Upright Storage Fridge & Freezers

How are Upright Storage Fridge Freezers different from others?

Food trading establishments are in constant need to store goods in the best possible space. Storage can be innovative while in display and can accommodate large volumes of stock for food preparation. Upright storage fridges are designed to occupy less floor space while they function perfectly for cooling food items.

Upright Storage Fridges are vertical units that come with solid doors. They are capable of cooling and maintaining the temperature of stocks or food items stacked in them for cooling. Such types of fridges provide perfect storage solutions to commercial kitchen requirements. They are highly dependable and proficient.

Upright display fridges are placed in the area where customers can access the stacked inventory and select their purchases. So don’t wait. Order now and boost your sales.

The inside of Upright storage Freezers is designed with shelves and drawers. This helps you to arrange and stack goods in an organised manner. You can easily reach your food item and can arrange them according to your preferred category. You can stack your food items by storing them in utensils in the upright storage fridge.

Prep fridges act as a high support system to a business involved in the food industry. You can conveniently storage prepared food in these fridges for late use. Check out.

The cabinet style of such types of commercial kitchen equipment is available in the single door as well as a double door. They are also available in a three-door design to facilitate huge stocking in the same place. Split door design facilitates easy access to your inventory while not disturbing the temperature of other goods stored inside. The castor factor of such types of equipment makes them easy to move and clean floor spaces. You will require a fair amount of space so that you can swing open the solid door for access to inventory stored. Upright fridges are highly efficient as they consume less power and provide optimum temperature to your storage needs.  

Upright Storage Fridge and Freezer is an excellent combination

Not just cooling. Upright storage fridges come with a freezing combo feature too. Yes, you can cool and freeze in an Upright Storage Fridge/Freezer. Frozen foods, meat, ice and similar such inventory can be stored in the freezer section hygienically and safely. You don’t require a piece of separate equipment to freeze your stocks as you can accomplish this in a single cabinet. You can store smaller sizes of stock on shelves while you can place a larger size of stocks in easy to pull drawers.

Freezers are exclusively designed to keep your inventory at an optimum temperature of freezing. You can store all frozen requirement related food stock and use it as and when you need it. Find out the best commercial freezers at Simco.

Upright storage fridges (and freezers) are a vital necessity in restaurants, cafes, supermarts, food joints, frozen food-producing manufacturing units and several such areas. So many benefit from the unique design and convenience that an upright fridge offers.

Features of Upright Storage Fridge

  • Dual-temperature all-in-one fridge and freezer
  • 855 LT Capacity
  • 2 door unit only 1200mm wide
  • Top-mounted unit
  • Stainless steel exterior and interior
  • 2 x Heavy duty Embraco compressors R404GAS & R134 GAS
  • 40-degree working ambient temperature
  • 2 Dixell Italian digital temperature controls for fridge & freezer
  • Self-closing doors
  • White PVC heavy duty shelving
  • Heavy-duty casters for easy mobility
  • Recessed door handles standard
  • Safety door lock
  • Magnetic door gaskets
  • Designed to work in the busiest kitchens
  • Tailor-made to handle the Australian climate
  • Interior Light

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Manufacturers and engineers design commercial catering appliances keeping in mind the challenges that the food business faces. In addition to this, services of the appliances by professional technicians, functionality that supports the kitchen staff, easy installation of the equipage are some of the prominent factors that the creators keep in mind so that the appliance is versatile.

How is the Upright Storage Fridge beneficial?

  • Occupies less floor space
  • Can place in your kitchen without expanding your food trade area.
  • Keeps your pre-prepared recipes at an optimum temperature which is ready to use when an order is placed.
  • Not only a fridge but also available in a fridge and freezer combo.
  • The combination allows you to cool and freeze food items in one single cabinet placed in one zone. So you don’t have to reach different appliances to reach out to the required food item.
  • Equipage comes with casters making it easy to move and clean the floor beneath.
  • Such fridges are available in both solid door and glass door versions.
  • A self-closing door enables ease of usage while taking food out or placing it in.
  • Performs excellently as it is designed keeping the Australian temperatures and climate in mind.
  • The interior light enables a good view to search for food items inside.
  • The top-mounted compressor allows the heat to flow out of the busy kitchen through the ventilation system keeping the temperature inside the kitchen normal.

It is good to do market research before freezing your deal. Look out for ranges in design and quality at Upright Storage fridges on sale held around the year at various venues in Australia.

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Your search is over at Simco Group for the most reliable Upright Storage Freezers supplier. Simco sales team is highly professional in dealing with addressing the need and requirements of the food business by guiding through the purchase. Coming with sound experience in commercial refrigeration, our online inventory comes with an amazing combination of high quality and excellent performance. A quick tip or a piece of advice from our end will surely support you in your planning as we understand that the investment is serious in the food business. Simco Head Office is in the beautiful city of Sydney, Australia. Its delivery pads are in major cities like Adelaide, Sydney and Perth.

We provide a 2 + 2 years warranty. This includes 2 years warranty for parts and labour. Additionally, 2 years warranty is only on parts if you have made an online registration.

Why Simco?

  • You receive service from a team that is highly experienced in customer service.
  • You can choose products manufactured by the most trusted brands.
  • Equipment is versatile in terms of functionality, design and usage.  
  • A country-wide warranty that covers services, labour, etc.

*All catering types of equipment at Simco Catering Group are CE certified and that we take care of the safety, environmental protection and health standards of the products sold at

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