Benchtop Catering Equipment: Types & Things to Check Before Buying

Preparing & eating delicious cuisine has always been an integral part of every person's life, & in today's world of mushrooming restaurants, it has also steadily become a promising career preference. This new dawn of food preparation requires modern benchtop products and accessories. A benchtop catering equipment is crucial in any commercial catering business. The device offers multiple products beginning with the highly popular gastronomic pans and lids to the tabletop cake showcases, coffee urns, cereal dispensers,  soup kettles, and bain maries. Every food establishment uses one or multiple benchtop food catering appliances in its day-to-day activities. Whether you are opening a decent restaurant abroad or setting up chains, this food setup is highly enticing. The word itself offers the best-in-class variant of food preparation service for the patrons of high-quality delicacies. These lovely appliances are available in varied and significant varieties, shapes, and sizes. They provide you with practical knowledge, make the work more manageable, and play an essential role in the routine processes of the kitchen and catering and buffet services.

Types of Benchtop Catering Equipment

Bain MarieThe commercial Bain Marie is one of the topmost benchtop appliances. The functioning of Commercial Bain Marie is very similar to that of a typical double-boiler. It helps prepare cuisines and keeps the food item warm over a particular period. In addition, this equipment efficiently thaws or reheats large amounts of frozen items within a small amount of time. For more features, you can visit the website of Simco. For more information, you can check out the website of Simco.

Curved Glass Cake Display – The curved display is an attractive way of directing customers to your food establishment. Commercial Cake Displays have been instrumental in enhancing sales and building a relationship of trust with the consumer. Such types of commercial benchtop catering equipment also ensure the cleanliness and safety of the food inside.

Soup Kettle – It is a great device to keep the soup made by you at a warm temperature. This product becomes especially useful when the guests are required to serve the portions by themselves. However, the machine can only be used to keep the food hot and not prepare any cuisine. You can also utilise this kitchen appliance to keep any liquid-based cooking item and not only soup. Another advantage of the kettle is that it is portable, easy to carry and very light, enabling it to fit into any location effortlessly.

In addition, there are other types of this equipment and are readily available on Simco, such as Square Glass Cake Display, Drain & Stainless Steel GN Pans.

Things to Check Before Buying Benchtop Catering Equipment

Decide on the Equipment You Need

Try to consider your restaurant menu and the style of operation you're running to find out the tabletop device you require for your business.  If you do not determine the product you will purchase, there is no point in aimlessly shopping around without knowing the product type. For example, a soup kettle is a must if you are serving soup to the patrons. Similarly, you would need a cereal dispenser for operating breakfast buffets seamlessly. You should also know that a benchtop cake display for your shop is no use if you are not working from a store. Prepare a list of commercial benchtop catering equipment items to purchase before you go to the shop. Ensure that you are spending money on the products that will enhance your business profitability, assist in company growth and serve you while being budget-friendly. You can find your desired kitchen equipment at Simco, the leading commercial benchtop catering equipment supplier in Australia.

Determine Your Ideal Budget for the Product

It is essential to decide the amount of investment you'll make in shopping for these appliances. You can perform comprehensive online research or talk to a reputed supplier to know about the estimated price once you have determined the list of products you require. One of the mistakes made by the owners is that they purchase cheap products even if it results in a decline in quality. Therefore, it is recommended that you should not compromise on quality for a slightly reduced cost. This non-compromise does not mean that you should spend only on all the top-of-the-shelf appliances. However, always make sure before buying that the products serve the intended purpose and are long-lasting. It would help if you always remembered never to use ordinary appliances for commercial usage, as they are not suitable for heavy usage and break down quickly. Therefore, ensure spending on products that provide the highest value for your money.

Find out the Right Size of the Appliance

Most of the benchtop catering equipment is available in multiple size options. Therefore, it is essential to decide the right size to avoid any issues after purchasing the item. Always remember that it is not an appropriate option to keep changing the machine location frequently. So it would help if you started measuring the place where you would like to set up the machine. This available space will provide you with a clear idea about the size of the appliance you should purchase. In addition, think about your exact requirements. For example, you may have enough space to put the largest tabletop cake display in your shop. But it is not recommended to shop for the bigger model unless your establishment prepares a sufficient number of delicacies that you can display in the showcase. It will use more power and unnecessarily increase your expenses resulting in more operational costs.

Ensure the Purchase of Top-Quality Product

Quality is one aspect you cannot compromise on & when it comes to the commercial benchtop catering equipment, it proves crucial. If you have a small budget, go for high-quality and robust items that will satisfy the purpose but might not provide additional specialised features not needed in daily operation instead of going for trendy high-budget appliances.

When you buy benchtop catering equipment, you need to focus on a few crucial things to be confident about the product quality.

  • It should be designed of high-quality material like stainless steel, which provides resistance from corrosion and is a rigid element.
  • It should be certified food-safe, easy to clean and hygienic.
  • The item must come with all the branded components. Devices with local elements are naturally priced less, but they typically fail to execute the promise of good service and longevity.

Find out the Best Benchtop Catering Equipment Supplier

Buying the products from a reliable supplier reduces the risk of investing in a low-quality machine that is not ideal for your workplace. Therefore, procuring items from a known supplier is always recommended. You can trust a renowned commercial benchtop catering equipment supplier like Simco to sell only good quality products that can provide good performance, as their own market goodwill is dependant on it. In addition, buying from them is beneficial as the top suppliers will also offer help and support as per your needs even after selling the product, thus ensuring peace of mind for the kitchen owner.