Most people globally are slowly adapting to healthy food due to hectic work schedules and inherently harmful ways of living. Such preference for a healthy lifestyle has transformed the status quo of having a delicacy, as customers prefer to have fruits and healthy vegetable options in place of a sumptuous meal. Therefore, having a commercial salad bar in the kitchen is a necessity nowadays more than a luxury. However, it is also essential to set up a salad bar to serve the customers properly.

There are various options to set up a veggies counter. Most pantries employ electric equipment, a refrigerated appliance created to put food pans, with additional options of ice, tile system and setup cold bar system that uses patent-pending locking spacer bars and crocks. However, if usage is temporary or you need an easy-to-carry medium for outdoor catering, this version isn't suitable for you. In such scenarios, you need to keep the preparation chilled and within the safe temperature zone, which can be accomplished by integrating ice at the bottom of a typically metal-made unrefrigerated (non-electric equipment) portable coleslaw bar to hold in temperatures effectively. In the coming lines, we will explain the mentioned above options to set up a salad counter.

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Salad Bar with Ice

As far as designing a salad bar is concerned, ice can immensely help you. It can assist in brilliantly resonating the bright colours in the fruits and vegetables for developing a fantastic and clean look. The best kind of ice to be used in such appliances is the crushed, flaked or pellet ones. They're flexible & supple and help to put the food pans in their place. These kinds of ice also provide the customers with a beautiful and elegant look due to texture and colour, which is white. In addition, it is a great choice to arrange for smaller bars using ice if your bar needs to be mobile for some unique offerings like scratch-made Caesar dressings or vinaigrettes. This ingredient also allows you to be creative with the utensils holding salad items. You can embody a unique look using classy melamine, porcelain, or double-wall metal bowls and platters. You can even create a marvellous presentation for your guests by making a bowl out of ice and edible flowers, citrus parts, or herbs. You can browse for the items at Simco, the leading salad bar supplier in Sydney & Perth.

However, the drawback of using ice is that it could involve a lot of labour and long term expenditure.  The systematic efforts include stocking the salad counter every morning and then arranging the kitchen equipment for continuous satisfaction of the patrons. In addition, the employees have to keep the bar neat and tidy by melting the ice at the end of the day. It is also a given that you also have to procure ice by regularly paying, unlike other more or less established choices.

Salad Counter with Tiles

The tile variant commercial salad bar is another efficient setup for the counters. The tiles are made of solid pieces of stainless steel, resin-coated aluminium, or plastic with various shapes cut out to adapt to different kinds of individual pans and crocks. Such procedures make the guests stop and appreciate the presentation with their functional effectiveness and sleek look. The most used version of this product is stainless steel which is used by most kitchens. However, this product can often look serviceable with no frills, and it is ideal for the backroom kitchen when it comes to presentation. There is another variant, the resin-coated aluminium cold bar systems, which are available in multiple colours.

While resin-coated aluminium looks better than stainless steel, it is generally more costly. But if you are not bothered with the price, this variant scores over steel due to its better temperature conduciveness. In addition, the resin-coated aluminium setups employed on tile systems can provide the customers with a meticulously created coleslaw bar design that will delight them thoroughly.

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However, the one part where stainless steel utensils feel better than their counterpart is that they come with lids that can also be used as food storage containers. On the other hand, it is advised not to keep food in resin-coated aluminium vessels as they should be kept empty and handled in a cold environment to make them cool down. Once they are cold, you can store your food items inside. Another disadvantage of this variant is that it is not stain-proof, resulting in the colour of many food items rubbing on it. If you feel more confident using the steel variant, visit Simco, one of the foremost salad bar suppliers in Melbourne.

It is very swift and effortless to install a coleslaw bar with a tile system. The only effort to be made by your staff is to put the tile pieces on your cold well or bar, then drop in the food pans and crocks. One disadvantage with a tile system is that it's not easy to restructure your salad bar because of the allotted places on the tiles where only specific food pans or crocks can fit. However, there is a way to modify it. Suppose you have a typical cold well that includes five tiles. If you order 7-10 pieces, you can experiment with adapting them to your requirements by building flexibility into your salad bar. However, this also means that you'll need space to store extra tiles.

 Tile system aesthetics are tidy because the food and dressing containers fit neatly in their predetermined spots while the tiles create clean space in between. Tile systems are ideal for off-shaped cold wells, for example, a custom commercial salad bar with rounded sides. G.E.T. can customize tiles to fit a vegetable bar of any shape and size so long as we have the correct dimensions. Even if your tiles are custom shapes, you can still use standard food pans and crocks in either stainless steel or resin-coated aluminium.

Salad Bar including Food Pans

You can easily design a veggies counter using food pans usually available in multiple sizes if you have a standard gastronome-sized food cold well. While it is not a foolproof system, it certainly has scope for vast improvement. Food pans created to rest their rims on the internal part of the cold well are also helped by spacer bars in between. However, the drawback here is that the traditional food utensils typically don't lock into place, which means they may slide all over the place. There is always the danger of the instruments falling in the well even if one pan is removed.

With an increasingly healthy lifestyle the choice of the majority of the global population, it is imperative to invest in such a product available on Simco, the top salad bar supplier in Brisbane. The setup methods mentioned above will surely help you in satisfying your customers and bring in good reviews.

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