Reasons & Tips for Selecting a Good Exhaust Hood Canopy

Air cleaning equipment created in a rooftop style and imbues your kitchen with beauty and elegance is referred to as an Exhaust hood canopy. These products use the method of filtration and evacuation to remove grease, heat, fumes & smoke. As the air in the kitchen gets heavy with soot, fumes and oil, these canopies make the surroundings fresh and clean in the commercial catering space. In addition, these machines expel the smoke outside formed while cooking food with the help of a built-in duct. These appliances also have a unique filtration technique that purifies the soot & fumes-filled air and then pump it back into the kitchen.

When you establish your first restaurant or any other food outlet, you don't have to research which cooking appliances to use. This lack of research is because you know the type of food you will serve and the cooking range most equipped to prepare it. However, most kitchen owners don't know much about the canopy device as they are not cooking equipment. There are quite a few points to look at while choosing the canopy suitable for you. We will explain the importance of selecting the right equipment and share some tips with you to purchase the ideal one.

Apart from Canopies, there are multiple product options of cooktops at our disposal. One of the products is Commercial Gas Griddle, which is the best bet for shallow frying delicate food items. For more details, visit the Simco website.

Reasons to Choose the Right Hood Equipment

Helps in Controlling Fire

Cleaning shades help in efficiently suppressing the fire. Therefore, you have to purchase a commercial kitchen cover with a fire control system to use food preparation equipment that forms grease and smoke. You can browse the canopies on Simco, the leading exhaust hood canopy suppliers in Sydney & Melbourne.

Helps Removing Smoke, Grease & Heat

Exhaust shades help you remove smoke to ensure the safety and health of your employees. A large amount of smoke will hamper the kitchen's working, bother the staff, spread to the eating area, and drive customers away. In addition, the equipment also facilitates the removal of heat from your workplace, which can make your kitchen unbearably hot and make the workers pass out of fatigue. Also, as explained above, the covers remove the grease from the catering space, which is crucial for preventing fires and enabling cleanliness. The oil will settle on the kitchen surface if it is not removed, and your staff will require extra time to clean it.

As far as the right equipment for canopies is concerned, your kitchen should have Commercial Deep Fryers to provide the feature for even heat distribution. If you wish to buy this device, visit the official website of Simco.

Helps in Controlling the Spread of Odour

Apart from helping prevent fire and removing smoke and grease, another crucial role the exhaust hood canopy plays is working efficiently to stop the cooking odours from spreading to the whole restaurant. For example, an onion dish may taste great, but a customer may not want to smell it cooking. Therefore, installing the canopies devices is essential for your business.

Tips to Select the Right Exhaust Shades

Determine Whether you Need Type 1 or Type 2

One of the essential tips to select the product is determining whether you want type 1 commercial covers or type 2. You might have seen the two different types while browsing for the appliance. However, the difference between these two is dependant on the kind of food preparation for the restaurant.

If your food preparation results in the generation of excessive smoke and grease, such as frying and grilling, you need a type 1 canopy as it is liquid-tight and comes with a fire suppression system. However, if you own a bakery and indulge in baking and steaming, resulting in only heat and moisture production, a type 2 shed will be suitable for your establishment. You can check out the collection of Simco, one of the top exhaust hood canopy suppliers in Perth & Brisbane.

Determine the Exhaust Rate Needed for the Cover

Another crucial thing to consider is the exhaust rate required for your kitchen hood. The amount of air removed from your space using exhaust is derived as cubic feet per minute, or CFM. The rate of exhaust your kitchen exhaust awning needs depends on the production of heat and smoke by the cooking equipment used by the restaurant. It is also dependant on the kind of cuisine you prepare in your food outlet. For example, more grease is produced if your establishment churns out fatty food and cooking on a grill makes more minor 'thermal plume' than cooking on an open flame. All the mentioned above factors need to be considered to buy the cleaning cover.

One of the types of equipment that make the job of the Canopies easier is Commercial Gas Stoves. These products are available for every big & small food outlet and are very beneficial. To know more details, visit the Simco website.

Choose the Hood Design Suitable for your Kitchen

Selecting an appropriate canopy type is essential as there are various types of exhaust hood canopies available. In addition, you should make the right choice for your kitchen based on the space and design of your kitchen, along with the kind of cooking equipment you are using.

There are mainly three types of hoods available:

Proximity Hoods - These shades are smaller and installed in a very short distance to the cooking equipment. It comes in various styles, including pass over, eyebrow or back-shelf covers. These hoods need the least amount of cleaning to work efficiently and are suitable for appliances with a lower cleaning rate.

Wall-Mounted Canopy Hoods - As the name suggests, these canopies are installed or mounted on the wall and usually extend over the whole cooking appliance range. These canopies are more extensive than other models and need more cleaning volume as compared to the proximity variant. If you require the ceilings for your business, visit Simco, the leading exhaust hood canopy suppliers in Sydney & Melbourne.

Island Hoods - These shades are installed over the appliances range in a configuration of islands and generally hang from the ceiling. These covers need the most cleaning volume among all the models.

Verify the Installing Height & Physical Size of the Canopy

It would be beneficial if you focused on considering the physical size of the commercial awning machines once you get the knowledge of type, design style and cleaning rate you require for your workplace. First, determine whether the canopy you're going to purchase is the right size for your cooking devices or not. The cover should extend beyond the location of your installed appliances in most cases to prevent smoke and soot from escaping into other areas. In addition, it is also crucial to ensure that the shade is installed at a precise height. However, these technical specifications can only be based on the food appliance type your kitchen uses and the delicacies you prepare. You can consult experts in the related domain to know more about this aspect of the exhaust canopy.