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Simco Catering Equipment is a well-established wholesaler and distributor of COOKRITE Commercial gas deep fryers. The founder of Simco has gotten more than 20 years of experience in the Hospitality Industry with practical 15 years above working on different varieties of Commercial Kitchen Equipment in Australia. During this specific time, the kitchen or catering business has established some diplomatic means to develop high-quality catering equipment at the lowest prices possible while keeping strictly to the standards and guidelines of Australia. Simco was established to provide elite quality catering equipment at the lowest cost in the catering market in the year 2016.

Where are the best quality commercial gas deep fryers in Australia?

We make it our honourable duty always to supply the very best quality of these gas cooking products. Cookrite has a wide range of Gas Stoves which also offers top-notch gas deep fryers which still last for a long while. We deliver just what you want quickly and smoothly to any part of Australia. Our company has more than 180 distributors working with us throughout the whole country. We have various delivery options that are available for our valued customers to pick from. With these options, we can get their deep fryers delivered to them very fast and securely. You can find our head office located in Sydney, Australia.

Why is Cookrite the best supplier of Commercial Gas Deep Fryers?

We discovered the need for a better solution to its demand for Commercial Gas Deep Fryers, especially in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, and Brisbane. We carefully checked through the standards and guidelines in the Hospitality Industry with our attention to the needs and what works best. Our company came with the best solution to provide deep gas fryers. We provide catering equipment that is environmentally safe and adjustable. They are developed just to withstand the toughest and most stringent of Australian weather conditions.

We boast of our many years of experience in the Australian hospitality industry, and without leaving any stone unturned, we believe we can assist with your catering requirement and give you the very best. We have much confidence in delivering the cooking equipment like Gas Char Grills to you. With the high-level quality of our expert team of engineers, who have developed a wide range of gas cooking equipment to cope with the harsh Australian climate and heated kitchens in any situation.

How to select the Best Gas Deep Fryer?

Everyone has some interests in one or two things that are deep-fried, maybe the sugary doughnuts in bakeries or the scrumptious corn dogs at state fairs. However, the process is rather simple by dropping a well-battered mixture in hot oil but choosing the right commercial deep fryer is another story entirely. Selecting the appropriate fryer for your application is very important and can be quite tricky. There are some relevant factors that you need to consider, which will influence your decision. It doesn't matter if you own a concession stand, or just a food truck or high-end restaurant, you will find some helpful tips to guide you in choosing the perfect deep fryer for your entrees, desserts and even appetizers.

Like Gas Burners with Oven, a commercial gas deep fryer is a commercial kitchen appliance that is designed to heat large quantities of cooking oil using gas for deep frying many amounts of foods such as funnel cakes, french fries, and mozzarella sticks. The way you make use of your gas deep fryer is based on the particular model you have and the kind of foods you are preparing. Notwithstanding, the most basic method of deep frying that is common requires that you heat the oil to the desired temperature. Then you bring the battered mixture into the fryer right into the hot oil, and you'll raise the basket at once when the batter changes to a golden brown colour. It is right for you to drain off the fat from your food on a platter lined with paper towels. The paper towels will reduce the grease before serving to your customers with the excess oil.

Although the cooking process may seem necessary with our Gas Griddles range, fryers are made in varying forms to take several applications or use. Their size, width, volume, orientation and other qualities all differ, so you need to understand their differences. You should be able to identify how each unit's respective features relate to your grave, frying goals.

Our deep gas fryers are fit for a high-volume restaurant that makes large quantities of fried food. These fryers units are capable of handling constant use throughout the day, and that makes them well-suited for busy establishments. You will be able to get various groups that fit perfectly with your kitchen's energy demands among our stocks. You can take your time to browse through our products options, as well as best suited for high-volume establishments. Some deep fryers have basket lifts for ease of use while some others use programmable controls to help you control your cooking process.

Gas deep fryers are powered by either liquid propane tanks or natural gas lines. These fryers can have their heating elements either sitting in or out of the pot. It depends on where you live; it is usually considered to be cheaper to use and the fact that it works more efficiently compared to other models. We offer them at the most affordable price you can find these best quality. You should note that these fryers achieve faster heat-up times and higher maximum temperatures significantly. Although you may find it expensive to install if you don't have preexisting connections, they are practically rooted in place. Don’t forget to check our wide range of Cookrite Gas Char Grill (radiant).

Our main ambition is making lives easy, and one way of achieving that is by making it simple to trade with us. We want to make things quite smooth, therefore, we provide fast, reliable and easy access to check out our archives of catering stocks online. After you get signed in as a valued customer, you can go through the prices of all the commercial kitchen items available. You can check out items like a commercial stainless steel single sink bench.

Simco Catering Equipment is a company that is well established, and it has made for itself a proven reputation for its liaising with large distributors in Australia. We are well known and respected for smooth and fast response in whatever situation. Our vast range of catering products or commercial kitchen tools is fully backed with the needed spare parts, service, and labour. We also offer a 4-year warranty on many of our products to assure you, peace of mind when you purchase a product from our company. Our products are correctly made according to the Australian standard and safety guidelines.

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