Square Glass Cake Display


Food presentation is cardinal while it triggers the customer to reach their pocket for that lip-smacking food. Various kinds of display infrastructure are manufactured to facilitate the needs, space and requirements of the food community on a commercial level. One of the most talked-about is Cake Displays.

Cake Displays? What do they do?

Cake Displays are designed to make the visibility of savouries and other varieties of food possible to the customer. These display types of equipment maintain the required temperature to keep the products inside the display, fresh for a long. This reason makes it vital for commercial use. They are available in two, three and four-tier variants with a fair amount of types as per the capacities required or in demand. 

The world is full of Pizza lovers. Pizza Prep tables are an important requirement from Pizza joints. Stylish and compact commercial Pizza prep tables make see-through kitchens or live kitchens sophisticated.

You need cake displays because…

It plays a key role in building the trust of delivering safe and selected food to your customer. As a restaurant owner, you are delivering what your customer has seen and asked for. And this creates the hot mantra for good sales. Not only your sales are boosting, but you are also developing a sense of trust with your visitors or customers which is important for the food community. This relationship builds faith in good quality service too.  

While you display your chef's skills, you can even place a tag on the edge of each food item that shows the name or flavour of the cake.

Why Square Glass Cake Displays?

They come in various sizes and designs to exhibit the beauty and fine art for patisserie which allures the curious eyeballs. But Square Glass Cake Displays is one of the most commonly used display choices amongst restaurant owners or even at cafes, bars pubs and confectionaries. The demand for the same is also quite high when it comes to the commercial scope.

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The Square Glass Cake displays allow the food products inside to let it all out. Likewise, it reaches the onlookers to select their favourite cake or get mesmerised by the love of food art. Artistic chefs or bakers who love to live on the edge when it comes to food creativity, showcase their skills by placing their curated cakes on such displays. Not only cakes.  It can be from cakes to flavoured muses to frosted cupcakes to exotic salads to chocolate sensations to crunchy nutritious food and so much more.

Keep your fit customers healthy and happy by offering them a wide variety of nutritious food and salad. Display them in innovative Salad Bars at Simco Group.  

The main role of a Square Glass Cake Display is to maintain the fresh and hygiene quotient of the product inside for a long. It keeps the food away from any unhealthy touching or unhealthy element in the air. Thus it helps you to keep the food safe and healthy to eat while on display.

 Square Glass Cake Displays at Simco Group…

Simco Group has been making headlines in the arena of commercial catering equipment for over 20 years. We have made our mark when it comes to Square Cake Display suppliers in Sydney, Australia.

Simco Group not only understands the plights which customers face but are ace in handling them and providing optimum professional services Australia wide. Simco Catering equipment is highly appreciated for its best value and perks which come along with a wide variety of choices.  

The continuously changing environment and global temperatures have put enough challenges in the path of the food industry. Our persistent approach towards evolving with the changes has made us our customers top most choice.

At Simco, one of our hot-selling commercial catering equipment is Square Glass Cake Displays. Australia's love for bakeries has given rise to the bulk manufacturing of such types of equipment over the years. The most unique feature that comes with all the variety of such displays is the ‘countertop’. This is designed to increase the usage of the equipment.

Pro Tip: Does the shape of the glass matter? The answer is yes, it does. In a way, the customer views the products inside them, it does matter.

While the display of the glass is square or technically straight, it comes with the advantage of reducing the reflection of the overhead light inside the display.

So, those curious viewers who get fascinated by your beautifully decorated and safe food, get a clean and clear view of the product on display, without any interruption. This, in turn, makes them focus only on what is right in front of them. A slight bent of around 10 degrees enhances the appearance of the cake, tempting the onlookers to hit it. It makes your loved ones enter the decorative world of cakes and pastries while standing outside.

Not just in a square shape, you can style your bakery with Curved Glass Cake Displays from Simco Group.

Highlights of Square Glass Cake Displays at Simco Group:

Take a look at the exciting features:

  • Uniquely designed to accommodate maximum ease
  • Available in 900/1200/1500/1700 with sizes
  • 2-tier display 
  • Sliding removable back doors
  • Works from 2-8 degrees
  • Italian Digital controls
  • SECOP compressor 
  • LED lights
  • Heated glass to remove condensation
  • Fitted with castors for easy mobility
  • MEPS approved 
  • 2 years of parts & labour warranty
  • Integrates seamlessly in modern cafes and bars
  • Maximum glass coverage to facilitate the maximum see-through effect
  • Keeps food products safe and hygienic

*All catering types of equipment at Simco Catering Group are CE certified and that we take care of the safety, environmental protection and health standards of the products sold at

Why should you opt for Simco Catering Equipments:

  • Warranty across entire Australia- for eg. Services, parts of equipment, labour etc.
  • Decked up with substantial expertise in commercial catering
  • Variety of products to facilitate demand
  • Designs are exceptional to accommodate maximum in a suitable space

Simco Catering Equipment Head Office is stationed in Sydney. We deliver square cake displays in Sydney, Brisbane and major metro cities in Australia. We come with a good number of delivery options to cater to quick delivery with safety.

Simco Catering Equipments also function in other areas :

  • ATOSA (Refrigeration)
  • COOKRITE (Commercial Gas Equipment)
  • MIXRITE (Stainless steel benches, shelves & sinks)
  • PREPPAL (Planetary Mixers)
  • SIMCOHOOD (Exhaust Canopy hoods)
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