The exhaust system makes an essential part of every kitchen and it is a mandatory piece of equipment for commercial food and catering businesses of every size. The vapour, grease, odour, and other particles generated during cooking can considerably deteriorate the air quality in the kitchen. On the other hand, the heat produced during cooking adds up to the temperature and can make it uncomfortable to work in. High temperatures in the kitchen can also trigger quick deterioration of the stored fresh produce. The right exhaust system is the key to solve these problems altogether.

A ductless stainless steel hood is often preferred over the ducted variety but both the types of exhaust systems have their specific applications and should be used as per the need of the business and any guidelines set by your local council. However, to get the best results, you must spend on a system that is of the best quality and complies with Australian standards.

Without going into any much ado, let us directly get into the most important benefits of having a ductless commercial stainless steel hood installed in the kitchen.

  1. Portable - One of the primary benefits of an exhaust system without ducts is that it is highly portable. The system comes as a single and compact unit hence moving it as per requirement and placing it in a new place wherever you want, is simple. Simco Hood DH1800 also comes with heavy-duty castors which makes it even easier to move as per your need.

With ductless systems, you also need not worry about any vents on the structure or how to arrange the tubes in a new position, which gives high flexibility. On the other hand, moving is a huge issue for ducted units and you cannot do it efficiently without professional help which naturally limits your options. 

        2. Easy to install – Installation of portable hoods is uncomplicated. There is no pipe or tube to connect to an open outlet through which the air with grease and other particles will be forced out of the kitchen. For installation, all you need to do is plug it in and it is ready to work.

Ductless vents are one compact unit and as they do not remove any air out of the kitchen, so there is no need for makeup air either.

Because of the ease, your stainless steel hood supplier might provide you same day delivery and installation if you need it. So, if you are running out of time and need to start operation at the earliest, the ducted exhaust is certainly your thing.   

        3. No damage to the structure – Exhausts with tubes essentially need to be connected with a proper vent for functioning and unless there is already an outlet in the wall that has been specifically made for the purpose, you will need to damage the structure to create a new opening. For ductless systems, there is no need to damage the structure. You can just install it anywhere you want.

If the cooking range or appliances are not placed close to a suitable wall for a canopy to be hung, you have to change the position of the appliance as per the position of the exhaust and not the other way round. It completely restricts your option to place the range or appliances at the centre of the cooking area unless there is already a vent on the ceiling. In the case of the ductless exhaust hood canopy, this problem does not even exist.     

A ducted exhaust also restricts your options of remodelling the kitchen and makes it more expensive. If you are changing the position of your range or appliances, first you should close the existing holes and vents and then create new ones in the new position which will naturally add to the expenses.

If you are using the ductless variety, while remodelling all you need to do is make sure that there is a proper electric point on the nearby wall to connect the exhaust.

       4. Environment friendly – The ductless systems help to purify the air and improve air quality. They remove the odour, oil, and other unwanted particles from the air and throws back purified air into the kitchen, which is naturally an environment-friendly way to manage indoor air quality. With the increasing amount of pollution, it has now become important to be careful even about the smallest things to save the environment, being completely environment friendly is a feature that you cannot neglect.   


       5. No added permission required – You might need to get additional permission for installing a ducted stainless steel hood in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth. If there are residential properties nearby or even other restaurants, the permission for the vent might be restricted to a specific wall or ceiling only. Whereas no additional permission is required for installing a ductless kitchen exhaust system. You can install it wherever you want in your kitchen.

Simco’s pick

Simco Hood DH1800 is a premium ductless exhaust hood system designed to meet the needs of commercial food and catering businesses. The hood is particularly suitable for accommodating 3 to 4 electrical appliances with up to 8kw max capacity for each. The 334watt motor is noiseless and has high suction power to ensure maximum efficiency.

The unit is made with 304 stainless steel which ensures great longevity apart from ease of maintenance and a sleek look. It is also fitted with quality LED lights for sufficient illumination during cooking. The hood complies with AS 1668.2 Amendment 2016.  To ensure maximum customer satisfaction Australia wide warranty on parts and labour comes bundled with the system. 

High quality, commercial kitchen equipment is not cheap but in the long run, it is sure to help you save through better service, minimum breakdown, and great longevity. High quality equipment also adds a great look to the kitchen, which is a nice bonus.  We vouch for the quality and in case you are looking for stainless steel hood for sale to save on budget, you may contact Simco for more information.