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How to Choose the Most Useful Flat Stainless Steel Workbench

The right workspace matters. In a commercial kitchen set up, the space you work on can support your culinary skills or be an obstacle to your art. The right flat workbench ensures that you get a suitable area to deliver your best. If you have decided to buy a stainless steel bench, you are already half way there. There are a few more things to consider and only then  are you ready to buy the most useful piece of equipment for your commercial kitchen. 

So, before making your final pick from a flat stainless steel workbench supplier near you, have a look at these points. 


The workbench can be fixed or mobile. The fixed top variety are often installed to your wall. They can be more prominent in size and may run even the whole length of a wall depending on your requirements. On the downside, these are stationary, which means you cannot move them quickly. So, in future, if you plan to re-adjust the space for a new appliance, you will need to call a professional for help. 

The mobile ones, on the other hand, can be easily moved around the kitchen space as per need without any hassle. Castors under your kitchen counter makes it much more versatile. The mobile tables with fixed legs are best suited for most kitchen needs, but at times the mobile variety would be a better choice depending on your circumstances.


Deciding the right dimension for the flat stainless steel workbench is crucial. You can pick from different width and depth options as per the need or preferences. The width can vary from four-legged 300mm to as much as 2400mm six-legged variants. The available options in depth are generally 600mm or 700mm.

A longer bench might look like a great option but keep in mind a longer top will limit your flexibility to rearrange the kitchen. Instead, if you need ample space, opting for more than one comparatively shorter benchtops that fit perfectly with each other without leaving any gap in between, will provide the same functionality along with the flexibility to arrange the equipment as per needs.

To decide the depth, first, check out the area where you will place it. If the site is not wide enough, opt for a slimmer option, i.e. the 600mm depth variant.   

Adjustable height

Just like the double sink benches and other tables used in commercial kitchens, these workstations also come in a standard height of 900mm. However, depending on the height of the person who will be using it and personal preferences, there might be a need to change the height a little. Opting for a table with adjustable height is the best way to solve this problem. 


Durability is an essential aspect of a table and when it comes to tops to be used in commercial cooking units, selecting the right material is paramount. As you have already decided on the material, now you need to consider the suitable stainless steel grade for your needs. The commonly used types in commercial kitchen equipment include 430, 316 and 304.

430 lacks in durability and corrosion resistance, but they are less expensive. On the other hand, the 316 variety is the premium and most robust version in the range but is priced too high. 304 is often the most suitable material for kitchen tops. Because 304 provides excellent longevity and is priced less than 316. For maximum longevity and ease of maintenance, look for special coating on the stainless steel workbench. 

Storage options

The table can come with or without an underneath shelving. The ones with undershelves provide a suitable space for storing anything off the floor. You can use this space for storing utensils or even for bags of supplies as per your need. However, as the gap between the undershelf and the floor is less, it might be a little challenging to clean the space underneath. On the other hand, if you are opting for an undershelf free version, with leg bracing, you will lose on valuable, off the floor storage space, but you might be able to put an underbench dishwasher or refrigerator underneath it.  


Steel benches with splashback can be a good option, particularly if you are planning to place it beside a wall or in the corner. The splashback saves the wall from accumulating food particles and grease. This also makes cleaning and maintenance easier. Flat tables with splashbacks are generally required by councils for all benching that is against the wall. Centre benches do not generally require splashbacks, as they would block off one side of the work area.

Simco's stainless steel flat workbench features

If you are in search of a flat stainless steel workbench wholesaler in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart or Sydney, Simco is your ultimate destination. The brand is committed to providing the best quality, international standard commercial kitchen equipment to the Australian market for the most economical price. We maintain a wide collection of 304 made stations that offer great longevity for minimum maintenance and are priced reasonably.

To meet the space requirements of different commercial kitchens, the benches from Simco are available in 600mm and 700mm depth range. Both the range covers models from 600mm to 2400mm width. The splashback models are also available in 600mm and 700mm depths. 

The thick stainless steel top comes with 3mm zincalume coated steel reinforced backing to ensure maximum longevity. Zincalume is a unique and expensive coating commonly used for roofing and cladding. It combines the benefits of both aluminium and zinc, making the resulting alloy coating highly resistant to corrosion. It also gives a fine, silvery matte finish.

The tabletops come with 41mm diameter round stainless steel tube legs with adjustable feet made of the same high-quality metal alloy. The undershelf provided is also made with thick stainless steel.

To ensure the best quality, we suggest spending on 304 made high-quality equipment that can provide good service and longevity without frequent breakdown. Apart from the benches, Simco also has an expansive collection of stainless steel made single sink benches, wall mounted and over shelves and all the other equipment and appliances used in small and large scale commercial kitchens.   


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