Exhaust hood canopies refer to the models designed in rooftop style and decorate your kitchen with class and elegance. These canopies remove grease, heat, fumes & smoke by using the process of filtration and evacuation. These are primarily used in cooking for commercial kitchens as the air there gets heavy with fumes, soot and grease. These machines have a built-in duct that helps in expelling the smoke outside, which is created while preparing food. These devices also have a distinct filtration mechanism that purifies the air heavy with soot & fumes and then pumps it back into the workplace. This process is like the method of recycling which is beneficial for every kitchen.

Features of Exhaust Food Canopies

  • Inclusive of Heavy Duty Castors
  • It comes with fully welded corners
  • Removable grease drain tray
  • Fitted with filter-less dividers
  • Fully Constructed Stainless Steel
  • Honey Comb Filters
  • Vapour proof led lights

Advantages of Exhaust Hood Canopies

Enhances Air Quality in Kitchen

The first and significant advantage of a good exhaust hood is that it assists the organisation in improving the quality of air in the kitchen.  The air quality degrades naturally in commercial cooking areas, where many activities such as cooking, searing,  frying, and grilling are performed all the time. The kitchen is a closed space irrespective of its area & that's where the hood becomes beneficial.  It expels all the smoke, soot, grease, and other dangerously toxic elements created while cooking. The commercial exhaust hood canopies absorb all the troublesome gaseous components from the workplace and dislodge them along with the smoke and grease. This process helps to enhance the indoor air quality to a great extent significantly, which is crucial to the safety of the employees apart from their well-being & health. 

 Provides Heat Control Facility

Cooking in the commercial food preparation units generates a lot of heat from sources such as open flames, heaters, ovens, and heated pans, along with other tools. This heat needs to be neutralised to maintain a bearable temperature. Though the canopy is no match for your air conditioning system, it still helps to minimise the heat created while cooking in the kitchen significantly. It banishes steam & hot air and assists in maintaining the indoor temperature. Additionally, it also decreases pressure on the air conditioning system. A catering company should always use a ductless system to filter the air created during food cooking and send it back to the kitchen. It enables you to keep pure air quality and temperature.

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Helps in Mitigating Bad Smell

The serene environment of the kitchen gets deteriorated by the smells of the fumes created during food preparation and the odour from raw meat and fishes. As no company wants its workplace to reek of foul odour, the hood becomes advantageous. It helps you a great deal to keep the food preparation area free from unwanted smells & odours. Thus the hood keeps your kitchen area fresh and hygienic with a good smell while doing its core job of removing toxic airborne elements, smoke & gases. For purchasing the canopies, visit Simco, the leading exhaust hood canopies supplier in Sydney & Melbourne.

Ensures Better Health for Your Employees

If an organisation wish to run its business successfully, it becomes crucial to monitor and take care of its employee's health, including the chef and other workers. Serving the customers the whole day while spending their time in a poorly ventilated room has hazardous implications on the health of your employees & leads to frequent losses for the organisation. Apart from the health hazards, a healthy and hygienic environment goes a long way in ensuring better sales, as the surroundings keep your employees in a happier frame of mind, and they can focus on their work in a better way. The canopies help ensure the safe and hygienic surroundings in your kitchen to make your kitchen staff efficient.

Helps in Efficient Cleaning of the Workplace

Cleanliness of the commercial kitchen is essential to maintain the quality & hygiene of the workplace. Authorities also set regulations to ensure that the kitchen is blemish-free so that healthy food can be served to the customers.  However, cleaning a commercial kitchen is easier said than done on account of the amount of cooking and usage of appliances each day. One of the significant challenges while maintaining cleanliness is the greasiness & the exhaust hood canopies make the work easy by absorbing grease and soot from the air & collecting them in a grease drain tray, which can be cleared quickly. This process helps prevent the dirt and oil from accumulating on walls & ceilings and saves other equipage from getting soiled.

Where Can You Use Exhaust Hood Canopies?

The following are some of the locations where the canopies can be used:


Cooking under high pressure is the norm in the world of restaurants. That is why these canopies prove helpful. These products keep the air filtration device running efficiently and ideally leading to a calm & happy employee base.

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Pubs & Bars

You can not guess looking at the front end of a bar or pub how messy the surroundings and sooty the air is at the back-end. These places are fun and happening outside, but it also needs the commercial exhaust hood canopies to expel the bad air collecting inside.

Super Markets & Grocery Stores

A big store like a supermarket or a convenience store regularly presents new organisational challenges in front of you. It becomes very hectic for your employees and the general workforce to cope with the same. The ductless hood canopies are the perfect choice to keep their morale up and get them ready for everything.

Cafes & Bakeries

Most food preparation in places such as a bakery or a cafe is fast, spontaneous and swift. These places also have to be consistent when it comes to the quality of the delicacies served. This quality is severely affected if the air is polluted and heavy with soot & smoke, and the food items meant for customer's perusal come in contact with the grease hanging in the air. Selecting a hood canopy ensures that such an incident does not happen and your products remain delicious and high-quality. For choosing a canopy, browse our collection by visiting Simco, the leading exhaust hood canopies supplier in Perth & Brisbane.

Old Age Homes & Hospitals

Scheduling the preparation of food items for a hospital or care home is a challenging job, as one has to be ready for any mishap and focus on keeping food items prepared so that they can be served at any time. Using a canopy in this place is both a requirement and an advantage, as the unique air filtration system ease the pressure on the workforce and ensures healthy air and life for all the people.

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