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Benchtop Catering equipment- Magnify the fortunes of your facility

The world of catering is vast and ever-expanding. The evolution of methods and tools is constant. To provide mass catering services with the latest technology equipment is the highlight today. The Australian food industry has set strict codes and guidelines for the catering segment like commercial benchtop catering equipment. Professional appliances, operations, maintenance and stocking of inventory- all processes related to the food segment have to abide by strict protocols.

Commercial catering equipment manufacturers make appliances that come under the same, Simco being a prominent one. You will find the complete inventory with safety certifications. One such type of equipment that requires rigorous tests and assessments is benchtop catering equipment.

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Let's learn the significance of countertop appliances for your staff needs and the vital role it plays to magnify the fortunes of your facility.

Benchtop catering equipment is designed to facilitate easy and efficient cooking. Over the years, methods of Australian culinary have undergone extreme makeovers. Chefs have made successful attempts to travel and learn about different food cultures and the availability of their ingredients. The way to prepare a pepperoni pizza in a custom made domestic oven has seen significant transformations. Today the same dish is making customers happy after being out from a commercial range.

We can't forget to thank the cookery shows broadcasted on televisions. Masterchef Australia has made global headlines for new and innovative ways to cook celebrated cuisines. They have made profound changes in the kitchen designs and installation of commercial apparatus on extensive food work areas. Chefs get recognized by the tools or appliances they use while ordinary dishes become signature ones. And if your kitchen chef is gaining the spotlight, so is your facility. As a result, many commercial benchtop catering equipment suppliers have raised their setups in Australian cities like Sydney.

High-Quality stainless steel sinks, shelves and benches are available in many sizes and designs, For decent commercial kitchen aesthetics.

Equipment integrated with the latest technology and dynamic designs have become the showstoppers in the Australian food industry. Quick chopping and cutting, smooth mixing of cake batter, perfect cooking of the cake baking in the oven, preparing a smooth orange sauce for the same- food jobs of multiple methods and procedures are accomplished to satisfy the Australian cravings presently. Hence, professional equipment plays a vital role in the hassle-free running of your catering business. Benchtop apparatus is fashioned to accomplish cooking methods that satisfy both the eyes and the customer's cravings.

A curious look into the functionality of some of the countertops will help us know their importance.


It is surprising how a simple appliance adds oodles of value to the output of your commercial facility. This benchtop machine is cast usually in a rectangular shape with an excellent depth to accommodate a large quantity of food. This compact like box can help the chef to prepare foods like custards and puddings flawlessly.

Bain Marie is designed with temperature controls and a drainer. While cooking, staff can adjust the heat intensity with the help of the heat control knob placed on the front side of the appliance. A drainer utility has been attached to drain out excess liquid o the food to the left, especially useful after boiling tasks. Some models allow the chef to adjust gastronorm pans, while others come with a fixed version. Two types of models of Baine Marie are available at Simco:

  1. Bain Marie with mechanical controller 8700: This appliance comes with dimensions of 580x340x245 (width depth height). A gastronorm pan of size 150mm can easily accommodate inside this machine.
  2. Bain Marie with mechanical controller and drain 8710: This intelligent food warmer is shaped at 580x340x245 (width depth height). A 150mm sized gastronorm pan and lots of comfortable cooking can be done by the chef with such type of benchtops.


Countertops are easy to maintain, and so is Bain Marie.

  • It would be best if you used industry permitted liquids to wash the pan.
  • Make sure no food blocks the drainer.
  • Regularly clean the drain filter.
  • Before using the gastronorm pan should be dry without any leftover.
  • Make sure you get the service done regularly to avoid or identify any fault or flaws.
  • Ensure the equipment is unplugged after use or when not in use.

Run innovative kitchens with benchtop catering equipment. Shop for the latest appliances at Simco. And get safe and secure deliveries anywhere in Australia.


Australian buffets and food gatherings are decorated with traditional look like pots. These are called soup kettle. They serve huge crowds and are pretty handy to carry and use. It is commonly seen in community kitchens, self-service fit-outs, occasional and social get-togethers and busy kitchens. They help to keep soups, curries, sauces, melted cheeses, chocolate mouse and similar types of food warm. Ingredients inside the kettle are always safe from pollution, dust particles and other pathogens because of the lid that covers the pot. The top has a small cut out to facilitate easy serving with a long-serving scoop.

Food remains warm for long hours at preferable temperatures. Your staff can control the temperatures according to their preferences. Australians love warm soups and their veggie stews in winters. And this is why this appliance is expected in the country.

You will find Simco commercial benchtop equipment suppliers in Melbourne and Perth. So if you are planning your food set up in Australia, especially in Perth, contact Simco.

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Big and busy fit-outs require large pans for various food prep jobs like mixing, cooling, setting ingredients like puddings and pies, food pre-prep jobs and much more. Gastronomy pans facilitate all such kind of jobs. This benchtop is manufactured in stainless steel of industry food-grade. Chefs love GN pans as they make jobs of mass food preparation easy, quick and symmetric. Whenever you require even mixing of spices and veggies or even pasting mayo over portions of pasta, GN pans steal the show. You will also find GN pans with drains. This feature adds a special effect to the methods of cooking. GN pans with drains facilitate the washing of veggies in large quantities, can be used for draining water from other utensils and can be used for effective steaming of food. Stainless steel GN pans are available in many sizes at Simco to facilitate catering fit-outs of all sizes.

  • Perforated GN pan 325x265x20
  • Perforated GN pan 353x325x200
  • Perforated GN pan 353x325x150

GN pans are easy to clean and sanitize. Ensure using a clean cloth to wipe out any wetness before using it. Pans of this type are easy to store and use.


Benchtops have all the attention when it comes to comfort cooking. And to top it, A Juice dispenser is one of them. This benchtop is a juicy chefs friend. Juice bars, bars, clubs, bakeries, cafes, gas stations, commercial shopping marts and many other facilities install juice dispenser to make a refreshing drink readily available. Australians love their juice fresh and cool to beat the harsh Australian heat.

So if your fit-out is committed to serving fresh fruit and vegetable juices, do not forget your friend. The equipment is cast in food-grade material that suits all food safety and hygiene codes. All appliances at Simco pass through the demanding protocols before entering the facility. So your purchasing at SImco shall be stress-free.

Experts recommend that the juice dispenser should be washed and cleaned after every use. Using high-pressure water nozzles can easily wash away any seeds, food fibres stuck at the bottom. Make sure the equipment is placed apart to dry completely. The dispenser is convenient for self-service. The model available at Simco is:

AT90512 with dimensions 350x260x580 with a capacity of 8 litres.

Experts say gas cooktops are the chefs best friend. They help in multiple food prep jobs and give output to the food business owner. Shop for efficient cooking at Simco today.


Australians love their coffee warm, and it gets kicking when you dispense it in a professional appliance. The coffee dispenser is made from high-quality stainless steel with supporting legs beneath it for stability. The easy-slide knob facilitates quick pouring without harming the user. You are stress-free when you serve your guests any food or drink in intelligent appliances. Simco sells this appliance under model number AT80012 that comes with a 12-litre capacity. Its dimensions are 350x310x500 that is quite a decent size to be used for a large number of servings. You can always refill by removing the top lid.

By installing the above-explained benchtop catering equipment, you will magnify the fortune of your catering business. Not only your staff will be happy, but professional equipment also makes many heads turn and flock to their favourite Australian restaurant.

For affordable shopping for your Australian catering venture, contact Simco today at You will be impressed with unmatchable warranty policies and delivery experiences.


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