The government body that regulates food standards & monitors compliance to all the food regulations in Australia takes care of food safety and hygiene. It ensures the right kind of material for food trade appliances and other utilities of relevant setups. 

Stainless steel has taken the Australian galleys by storm- galleys that are both big and busy. You will notice a sheen like appearance whenever you sneak into a restaurant food-work area. This material is widely acceptable, preferable and used in the catering industry. Thanks to the culinary shows broadcasted on televisions, business owners and the general public are now more aware and knowledgeable about using stainless steel cast commercial equipment.  Aussies trust food-grade stainless steel material.    

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Vendors who manufacture and supply tools, apparatuses, kitchen utilities have to make sure their products are fabricated as per the norms set by the government and facilitate food safety. Restaurants, cafes, community kitchens, facilities in hospitals, mobile trucks, ice-cream parlours rely heavily on food safety standards on the brands that supply them with equipment. In a place where a lot of action occurs, business owners cannot compromise the customer's safety.

Stainless steel sinks with single and multiple bowls, benches, shelves, cutlery, appliances and splashbacks are some of the significant products that are manufactured and supplied in stainless steel. You can see these type of products in community kitchens, big and busy food work areas, medical laboratories and various other restaurant businesses.

Apart from hygiene in the restaurant business, food work areas look organized and easy to clean and maintain. Let us spend some time understanding the behaviour of this metal that is an integral part of the industrial cookhouse, laboratories and community food prep areas in Australia. 

The metal

What is so significant about stainless steel metal that it is widely used and preferred by owners of big and busy kitchens?

An alloy having an iron base with a ratio of 11% of chromium is legible for manufacturing food-based apparatus. The other elements in permissible quantities are nickel and carbon. This mash-up gives stainless steel strong properties to brave harsh environments. You will find this metal prevalent in many segments, Australian catering being one of them.

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Busy kitchens are exposed to heat, rigorous tasks, hustles to accomplish orders, water and strong chemicals for cleaning and maintenance. In such a scenario, no standard metal can withstand all of these. Permissable stainless steel material remains corrosive-free, durable and easy to sanitize in harsh working conditions. Resistance to such challenging jobs, the metal undergoes no damage when exposed to high temperatures usually found in busy food prep areas. Quite commonly manufactured and used, stainless steel wins all hearts in cutlery, appliances, hoods and vents, laboratories, medical environments and kitchen décor.

The versatility factor of stainless steel metal makes it a perfect material for fabricating so many types of equipment. Manufacturers prefer to use this version of steel to cast and roll out commercial equipment in Australia's different facilities.

Now that we have understood the material and its combination, we should know that no stainless steel material will do for your busy kitchen. A variety of combinations of stainless steel is used to fashion the needs and requirements of different setups. And every mash-up has its unique features that suit the customized demand in the Australian market.

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The purpose

Your type of commercial operation will define the kind of stainless steel used in your facility. E.g., if you require to prepare pizza sauces daily, a material used for muses and chocolate sauces will not suit you. There is a difference in the temperature of the preparation, the type of the ingredients and the final product. Another example is if your menu requires you to do kneading jobs extensively. It would help if you had a stainless steel combination with strength and not a fragile one. Simco is one of the leading suppliers of stainless steel benches, sinks and shelves in Australia. For a detailed insight, please visit Simco's Sydney showroom today.

The products ready to boost your business

Supplies that prove to be besties with benefits come in many shapes, sizes, designs and capacities. Let's take a look.

Stainless steel sinks

Sinks undertake active water jobs in high frequency. They have to withstand all temperatures of the water & other liquids. Not just this. When the kitchen staff piles up used dishes to be washed, these high performing buckets hold them long and robust. Depending on the facility and its functions, sinks of different grades of stainless steel are available.

Single sinks are cast with and without shelf and splashbacks. The attached shelve provides space to place used utensils or gastronorm pans to cool ingredients. Stainless steel sinks with splashbacks offer efficient working in busy kitchens and medical environments. These types of sinks stand on solid stands of the same metal. This way, a good and comfortable height is achieved so that chefs can perform their jobs quickly.  

Double sinks are cast to stand loads of dishwashing in extensive facilities. In setups built for mass food jobs and services, double sinks work best. It makes the tasks manageable and organized. Sinks can be used for different purposes, making the facility more efficient and robust. And when a lot of action is taking place in the sink area, the walls in front of you do not get ugly as splashbacks are designed to save them.

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Stainless steel benches

Manufacturers invest a lot of experience, research and testing before starting their assembly line to hit the Australian market. Benches are designed to create counter space in busy cookhouses and other types of facilities. They are available in stainless steel of various combinations. These benches give excellent and dedicated work stations to your staff. Cutting, chopping, food pre-prep jobs, stacking sandwiches, placing huge gastronorm pans for mixing, marinating types of food prep methods and many other tasks that are carried out in such facilities.

Benches are available in single and multiple shelving options. You can also enjoy the comfort of a splashback with stainless steel benches. Your equipment supplier can help you choose the right choice for your facility. Check out Simco's online inventory to learn the designs and functionality.

Stainless steel shelves

When you start your kitchen, the significant and detailed groundwork will yield a good and efficient facility. Shelves come in wall mount fixtures. Because of this rough and rigid material used in manufacturing, stainless steel shelves provide extra and efficient space to your workers and members. Additional space can be used for placing washing utilities, store the nitty-gritty of a commercial facility, inventory, and so much more.

You will find shelves in piped style also. The design helps you dry out wet utensils and cloth material like shelf wiping cloth, which is a great help to your facility's staff. Shelves are available in many sizes of width, depth and height to accommodate the need and requirements of the customers.

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