Commercial Deep Fryers

Commercial Gas Deep Fryers

While operating commercial hospitality or cuisine preparing establishment is satisfactory for several reasons, it is a supremely challenging job. A chef takes a significant amount of time to prepare the best cuisines for the customers, and the preparation time goes up a few notches higher if there is an important event. It takes considerable time & effort to ensure all such said preparation, which is why one must speed up their food preparation processes by investing in a piece of catering equipment. It would be best to make your cooking mechanism seamless by investing in a commercial gas deep fryer. Due to the depicted image of a fried delicacy, most people think having them is detrimental to their health. However, various pieces of research have concluded that frying or even deep-frying veggies can be more beneficial for your health than roasting or boiling them.

Most food-related menus in industrial setups add fried cuisines as their offerings. When you have a large group of patrons to serve, a high-quality commercial frizzler is a kitchen equipment that lets you heat extensive amounts of cooking oil for a better frying experience. You can find such Countertop products in a single pan and a premium double pan option.

One of the appliances constructed of stainless steel that is effortless to maintain and ensure efficient performance is Commercial Gas Cooktops. You can visit the home page of Simco to garner additional details on the topic.

Features of a Commercial Deep Fryer

  • Designed with the help of stainless steel grade 304
  • 3, 4 and 5 burner configurations are available
  • Gas Approved Australia-wide
  • Heavy-duty constructed frame
  • Stainless steel splashback
  • Nickel-plated frying baskets
  • Standard flame failure
  • Quick recovery
  • Automatic safety valve stabilising function
  • Highly robust tube burners with standby pilots and steady spark
  • Heavy duty rear castors
  • Easy to use temp controls
  • Thermostatic temp control from 0 ~ 240 degrees Celsius
  • Manual ignition
  • Front screw-on drain pipe for oil
  • Facility to prevent oil residue due to the oil cooling zone placed at the bottom of the tank
  • Adjustable stainless steel legs
  • ¾-inch gas inlet
  • Available in NG and LPG

Cleaning Instructions for the Appliance

  1. Cool the Oil after Turning Off the Power

You have to follow a handful of easy steps to commence the cleaning of commercial deep fryers for sale. If you adhere to these valuable recommendations or use the owner's manual to verify the machine manufacturer's specific instructions, these steps are ideal for you. 

The first thing to do is close the gas supply inlet or unplug the electricity source to switch off the device's power. This process helps in significant cooling of the oil inside. In addition, ensure to bring down the oil temperature to at least 150 degrees Fahrenheit or less.

Make cooking effortless with appliances like Gas Burners with Oven offered by our team and enhance customer satisfaction. Visit Simco to know more.

  1. Sweep the Internal Parts after Eliminating the Oil

Once the oil is adequately cool, conduct proper disposal or recycling by pouring the remaining quantity into a container. Once done, take out any holders or baskets. Clean the interior corners, walls, and base to remove the built-up residue by utilising a scraper or cleaning rod. In addition, ensure wiping, brushing and rinsing away any filth.

  1.     Use Water & Cleaner to Cover Dirty Areas

After completing the abovementioned processes, use cool, clean water to fill your premium device tank up to the upper level. After that, mix a suitable cleaning agent with the water. The cleaning detergent you choose helps loosen any heavily baked-on grease or oil.

  1. Boil Water After Switching On the Heater

After finishing the abovementioned process, it is time to bring the water to a boil by switching the deep fryer on. Ensure that the cleaning detergent and water boil for a minimum of 10 minutes. However, if the machine is heavily covered with dirt, you must continue the boiling process for 15-20 minutes. For more details, visit Simco – the leading commercial gas deep fryers supplier & distributor in Melbourne.

  1. Remove Water after Cooling Down and Wash Adequately

Once the water is boiled for an adequate duration, let the water chill thoroughly after turning the device off. Slowly remove the cleaning agent and clean the fryer's heating components and sides with a brush's help. It would be best to eliminate any leftover cleaning agents or remaining dirt by washing correctly with hot water. Additionally, insert new oil for usage after ensuring to properly air dry the baskets, basin and frying utensils.

Here at Simco, our aim is to serve you with a high-end industry specialisation to ensure your appliance always matches the best quality standards. If you are searching for a commercial gas deep fryer machine to purchase or if you have any queries about the upkeep of your premium device, don't hesitate to reach out for assistance.

Advantages of the Commercial Gas Deep Fryers

Helps in Swift Cuisine Frying

It would assist your kitchen operations in more ways than one if you got cuisines out of your pantry swiftly and effectively in the catering businesses, such as restaurants. However, if you still use a single device to fry items for your exclusive clientele, the objective mentioned above is very far for you. Frying food on a single pan not only takes an endless time, but the meals prepared on it also tend to be unsavoury and dry, ruining your patron's experience and the business.

A high-end gas frizzler can assist you in swiftly frying food, keeping your customers satisfied and letting you continue working to the agenda of a program or a busy catering establishment. If you fry food in less time, it doesn't mean that the resultant item is uncooked. On the contrary, a deep fryer maintains and enhances the taste & flavour of all the cuisines and prevents them from becoming tasteless or dry. You can reach out to Simco – the foremost commercial gas deep fryers supplier in Sydney – for further assistance.

Provides an Attractive & Delectable Delicacy

It is the objective of every organisation working in the hospitality industry to provide its patrons with delectable delicacies of the most refined quality. You can enhance the taste of your cuisines by employing a high-end frizzler and dish out tender & delicious dishes to fulfil your goal. You must invest in this appliance as cuisines deep-fried in this instrument do not become entirely dry and retain some moisture. In contrast, your food may get dry during preparation due to the usage of some other products. If the chef is unable to handle the item appropriately, it can also get overcooked. However, you can guarantee that the food is prepared ideally and will be delectable every time while using a suitable gas frizzler. In addition, you can exert additional control over the oil temperature, indicating that the food will not become crispy by burning. For more alternatives in this section, visit Simco, the foremost commercial gas deep fryers supplier in Perth & Brisbane.

Enables Reduced Electricity Cost

Another benefit of your investment in a gas deep fryer is that you will slowly discover that your power tariff has been comparatively reduced than before. This attribute enables you to use the money for other components of your catering venture, such as purchasing fresh and top-quality items and taking care of other essential kitchen elements. Lower power tariffs also mean that you are paying less amount in the long run, even if you have initially paid a high amount for the item. Such a premium product also uses less energy because you are not using multiple stove plates and pans due to fry many things simultaneously. This feature will reduce your electricity usage, which means that you will also be able to offer services at lesser costs, bringing in more business from potential and even return customers.

Comes Full of Amazing Features

You can purchase the most recent models of the item with unique features such as timers and thermostats. These attributes assist you in cooking attractive and delectable cuisines. These regulators can signal if the oil is hot enough for the chicken or if the food is already cooked. With these modern features, you can expect consistent results every time you use them.

Gives you an Edge over your Competitors

Getting a definite edge over its nearest rival and offering exquisite & tempting dishes to the patrons is the objective of every business owner. When you purchase a deep frizzler for your kitchen, it allows you to develop dishes that no other catering organisations offer. You can provide specific delicacies that are also ingenious, such as assorted bakery items like deep-fried sweets.

Apart from the titular item, we also provide items like Gas Char Grill Rock that provide a wholesome smoky flavour to your cuisines. For browsing the product, reach out to our website.

Why Should you Trust Simco Catering Equipment?

Simco provides one classic advantage: we are one of the most reputed and trusted suppliers in the market due to our consumers. Therefore, we always try to integrate best-in-class performance, reliability and long-lastingness in our products like commercial deep fryers at our organisation. The reason mentioned above is why we constantly look to verify the CE certification of all our machinery and astutely follow the industry's prescribed rules related to the environment. After all, we try to ensure complete user satisfaction by focusing most of our attention on quality.

There are numerous objectives for which you should opt for our services to buy the items for your pantry. We have utilised the below-mentioned paragraphs to provide a few of the most important reasons:

Product Warranty of 2 Years - The premium industrial catering devices manufactured by us are not just a run-of-the-mill designing mechanism but also a standard of durability & robustness. That is why we provide a warranty of up to 2 years to all consumers as we strive hard to provide value to our customers for pinning their trust in us.

Items for Every Requirement - We have an exhaustive collection of more than 500 products on our portal to provide service to every restaurant and every need. We provide multiple options because we know that every food joint is different, and each has its specific & relevant needs. Every establishment needs a few specific products that help in its operations. Our assorted alternatives help such companies and assist them in browsing as much as they want. Visit Simco - the leading commercial deep fryers distributor, manufacturer and supplier in Brisbane & Perth - to go through our collection.

High-Level Product Research Before Final Production - We conduct a bunch of studies and analyses before commencing production. Our organisation continuously strives hard to find methods to learn multiple techniques and be better equipped to make our products the best in the business.

Keep your soups and beverages fresh for a long time! Invest in a Bain Marie from Simco. For more information, visit our official website.

Our Brands

Our company has a productive relationship with multiple reputed brands, and we feel proud to take advantage of every available opportunity to promote and stand up on their behalf. We have the following leading brands serving you to fulfil your every kitchen need:

  • COOKRITE (Commercial Gas Equipment)
  • ATOSA (Refrigeration)
  • PREPPAL (Planetary Mixers)
  • MIXRITE (Stainless steel benches, shelves & sinks)
  • SimcoHOOD (Exhaust Canopy hoods)

We partner with these brands to achieve our high-level and robust performance capacities. We want to help our customers use items like commercial deep fryers that can offer services for a long time and become a vital element of your pantry. Our aim is unmatched excellence, and our eternal passion for getting better is the attribute that makes us unique.

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