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Sell more with the right display in your Food joint, Deli or Bakery

Have you heard of the food industry's visual merchandising strategy for selling more? No matter what they name it, we call it the 'food placement' – a robust retail marketing technique that can boost sells. Merely seeing food can trigger the urge to consume it and the immediate availability of the item intensifies the drive. So, are you using this strategy the right way in your foodservice business? Or you are still waiting for orders from your customers before bringing the quick-to-eat foods in front of them? 

To make your mark in this highly competitive industry, you mustn't leave any potential marketing opportunities unturned, and exploring the power of display - is a tried and tested strategy to grow your sales and revenue. Now the question is, how to showcase the items the right way? It should catch the curious glimpses of the customers without a miss. Here are some simple tips that will help you to encash on the power of visual merchandising.

Focus on display, not storage – Storing is not the primary objective of any showcase unit, for example, a curved glass cake display. It is there to improve visual impact on the customers, and the temporary storing part comes as an added feature only. So, please do not place the items in the display unit as you do it in a storage fridge, you need to plan and organize the products properly in the unit to maximize visual impact. Place the quick selling, small items on the top racks and more oversized products on the lower ones for good visibility. 

The eye-level display is crucial – A customer visiting your deli or bakery to buy a specific item will naturally look for it. However, when you are trying to make use of the best show strategies also to sell products that the customer is not looking for at the moment, it is essential to place the items at an eye-level, to be easily visible to the customer while he or she is looking for something else. If you have started selling soups recently, place the attractive soup kettle at an eye-level, close to the presentation unit. This might make your customer go for some soup as well. Keep in mind that your customers are more likely to buy more when they see more items.  

Do not overcrowd – Stuffing as much as possible in the presentation unit is never a good idea. At one hand, it can deteriorate the quality of the showcased food items due to more extended storage before selling and on the other, it will undermine the actual purpose of the presentation. Arrange the items nicely on a steel gn pans before placing it in the showcase. It is best to display only a sufficient amount at one time and bank on quick refilling when the stock starts running out. 

Explore the power of the best seller – Every bakery, deli or food joint has best sellers with high demand. However, a single product or just a few is never enough to make up for the whole revenue. For selling the slow-moving items or a new item that you have added to the menu, presenting it just beside your best sellers is a simple yet effective trick. This improves the visibility of the slow-moving or new item and helps you to sell more of them along with the best-sellers.

Focus on proper lighting – Light plays a crucial role in any display. Using lighting in the right way can not only improve the visibility of the items on show but will also add a special touch that will increase the natural appeal of the food to the customer. So, if you are buying a square glass cake display, make sure that it has proper LED lighting.   

Following the above strategies can help you to sell more, but you also need the right type of presentation units in your establishment to employ these strategies in the best way.

Here is some commercial kitchen equipment that can give you the real edge in exploring the true power of visual merchandising in your food business.

Countertop cake showcase

Countertop cake showcase is an excellent choice for food presentation in any compact restaurant or food joint. They can be easily placed on an existing countertop just like a bain marie without spending any floor space. Simco's countertop cake showcases are available in curved and square glass varieties. Pick a 700mm or 900mm width depending on the available space and the number of items you want to showcase. These units work in the 2 – 8 degrees temperature range, are easy to maintain and clean.

Three and four-tier upright square cake showcase

These stylish square glass cake displays from Simco are available in four width variations – 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm and 1700mm. Business owners can easily pick between a three-tier and a four-tier version according to their presentation requirements. These are available with two (three-tier) or three (four-tier) shelves along with the floor and sliding. There are removable back doors for ease of arrangement and cleaning. The units are powered by SECOP compressor and come with Italian digital control. The heated glass removes condensation, promoting perfect visibility.

Four-tier upright curve cake showcase

Upright curved glass cake showcases come with a lot of space to present the items. You can pick a unit with 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm or 1700mm width as per your needs from the commercial curved glass cake display supplier. With three shelves and the floor, the unit serves the needs of exhibition and storage quite efficiently. Comes with LED lights, SECOP compressor, Italian digital control, and castors for easy mobility. MEPS approved with 2 years (parts + labour) + 2 years parts only warranty.

Upright display fridges and freezers

These upright units with glass doors are ideal for showcasing and selling chilled beverages in your establishment. They add considerably to the overall look and feel of the space. These are available in the top-mounted and bottom-mounted variants as well as single door and double door options. Different sizes are also available.  

If you are looking for curved glass cake display in Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, or any other type of refrigerated presentation units, Simco can offer you a wide range of options to choose from. The brand also provides curved glass cake displays for sale 

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