australians are in love with bar-be-ques. Major cities like Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney and have fine dining restaurants and bar-be-que joints that are much loved and visited for their unique preparations of bar-be-que menus.

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Gas Char Grills in Radiant style enhances the flavour of the food and the ease of cooking. This is done so by using a radiant heat cooking system in comparison to the traditional gas grills. This kind of cooking is mostly done where people love snacking on bar-be-que menus while on a commercial food place or while at a beach picnic.

Food cooked on this kind of equipment is ringed with a moisture boundary of air and water particles. The radiant energy does not breach the moisture ring, thus protecting the juices of the food for up to 40%.  This will keep your preparations juicy and soft. In this infrared technology-based appliance, the temperature heats the food content and not the air surrounding it. The radiant char grill uses gas for starting up. Once the power from gas is fuelled into the mechanism of the appliance, the radiant technology comes into the picture. This technology comes with the benefit of heating up the surface where the food is to be placed in less time, thus promoting quick preparations. This also helps when you have more menu items to prepare at one point in time.  Meat and similar such tender foods that should be cooked inside out in a way to retain its juices are cooked in appliances integrated with radiant technology.

Some equipment is designed to perform heavy-duty and multi-tasking cooking jobs to cater to the needs and requirements of a business kitchen. A commercial gas burner with oven performs cooking as well as baking jobs and acts as a good support system to your kitchen staff. Look here.

While the traditional heat generated by other bar-be-que appliances disturbs the ring of air around it. This makes food preparation dry out during the process of cooking. Such dishes are not liked by your guests or visitors. You can always seek guidance and knowledge about the cooking process of such type of appliance from your Gas Char Grill Radiant supplier.  Most of these types of equipment are easy to clean and maintain.  

Benefits of Radiant style cooking

Fast Preheat

A commercial gas char grill in radiant style gets heated quickly due to the integrated radiant technology. A minimum of 3 minutes to a maximum of 5 minutes is the time taken to heat up before you start grilling your food.

Uniform heating

They offer a major advantage of even heating of the meat or similar foods you want to cook in the appliance. The heat spreads evenly across the cooking surface, which makes even cooking possible. This also reduces too hot or cold spots which are usually found on other types of grills. 

Faster Cooking

You can enjoy cooking your food very easily. After having a long tiring day, it is easy to enjoy your favourite meat recipe as cooking in radiant style is easy and quick.

Enjoy a better taste of food

Cooking or grilling in radiant style protects the softness of the food by not draining its natural juices. This gives you a much better taste of your preparation.

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Restaurant Quality Searing

This appliance gives food business owners to trademark their speciality by creating and serving quality food. This quality comes when steaks are grilled at a high temperature which the radiant cooking technology offers. The steakhouse quality searing can be relished at home also as the appliance is apt for domestic use.

Eliminates flare-ups

Such high-end technology-driven appliances diminish the flare-ups arising from grease and food particles. The flare-ups carry a huge risk of fire breaking out. But such types of equipment reduce the chances of accidental fire.

Energy friendly

Radiant technology cooking consumes less gas to reach temperatures required for searing, cooking or grilling. These unique features make it highly efficient as compared to traditional ones. This not only saves fuel or energy but money too.

Easy Maintainance

When you are done with your cooking tasks, you can conveniently clean the grill. Just set the temperature to the maximum. This will turn any food residue leftover into ashes, thus making the cleaning task quick and effortless.

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Features of Gas Char Grill in Radiant style at Simco

  • Heavy-duty constructed frame
  • Heavy-duty burners and standby pilots
  • American Robert Shaw valves and controls
  • 304 stainless steel grade of steel used in manufacturing the appliance
  • ¾ inch pipe for gas inlet
  • 4 stainless steel screws on adjustable legs to facilitate sitting on a bench
  • Removable drip tray
  • Manual controls
  • Easy manual ignition to all burners
  • Independent burner controls
  • Available in Natural Gas & Liquified Propane
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Suits all griddles available in stainless steel

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Be it a start-up or an expansion of a running food business or a change of location across Australia, Simco Group is the most preferred commercial equipment supplier. Simco showcases online inventory from experience brands in commercial refrigeration and equipment. The sales department not only assists you in your purchase but also guides you through a series of queries you have while buying. When it comes to hassle-free delivery and services, Simco Group is the most reliable equipment partner in Australia and New Zealand. Products sold at Simco Catering Equipment completely abide by Australian standards and guidelines.

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A quick look at the benefits waiting for you at Simco:

  • You get to pick from an exhaustive list of types of equipment across a varied range of categories
  • All pieces of equipment are designed to suit the competitive needs and requirements of commercial kitchens
  • A 2-year warranty for services, labour and parts
  • An additional 2-year warranty if you register online
  • Smooth delivery and service across Australia and New Zealand
  • Guidance and assistance from a team of commercial equipment experts

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*All catering types of equipment at Simco Catering Group are CE certified and that we take care of the safety, environmental protection and health standards of the products sold at

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