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How to use, clean and maintain a hot soup kettle?

soup kettle is a useful piece of equipment for commercial kitchens that serve soups, sauce, or hot beverages. It is quite a versatile appliance and is an effective solution to keep your hot broths and curries at the right serving temperature for long. These are available in various sizes - a ten-litre unit is most commonly used in the food and catering businesses.

Why should you spend on a commercial soup kettle?  

If you are not already using one in your restaurant or if you are rolling out a new business, this might be a question to think over. A soup warmer serves more purpose in a restaurant or food joint than you initially can think of.

  • The appliance makes it possible to keep a pot of hot broth, ready to serve for a prolonged time, without having to engage one burner or a staffer to warm it repeatedly. 
  • A kettle of 10 litres can easily hold around 30 to 35 servings. It considerably adds to your serving capacity, helping you to scale up your business. 
  • These appliances minimize the time gap between order placement and serving, which naturally improves customer satisfaction. 
  • These units enjoy a lightweight construction, sleek look and easy portability which allows them to be used in the kitchen as well as for serving upfront placed just beside the square glass cake display
  • Another great advantage - while serving large batches of hot broths, curry or beverages, these appliances add heavily to the serving convenience and accessibility. 
  • The compact design makes it possible to serve many customers without having to use excess space or multiple containers. 
  • It also reduces the risk of food spoilage or taste deterioration due to repeated heating.  

So, now you know why you need a warmer if you are serving broth, curry, or hot beverages to your customers. The next thing is how to use it? Let’s check out, 

How to use a soup kettle?

Operating this appliance is not at all complicated. It uses the bain marie principal to warm up the food and keep it at a steady temperature, perfect for serving. If you are using a new warmer for the first time, it is essential to go through the instruction manual carefully before using it.

Typically, you can use it by filling up the recommended amount of water in the outer container and then placing the smaller inner container within it. Now, add the curry or beverage in the inner container and close the lid. The last step is to set the desired temperature for the food. Keep in mind; this appliance is not suitable for cooking food.

Use precautions

  • Always connect the plug to a properly grounded outlet before using it.
  • The unit will get hot during and after use, follow precautions while touching.
  • Place the device on a level, non-skid, and solid surface away from sinks and inflammable items.
  • Maintain a gap of minimum 5” or more between the appliance and other objects or the wall.
  • Always operate it in a well-lighted area and keep it away from children and visitors.
  • Commissioning the new device through methodical testing before putting it into use is recommended.
  • Do not operate the warmer when empty. It might damage the device and lead to other hazards.
  • Do not keep the warmer ‘ON’ for the whole night or prolonged period when not in use.
  • Do not use the broth warmer near open flames or source of the fire.
  • If you are finding it challenging to install the appliance or something is not adding up, consult your commercial soup kettle supplier

How to clean and maintain a soup kettle?

Regular cleaning and maintenance are the keys to keeping the kettle at its best efficiency. Cleaning and maintenance of this device are not complicated. It is simple but should be done with care to avoid any hazards. Switch off and unplug the machine and let it cool completely before cleaning. Do not immerse the outer container in water. The appliance is not suitable for pressure wash. Use a mild detergent and sponge for cleaning. Do not use scrubber pads, steel wool or harsh detergent.

It would help if you cleaned the inner container of the kettle after each use. It is crucial not only to maintain the appliance but also to ensure that the food and beverage you are warming/storing in it has the right taste and quality. Take the inner pot out of the container, remove any stuck in food and wash thoroughly with normal water. If needed, use a mild soap.

The body of the appliance should be cleaned daily, at the end of the working hours. Once the unit has cooled completely, empty the water, and wipe it dry with a soft, clean, cotton cloth. Wipe off the outer surface of the machine with a soft damp cloth. Follow with dry-wipe to avoid water stains. The controls and knobs also need to be cleaned daily but do not use water. Use a clean and dry cloth to wipe off. 

If you use it properly and clean it precisely the way mentioned above, just like the stainless-steel gn pans any soup kettle from a good brand will give you years of uninterrupted service.

Buying a soup kettle

To get the best service, you must spend on a quality product from a reputed brand. You can get CookRite commercial soup kettles in Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, or Hobart, which will give you service for years to come. If you are working under a strict budget, instead of settling for a low-quality appliance just because it is cheap, look for commercial soup kettles for sale by the top suppliers.

A branded product will be naturally more expensive than a non-branded device. Still, a branded piece of equipment will always give you the best service for minimum maintenance needs and related hassles. Branded products will also consume less electricity and minimize operation cost. So, do your research and spend wisely.   

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