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  1. Double Sink Benches – All you Need to Know

    Very few industries can match the amount of dedication, commitment and toughness required in the field of the commercial hospitability business, as a small mistake or misunderstanding in the kitchen can put a curtain on their profit-making hopes. Having specific equipment, such as stainless steel equipment with a dual sink, is essential for better management. Double sink benches

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  2. Exhaust Hood Canopies – All You Need to Know

    Exhaust Hood Canopies – All You Need to Know

    Exhaust hood canopies refer to the models designed in rooftop style and decorate your kitchen with class and elegance. These canopies remove grease, heat, fumes & smoke by using the process of filtration and evacuation. These are primarily used in cooking for commercial kitchens as the air there gets heavy with fumes, soot and grease. These machines have a built-in duct that helps in expelling the smoke outside, which is created wh

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  3. Advantages of Using & Maintaining Commercial Kitchen Equipment

    Advantages of Using & Maintaining Commercial Kitchen Equipment

    Owning the precise equipment for varied tasks is the bedrock for the success of every small and large business. Similarly, in a food preparation unit catering to many customers, the commercial kitchen equipment also needs to be suitable for proper day-to-day functioning. Every piece of equipment has a specific work in a kitchen, and these appliances together increase the style and beauty quotient of the workplace. High-quality

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  4. Stainless Steel Benches with Splashback – Benefits, Features & Where to Use?

    It is crucial for commercial and business catering places to invest in high-quality appliances. Splashback benches are one of those appliances. These are one of the integral components of the commercial kitchen. This feature refers to those components that are used on the surface of benches. They make your workplace more beautiful and gives a fancy and embellishing look to your kitchen. These are very useful in areas where there is water. This equipment provides easy maintenance compared to o

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