Undershelves are used at various commercial kitchens. They provide you with additional space for convenient storage of smaller appliances or food storage boxes. On the other hand, leg bracings are used to immobilize a joint, restrict motion in given direction, and reduce the effect of the weight-bearing forces or even to correct the shape.

Where Can You Use SIMCO Products?

Undershelves and Leg Bracing is generally used in a commercial kitchen. They serve as additional spaces that can be utilized for storing utensils and appliances that are not frequently used. A chef could also use the space to store minced meat or maybe a batter that needs to be left alone for a while before it can be used. Undershelves and Leg Bracing, on the contrary, is used widely for providing support to joints in the legs of a table or chair. Leg bracing prevents tables from wobbling when in use at a kitchen or office enabling the user to work without interruptions.

Here is a list of places these items are used most commonly:

  • Restaurants, cafes, and pubs
  • Hospitality venues
  • Supermarkets
  • Food production units
  • Schools
  • Medical outlets
  • Bakeries
  • Petrol pumps

These items could be used for household purposes as well but generally, people do not prefer using the ones made of stainless steel in their households because they consist of imperfections such as scratches, indents, and scuffs. Wooden alternatives are preferred which not only look good but also are safer when it comes to domestic use.

How do they work?

Our undershelves can be attached to your table in accordance with the user’s needs and preferences. Once attached, the surface can be used to hold different items such as pots, utensils that are not used frequently, books, official files, and various bakery items. These undershelves can also be detached as per the user’s discretion, when not in use. Such undershelves have brackets welded to them which can be attached to the legs of a table by putting a screw through them.

Just like undershelves, Stainless Steel Leg Bracing also comes with brackets welded to it which can be conveniently and easily be attached to a table or a chair by making use of different screws. Such leg bracings can also be detached and used on a different table or commercial equipment to prevent it from wobbling and for rendering support to it, according to the user’s wish.

The equipment and tools generally come with long life and are not prone to rust or corrosion. These products serve as an on-time purchase, you buy this equipment once and can go on using it for a prolonged period of time without facing the need for replacement.

Who brings you the best in class range of products?

We, at Simco Group, deal in several commercial kitchen equipment. Having our headquarters in Sydney, we are the leading Undershelves and leg bracing supplier throughout Australia. Having experience of over 20 years in the hospitality sector, we have managed to study the likings and preferences of the people of our country which has helped us in providing them with some of the best commercial kitchen equipment.

Under the brand’s umbrella, we have 5 recognized companies excelling in different products serving the different commercial kitchen equipment needs by a well-defined delivery system with a number of options for our customers. Those companies are Atosa dealing in Refrigeration, Cookrite providing Commercial gas equipment, Preppal excelling in Planetary mixers, Simcohood dealing with Exhaust canopy hoods and Mixrite is the leading benches, sink and Undershelves and leg bracing distributor.

Features provided by the products at Simco Group:

Legs with Disk Feet

  • Set of 4 legs with disk feet
  • Stainless steel built
  • Provides stability to tables and other equipment.
  • 304 / 1.2mm shelves, Diameter 25mm SS 201 legs, and brackets with a 32mm diameter.
  • Four corners are welded to the shelves
  • Legs are fixed to the brackets by screws
  • Related workbenches are available upon request

Leg Bracing

Steel Benches with Splashback – Our Steel Benches with Splashback come in a variety of models and can adapt to your diverse needs. The Splashback feature and the neat construction leaves you craving for more.

Double Sink Benches – We understand diverse needs that tag along with diverse workspaces. The Double Sink Benches are your saving grace if a Single Sink Bench does not meet your requirements,

Flat Workbench – Our Flat Workbench has a timeless steel construction. It is compact, sturdy and a must-have for any commercial kitchen.

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Solid Undershelves

  • 304 / 1.2mm shelves, Diameter 25mm SS 201 legs, and brackets with a 32mm diameter.
  • • Four corners are welded to the shelves
  • • Legs are fixed to the brackets by screws
  • • Related workbenches are available upon request

These exceptional features make our company one of the best providers of Undershelves and leg bracing in Sydney and other kitchen equipment.

Single Sink Bench – The most basic bench required by your workspace has been built to perfection by us. The unique design and the easy clean feature are some of the very few reasons why a purchase should be on your list.

Wall Mounted and Over Shelves – Meet your storage needs with our wall mounted and over shelves created to add the desired feel to a commercial kitchen.

Shelves – Our wide collection of Stainless Steel Shelves can easily meet all the storage requirements spelling out your struggles.

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What makes us special?

  • We work closely with our distributors to maintain the personal touch across the nation.
  • You can get Undershelves and leg bracing for sale or any other equipment delivered to your location as all our distributors have access to our brand.
  • All our products are backed with Australia wide warranty to provide our customers with a sense of peace when they purchase from our range of equipment and Stainless Steel Leg Bracing Sydney.

Check out for further information on our products and to make a purchase.

Why choose SIMCO?

Having been in the market for a long time now, we understand the needs of our customers. Our products are well researched before being put up on shelves. Therefore, the SIMCO brand has an unparalleled relationship with its customers. Our equipment is designed to serve the people in the best possible manner.

We provide an Australia wide warranty because buying a product isn’t simply enough. The SIMCO product you take home today will be with you for a long time to come and to maintain a consistent relationship, our warranty helps you with any problems you may have at all.

Our years of experience in this field are proof of the fact that we are best at what we do. This experience refines us and hones our skills every day so we can keep getting better tomorrow.

SIMCO makes a range of products that help you with all your commercial hospitality services. On our website, you can find various products that will benefit you greatly.

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