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Commercial Prep Fridges - an innovative way to food business

The hospitality industry has been continuously developing over the years. New and creative techniques are adapted and encouraged to serve lip-smacking dishes to the guests. Food trading establishments are always in need of such types of equipment that not only reduce human effort but also help to cater to the ever-growing demand of the customers.

The most in-demand display for cakes and bakeries is Square Glass Cake Display. It provides a counter for work or an additional display of food items. Order one now for your bakery.

A commercial prep fridge is an all-in-one appliance that helps you prepare and serve menu items at optimum temperatures. You can easily prepare sandwiches, chop salads, roll tacos- you can serve any such similar preparation at a temperature it is enjoyed the most. Whether you own a restaurant, or a healthy eatery joint, a bar or a café- prep fridge or prep counter fridge helps you serve these kinds of food with ultimate ease.

Do you wish to prepare innovative salads for your customers?  A salad bar is all you need. Check out our online inventory for a wide range of equipment.

You can top up with a wide range of accessories that are required to complete your preparation tasks. They optimize your professional kitchen work area by combining workspace and refrigeration. You can choose the right type of equipment. This will help you to reduce the cost of labour and increase output. Thus spiking your sales. Prep fridges have the advantage of keeping ingredients within your reach so that assembling your dish becomes quick and easy. You can find storage spaces that facilitate you to store your prepared recipe and serve when needed. They make preparations easy as you can reach out to different types of inventory above the board arranged in separate slots.

For further convenient refrigeration equipment, check out pizza prep tables and bar fridges at the best prices.

Features of Commercial Prep Fridge at Simco

• Front breathing, side mount compressor unit 
• Exterior & interior stainless steel construction 
• Stainless steel food pans included 
• Heavy duty Embraco compressor 
• Self-closing and stay open doors 
• Efficient refrigeration system
• Round corner design
• Recessed door handle 
• Standard safety door lock 
• Magnetic door gaskets
• Pre-installed castors
• Pre-installed shelves
• 70kgs loading capacity per shelf

Don’t forget to place a salad bar at your restaurant for that extremely smooth kitchen operation. Check out now.

Take a look at the easy functionality of a Prep Fridge:

  • A countertop variant is easy and convenient
  • The stock that needs to be stored at a cool temperature while preparation or otherwise is protected from contamination. Thus saving stock and money.
  • The magnetic doors allow easy closing of the fridge after use.
  • Shelving in the fridge helps you to organise and separate your food items. You can also use coloured shelves to keep separate food in separate work for an efficient kitchen job.
  • The per shelve capacity enables a good amount of Inventory storage eliminating the need for a separate appliance.
  • Bolted with casters to facilitate easy movement and cleaning of the surface or floor space.
  • Manufactured in stainless steel as it is a highly qualified food-grade material.
  • Round corners will enable the safe movement of your kitchen staff and avoid injuries.

You can get the best deals in buying your prep fridges in the sale. Keep looking for the best prices and offers at

You don’t need to increase your kitchen space to increase your work area. Opt for smart types of equipment like under bench fridges that not only keep your stock cool but provide countertops for food jobs.

It is imperative to approach a reliable prep fridges supplier for buying such types of equipment. Well, if you are planning to invest in the hospitality business then Simco Group is your best pick. Having its Head Office in Sydney, Simco runs its delivery in major cities like Adelaide and Perth along with their home town. The entire range of equipment sold at Simco Group falls under the Australian Guidelines and Standards.

Attract your customers to access and shop a variety of inventory of food and drinks with upright display fridges. Keep your stock at optimum temperatures while your customers can choose.

The major categories in which Simco deals in commercial refrigeration,gas cooktops, mixers and exhaust Warranty is crucial when it comes to such kind of investment. Simco Group provides a 2 + 2 years warranty- 2 years warranty for parts and labour and 2 years warranty only on parts if you have made an online registration.

Simco has a fleet of trustworthy brands who have been pioneers in commercial kitchen equipment for a long time:

  • SIMCOHOOD (Exhaust Canopy hoods)
  • MIXRITE (Stainless steel benches, shelves & sinks)
  • COOKRITE (Commercial Gas Equipment)
  • ATOSA ( Refrigeration)
  • PREPPAL (Planetary Mixers)

Simco should be your choice because:

  • You receive the convenience of service from a professional team 
  • Products available are of a huge range, varied price, best deals and are from renowned brands.
  • Multi-functional equipment that will act as your support system in heavy-duty kitchens.   
  • Warranty across entire Australia.

*All catering types of equipment at Simco Catering Group are CE certified and that we take care of the safety, environmental protection and health standards of the products sold at

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