When you set up a commercial salad bar at your food establishment, the first concern should be – which variants should be a part of my spread? To answer this question, you must think about the entire content of various options. It would be best to verify certain things while including this healthy snack in your menus, such as fresh products, varying textures, a delicious dressing, and a dash of protein if possible. In addition, when we talk about this particular dish, the choice & expectation of a healthy meal that includes high fibre, less sugar and almost no bad fats is implied. However, it doesn't mean you can't experiment or tweak the dish slightly. For example, a preparation made of fruit or potato is also traditionally considered part of the cuisine. However, they contain fewer vegetables than a typical green salad. While considering all the points mentioned above, coupled with the apparent fact that a delicacy should taste good, here are some options you should include in the menu of your food joint.

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Greek Salad

You're late to the party if you're unknown to the news that Mediterranean food is good for your health. There is no doubt that the famous Greek version is the showstopper for acceptable alternatives in this genre, both in terms of flavour and health. This item features a variety of vegetables like cucumbers, red onions, tomatoes and Kalamata olives, typically mixed with olive oil, feta cheese, and oregano. So why is it so good for your health? According to many reputed food authorities, the Greek item's primary benefit is the high mono-unsaturated fat content derived from the olive oil and the olives present in the cuisine. Mono-unsaturated fats are commonly known as healthy fats because they have a positive effect on our blood cholesterol profile and, as a result, assist in safeguarding our cardiovascular health. However, you have to ensure using less salt and cheese to maintain it as a healthy option.


Nicoise Salad

The Nicoise version primarily originated in France & packs healthy fats, proteins, and farm-fresh veggies. You'll find tomatoes, black olives, anchovies, capers, French beans and lemon juice in it, with some potential changes depending on the region. Many dieticians believe that the Nicoise version shares the advantages of the Greek salad by using components like olive oil and tomato component. However, it also benefits from containing both fish and eggs. Both the items are excellent protein sources, enabling you to feel full and satisfied. In addition, the variant also includes two of the richest natural sources of vitamin D, which most people are unable to get enough of in their daily routine. An additional benefit of the Nicoise variant is that the generally used fish (anchovies) is full of omega-3 fatty acids, which offer extra protective cardiovascular advantages. If you wish to add the item to your menu, visit Simco, the leading commercial salad bar supplier in Melbourne & Sydney.

Nicoise delicacy is not only healthy, but also it's easy to prepare on your own at home if you're on a budget. Most food authorities say that you can quickly prepare the Nicoise version at home by picking canned tuna, anchovies, and olives rich in healthy omega-3 fats. These items are added to pre-washed dark, leafy greens and tomatoes with a hard-boiled egg and using a low-fat vinaigrette will help avoid calories. This delicious cuisine is among the top food alternatives as it is nourishing, cost-efficient, and chock full of nutrients.


Panera Green Goddess salad

It is challenging to spend an evening at junk food establishments if you're trying to stay healthy. Many travellers love to eat this variant while travelling, and they are pleasantly surprised by the flavourful Green Goddess salad from Panera. According to one of the top dieticians, although one should always be wary about the fast-food variants, the Green Goddess option is perfect for commercial salad bars. It contains many powerhouse greens, including kale, romaine and arugula. Although bacon can be avoided, the avocado contains mono-unsaturated fats that ensure the heart's health. In addition, it also has potassium, which most of us need in large quantities. The protein from the egg and chicken transforms this dish into a more satisfying and complete meal without piling on the calories.

Another prominent dietician says that all the ingredients are clean, meaning no artificial preservatives, sweeteners or flavours and no colours from synthetic sources. A whole salad gives 530 calories, 31 grams of fat (7 saturated), and 35 grams of protein. The health fanatics personally like the protein content of this item and would find it to be more filling.

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Kale salad

There are not many green ingredients that are more beloved to healthy eating lovers than kale. It is also not groundbreaking, given its inherent, deep flavour and resilient, pleasing texture, making it perfect for such delicacies. This variant is a hit among the patrons, and they love the kale version for its various benefits. The primary advantage is that it enables you to savour a rich leafy green without much food prep time. Kale is high in vitamin C, which is fantastic for vegans to help enhance iron absorption if it is prepared with beans, and calcium, which is especially helpful for people who don't drink milk. It's also high in fibre and potassium, which we all need more of and various potent disease-fighting elements.

You can provide a dressing of sliced grape tomatoes, toasted pine nuts, a little shaved Parmesan, and a balsamic reduction with kale for a super healthy dietary supplement rich in flavour. You can also toss it with sliced mangoes, toasted almonds, and lemon juice for a sweeter taste. It's also common to serve cut, raw kale with chopped strawberries, toasted walnuts, chunks of ripe avocado and an orange vinaigrette. In addition, kale is super affordable and comes in several different varieties, so it means a satisfactory eating experience for your customers. You can add this variation to your restaurant by contacting commercial salad bar suppliers in Brisbane & Perth, such as Simco.


Quinoa salad

One of the latest grains to become a trending part of the customer's food choices is Quinoa, partly due to its excellent nutritional profile. And it makes a mean salad base. According to multiple pieces of research among the users, Quinoa variants might be one of the Australian public's favourites due to the grain's quality and adaptability. Integrating Quinoa into such a delicacy offers fibre worth around 5 grams per cup from a nutritional standpoint. Therefore, you're likely to be full early and stay content longer. The item is also gluten-free, provides high protein and is considered one of the rare plant delicacies that include all nine essential amino acids, supporting lean body mass. The combined ingredients & dressings are some of the components to think about the Quinoa version. If a food item contains Quinoa, it will probably have some nutritional elements to complement it. These items include fresh fruits like grapes and berries, fresh vegetables, dried fruit and light citrus and oil-based dressing that the Quinoa will effortlessly absorb.

If you have less time to waste, you can effortlessly heat some quinoa in a stock, cool it, and toss it with fruits, vegetables with a bit of dressing. And that's it. You get a super delicious, fulfilling and healthy offering that doubles as a meal or aside and can be presented in a commercial salad bar. A piece of advice - don't use excessive amounts of fat and keep it light.


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