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Commercial Bar fridges are appliances catering to the general storing and cooling needs of a household, cafe, or bar. They work in a similar fashion as the traditional ones. Generally, these types of fridges are cube-shaped to ensure proper utilisation of the internal storage space and quick and efficient cooling of the items stored inside.

Where are bar fridges used most commonly?

You can find such a device at a large number of places, from restaurants to supermarkets, to store drinks, beverages, and perishables. If you are planning on opening a resto-bar or even trying to expand your supermarket, a bar fridge is one of the first things you might want to purchase. Here are some of the places where a bar fridge is a must.


People often head to restaurants after a tiring day at work to relax and have a great time with friends and family over a couple of drinks and beers.

Supermarkets/Grocery stores

Supermarkets deal with many perishable items on a daily basis that need to be kept in a cool environment to prevent them from going bad. Therefore, a bar fridge is needed in such a place.

Medical stores/Pharmacies

You can find medicines, syrups, and injections at a pharmacy that need to be kept cold so as to maintain their chemical combination.


A countable number of people like having mini bars at their homes; such people use bar bridges to store and cool their drinks and make them available at their disposal.

If the perfect geometric finish cake display is what you’re looking for, our Square glass cake display is the perfect takeaway. With conditioned refrigeration settings, it lets you and your cakes feel the privilege.

What is the Working Process of such a Device?

Many believe that a bar fridge blows cold air inside the storage area to cool the content inside, which is not true. Instead, a Commercial Glass Door Bar Fridge absorbs heat from inside the storage cabinet. It then transfers it outside to decrease the temperature gradually, eventually making the content icy cold when a lot of heat is driven out.

The cooling inside the commercial bar fridges for sale is achieved by means of a refrigerant, which is a gas also possessing the qualities of turning into a liquid form. A suitable refrigerant fails to freeze even when it is exposed to an Arctic-type environment. This gas is stored inside the pipings, which run from the interiors of the fridge to an exterior location. The refrigerant is forced through those piping under pressure by using a pump called a compressor.

Inside the fridge’s interior, this refrigerant enters in a liquid form that absorbs any heat from the cabinet, which consequently starts the process of covering this liquid into gas, just like when you boil water. The compressor then forces this gas to the fridge’s exterior where the condenser and an expansion valve change it into a liquid form. The liquid is then again pushed through the pipes towards the interior in order to repeat the process endlessly.

Who Brings you the Best Kitchen Equipment?

The Simco Group has been catering to various needs relating to commercial catering equipment. The company has over 15 years of experience in this field all over Australia. We at Simco Group have put in our efforts towards providing the best quality commercial equipment at a significantly cheaper cost when compared to our competitors. We deliver all around Australia, including Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, and many other metro cities. Our company has as many as 300 distributors across the country, which enables us to offer quite a lot of delivery options that allow our customers to get their equipment delivered quickly and safely. For more information, visit Simco – the leading commercial bar fridge distributor in Melbourne.

Our range of Upright Display Fridges blesses you with even cooling and the desired refrigeration settings. To add to it, they offer you great display options. It is time you feel you’re in control of things.

What Makes Us Special?

We at Simco Group strive to achieve our customer’s satisfaction more than we focus on maximising our profits; that’s what makes us stand out. Under our umbrella, we have five prestigious brands specialising in different kitchen equipment. ATOSA is a renowned commercial bar fridge supplier, COOKRITE is the best in Commercial Gas Equipment, MIXRITE has expertise in Stainless Steel Benches, Sinks and Shelves, and PREPPAL deals in Planetary Mixers and SIMCOHOOD brings you Exhaust Hood Canopy.

The minds behind our company studied Australia's issues related to commercial bar fridges and other refrigeration goods, which led them to find the best solutions for it. We understand that the country experiences harsh weather throughout the years. Hence, our products are built to last and stand unaffected by the adversities of seasonal disturbances.

What Do We Have in Store for You?

When talking about Commercial Glass Door Bar Freezer, our company deals with various products that come with a 4-year warranty accompanied by a powerful performance. Have you ever been to a bar and had the convenience of drawing your drink from a keg cooler? Simco Groups caters to the commercial need for a keg cooler at a very reasonable price and exceptional cooling capabilities. Our range of keg coolers includes dedicated dispensers allowing users to draw their drinks quickly. Simco Groups’ range of products is so broad and diverse that it sets standards for other companies all around Australia. Having our headquarters set in Sydney, we are able to keep a keen watch on the trends and preferences of our country, which helps us provide our customers exactly with what they want when they want.

What are the Advantages of the Product?

Efficiently Preserves Coolness Inside the Device

You can efficiently enable quick chilling of the drinks with the help of these appropriate beverage coolers. Therefore, they are one of the ideal alternatives for pubs & bars. The internal area of the bar fridges is cold, which enables significantly fast cooling of drinks. These items are a top-class medium for storing refreshments that integrate wines at an optimal temperature. Every customer goes to a restaurant in the hope of drinking a high-quality & chilled beverage. No one likes to have drinks that are not properly chilled. In a situation where every staff has a tiring time at the pub, the cool climate of the back bar coolers will offer the option to rapidly cool the drinks to provide each customer with the opportunity to enjoy a relaxed and sophisticated drink.

Assists in Increasing the Restaurant Value

The kitchen doesn't simply go by the glass system while transacting the beverages section; they also make other deals by selling wine or beer bottles. Once completed, the pots and jugs are stored away in the beverages fridge. These bar chillers have been manifested to be a successful medium for enhancing the costs of your location. Similarly, it gives the truly mandatory classy feel to the pantry. These back bar coolers are ready for sale in multiple assorted arrangements and categories. You can purchase a drinks freezer that you can install without much effort in the available area. You can likewise do other things to make your portal look lovely, like shading and choosing a plan.

Enables Effortless Refreshment Access

You can make it easier for the staff to efficiently access the refreshments with the help of the commercial bar fridges for sale. One doesn't have to reach down to take out the container and vessels frequently. The users can view all the cans, vessels and bigger jars that are showcased for them. It makes the work of the individuals simpler, and they can decide quickly to have the drink. Therefore, it is beneficial not just for the barkeep but also for the consumers.

Offers Modern Facilities

The temperature extent of the high-quality glass door fridge is crucial due to the fact that you can use the proper temperature benefits to secure the nature of the drinks. These bottle chillers effectively perform the task of keeping a perfectly trustworthy temperature. It also offers the facility of digital temperature management, which enables adequate temperature verification. These classic bar offerings provide customers with other high-class attributes. These variants offer internal lighting, which illuminates the interior parts of the cooler and helps the customer to monitor all the beverages.

Similarly, they are proficient in offering vitality. Additionally, you can find dual-zone wine fridge models in the market that facilitate dual temperature zones to let the customers preserve the wine at a maintained temperature. You can get the offering at Simco – the top commercial bar fridge supplier in Sydney.

Beautiful cakes need to be placed beautifully. Our Curved Glass Cake Display is ideally crafted to enhance your cake showcasing experience. It is built for use at restaurants, cafés and bakeries.

What are the Features of this Appliance?

  • Keg Coolers
  • Stainless steel exteriors and interiors.
  • Dixell Digital Controller
  • Slide-out compressor assembly for easy maintenance.
  • Recessed door handle(s)
  • Stainless steel drip tray(s)
  • Heavy-duty Embraco compressor with environmentally-friendly R290 refrigerant.
  • Dual Tap tower(s) standard
  • Magnetic door gasket(s) standard
  • Interior light(s)
  • Pre-installed castors
  • Door lock(s) standard.
  • 43° Ambient Temp
  • Manifold and Ball tap included.
  • Refrigerated Back Bar Cooler With Glass Door
  • Self-Contained Side Mount Refrigeration.
  • Digital Temperature Control
  • 4 Epoxy Coated Shelves
  • 2 Glass Doors with Locks
  • Magnetic Gaskets
  • Stainless Steel Interior & Exterior.

Why Should you Trust Simco Catering Equipment?

Simco provides one classic advantage: we are one of the most reputed and trusted suppliers in the market due to our consumers. Therefore, we always try to integrate best-in-class performance, reliability and long-lastingness in our products like commercial bar fridges at our organisation. The reason mentioned above is why we constantly look to verify the CE certification of all our machinery and astutely follow the industry's prescribed rules related to the environment. After all, we try to ensure complete user satisfaction by focusing most of our attention on quality.

There are numerous objectives for which you should opt for our services to buy the items for your pantry. We have utilised the below-mentioned paragraphs to provide a few of the most important reasons:

Product Warranty of 2 Years - The premium industrial catering devices manufactured by us are not just a run-of-the-mill designing mechanism but also a standard of durability & robustness. That is why we provide a warranty of up to 2 years to all consumers as we strive hard to provide value to our customers for pinning their trust in us.

Items for Every Requirement - We have an exhaustive collection of more than 500 products on our portal to provide service to every restaurant and every need. We provide multiple options because we know that every food joint is different, and each has its specific & relevant needs. Every establishment needs a few specific products that help in its operations. Our assorted alternatives help such companies and assist them in browsing as much as they want. Visit Simco - the leading commercial bar fridges distributor, manufacturer and supplier in Brisbane & Perth - to go through our collection.

High-Level Product Research Before Final Production - We conduct a bunch of studies and analyses before commencing production. Our organisation continuously strives hard to find methods to learn multiple techniques and be better equipped to make our products the best in the business.

We understand commercial cooling equipment needs to be built focusing on the aspect of durability. Therefore, we present Upright Storage Fridges and Freezers to allow you excellent storage space and take away your reasons to complain.

Our Brands

Our company has a productive relationship with multiple reputed brands, and we feel proud to take advantage of every available opportunity to promote and stand up on their behalf. We have the following leading brands serving you to fulfil your every kitchen need:

  • COOKRITE (Commercial Gas Equipment)
  • ATOSA (Refrigeration)
  • PREPPAL (Planetary Mixers)
  • MIXRITE (Stainless steel benches, shelves & sinks)
  • SimcoHOOD (Exhaust Canopy hoods)

We partner with these brands to achieve our high-level and robust performance capacities. We want to help our customers use items like commercial bar fridges that can offer services for a long time and become a vital element of your pantry. Our aim is unmatched excellence, and our eternal passion for getting better is the attribute that makes us unique.

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