Do you hear the call of the creamy, and soft pastries and cakes while crossing the patisserie or bakery down the street? If you do, you are not alone! Just the thought of biting through the creamy delight while enjoying the velvety base melting quickly in your mouth is enough to make any cake or pastry lover hungry. While the ‘deliciously charming’ cakes and pastries grab our attention, we often overlook the stage that makes it possible. 

Display units are the equipment in a cakeshop or patisserie that create the perfect platform for the artily crafted items to steal our glimpses. So, if you are running a similar business, you need an ideal presentation unit that will help you get all the desired attention from your buyers. The square glass cake displays can be your perfect companion for it, but you need to make the right choice to get the best. 

Let’s take a look at how to make the right choice, 

Decide the spot – Before you go shopping, be clear about what you need. The first thing to determine your need should be the spot where you will be placing the unit. 

When you are deciding a position for the underbench fridge and freezer in your commercial kitchen, all you need to worry about is the space and ease of accessibility, but when you are considering a refrigerated showcase, the most critical point to focus on is the visibility.  

Decide the right spot where your presentation unit will have maximum visibility to the customers. It might be on the left to the entry door, just in front of it or beside the large glass windowpane - a perfect place to grab the attention of even the casual passer-by. Also, keep in mind the light-factor while deciding the spot. 

Measure the space – When you are decided about the spot, finding the right size you need is not difficult. Measure the area twice. Yes, when it comes to placing the different equipment in your shop, ‘measuring twice, cutting once’, is only wise. 

Be it a salad bar or a cake display – the units are available in multiple size specifications, and you can always pick one according to your unique needs. 

Consider the number – Showcasing the whole of your stock is not professional. Bank on quick re-filling as the items start running out of the shelves. However, if your shop has a long list of things, you might prefer to showcase all of them. That will make it easier for your customers to check and pick. 

For shops with a long list of items to present, opting for multiple showcases of different sizes is a good option as that will offer more flexibility to arrange the refrigerated presentation units according to the available space. Cake displays are available in multiple tier options as well, if you have more items to show, opt for a unit with more tiers. 

Choose the design – The showcase impacts the interior of your shop. So, pick a showcase that will match with the décor and elevate the total aesthetics. The two standard choices you have are – curved glass and square glass.

While the curved glass cake display may look more aesthetically appealing, they lack the worktop for serving and other purposes. So, opting for the commercial square glass cake display is often a wise choice. 

In design, you can also choose from the different tier options. While a showcase with a higher number of tires is excellent to hold more, you should choose one according to the number of items you would like to exhibit. 

Find the supplier – Buying the display unit from a reputed and responsible supplier is essential. It will ensure that you get the best options to choose from and also proper suggestions and guidance that will help you to buy the right product to fit your needs.

The top square glass cake display supplier will provide a warranty on the product and offer service assistance as per need. To find the best supplier of commercial kitchen equipment near you, take help of the Google search or discuss with your friends in a similar business.

Now, the more difficult part of buying the perfect square glass cake refrigerated showcase for your business is over. Before picking the final product, you should also consider the following, 

Door operation 

A small point that business owners often miss out while making the purchase decision. The operation of the display back door directly impacts the ease of use. The staffers need to open and close the door repeatedly for re-filling, cleaning, and serving the items according to the orders placed by the customers. A sliding backdoor is most suitable for the purpose. 

However, every sliding door is not removable. While making your buying decision, settle for a unit that has a sliding and removable door. It makes thorough cleaning of the unit and the shelves much easy. 

The compressor 

Even if you are buying a square glass cake display on sale, you should not miss to check out on the compressor. A branded compressor is a must when you are purchasing any commercial refrigeration units. 

A branded compressor will surely add a little more to the cost, but a non-branded one will cost you much more in operation. Improper cooling and sudden failure are quite common in refrigerated display units with non-branded compressors, which can lead to a massive loss for the business. 

Power consumption 

Keeping a check on the power consumption of any device is vital to minimize the operational cost, which can add up heavily in the long run. When you are buying a square glass display unit, always look for MEPS approved models. 

The Minimum Energy Performance Standard specifications ensure that the device consumes minimum energy for performing the task, which is essential not only to minimize operational expenses but also for the environment. 

Simco is a renowned supplier of square glass cake displays in Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Hobart. If you are not sure about the best model to purchase, you may get in touch with Simco for assistance and guidance.