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Commercial kitchen sinks – what you should look for?

Small or big, basic or advanced, commercial or residential - the sink plays a crucial role in every kitchen. But when it comes to commercial purposes, the requirements are often unique. Depending on the size of the cooking unit and the volume of food prepared, the requirements for sinks can vary extensively. For example, a compact basin might easily suffice the needs of a home kitchen, but for a full-scale restaurant, a double or a single sink bench is essential. 

Therefore, consider your requirements before making the purchase. At the same time, knowing what you should look for in a commercial kitchen sink is imperative. Check out this brief guide to understand what you should look for in a commercial kitchen washbasin. Also, make sure that you check all council requirements for the number of sinks and size of the bowls needed.


The quality of the material is directly related to the longevity and performance of the equipment. For commercial purposes, stainless steel is always a superior material compared to enamelled cast iron or any other alloy. The benefits are, 

  • Easy to clean – Ease of cleaning is a significant factor that makes stainless steel the alloy of choice not only for commercial sinks but also for wall mounted over shelves as well as other appliances used in commercial cooking units. Even a gentle wipe after soap-water wash can keep your stainless-steel equipment shiny and new for a long time. 
  • Higher corrosion resistance – Rust and corrosion are the biggest enemies of any commercial kitchen equipment. The kitchen tools that come in contact with water continuously, naturally run a higher risk of deterioration. The ability of stainless steel to resist corrosion and rust, naturally makes it a preferred choice for basins. 

Furthermore, there are different stainless-steel grades, and all of them are not equally resilient or resistant to corrosion. 

  • Type 316 contains at least 16% chromium, 10% nickel and 2% molybdenum which makes it highly resistant to even corrosive chemicals. It is called the “marine grade” stainless steel due to the high corrosion resistance ability. 
  • In hotels, restaurants, and other foodservice establishments, typically, 304 stainless steel flat workbenches, washbowls or other tools are used. Type 304 contains a minimum of 18% chromium and 8% nickel. 
  • Type 304 is resistant to corrosion and highly resilient, but it’s not as durable as 316. It is also cheaper than the marine grade stainless steel. 
  • The other stainless-steel type, 430 has minimum nickel content and is less resistant to corrosion. Not the best material for a sink bench.  

304 stainless steel is an affordable, yet strong stainless-steel variety perfect for the typical commercial kitchen basins. 


The thickness of the steel sheet used is another essential point of consideration.  The thicker the sheet, better the longevity. However, naturally, the price will also go up with the thickness. Hence, reaching a middle ground is necessary. In manufacturing kitchen equipment, 1mm, 1.2mm and 1.5mm stainless steel sheets are typically used. However, thick sheets naturally relate to more weight and cost.

Size and Depth

The right size and depth of the kitchen basin are directly related to the functionality. First, determine the primary use of the sink. Will it be used mostly as a wash station for a bunch of people or for handling a large number of dishes, pans, and pots? Will you also like to have a bench beside it for drying the dishes? After you have decided the primary use, you have the following options,

  • You can buy a single, or a double sink bench depending on the purpose and load. A triple washbowl variant is also available.
  • The standard shapes in washbowls are square and rectangular. If it is to be used as a hand wash station only, a square bowl is fine, but for washing dishes and utensils, a rectangular pattern might be more suitable.
  • Choose the size and the depth of the bowl depending on the load.

A deep basin can naturally hold more, but that's not always better. A deep basin for washing dishes and utensils can cause a backache for the user because of excessive bending. So, choose the size and depth according to your primary purpose and ask for suggestions from your double sink bench supplier, if needed.   

Noise suppression

While buying a washbasin for a restaurant kitchen, most of the times, buyers miss this vital aspect. To prevent noisy clanging and to promote a more relaxed environment for the staff and customers, proper bottom insulation can be highly effective. Comprehensive undercoating and sound deadening pads can be helpful to achieve the desired results as per the primary use.

Type and style of faucet

The faucet mounting hole present on the sink will determine the type of faucet you can use with it. The specifications might also restrict the appropriate commercial faucet style. Considering these small things before buying the equipment will make it easier to choose a product that will fit your needs and preferences with ease and minimize any chance of extra plumbing work.

Other features


There are also a few unique features of commercial basins that you should consider. One of these features is the splashback. Just like steel benches with splashback, the commercial basin benches are available with a back-splash guard which restricts the splattering of water and helps to keep the surrounding space dry and clean. For commercial kitchens, a sink with splashback can be more helpful.


Storage and organization are essential aspects of every kitchen, and no matter how big or small the kitchen is, proper storage space can always help. Single, double, or triple bowl sink benches for commercial kitchens can come with vast amounts of storage space underneath. Use of undershelves and leg bracing with the basin bench can provide perfect storage space for all your utensils and other tools.

Simco offers the best selection of stainless-steel sink benches for commercial establishments. The brand has the most exhaustive collection of double sink benches in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Hobart, and Adelaide. Check out the stock at the company’s website to find the best double sink bench for sale.    

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