You will find many things scattered about in the kitchen, including food ingredients, perishable commodities and different spices. If you want to use these items for a considerable duration, you need to store them properly. That is why a commercial refrigeration appliance is essential to your company and can cool your drinks and other consumable materials to perfection. These refrigeration products are heavy-duty in nature that could survive a significant workload.  However, their continuous functionality makes it critical to perform routine maintenance and upkeep on these items. We will share a few suggestions on maintaining the refrigeration products in the given below segments.

One such piece of equipment with low maintenance is the Top-Mounted Solid Door Freezers, in which the ingredients are stored at precise temperature owing to the compressor unit on top. You can buy the product by visiting Simco’s official website.

Tips to Maintain Commercial Refrigeration Products

  1. Scrub the Internal & External Parts Frequently
  2. Clean the Condenser Coil Frequently
  3. Keep an Eye Around the Evaporator Coil Area
  4. Check the Gaskets Frequently
  5. Check the Air Filters for Cleaning Requirements
  6. Ensure Scrubbing Drain Pans and Tubes
  7. Ensure that your Refrigeration Equipment is Dry

Now let’s discuss the mentioned above points in detail.

Scrub the Internal & External Parts Frequently

Try to spare time weekly or bi-weekly to arrange comprehensive maintenance of your entire refrigeration unit that you can get on Simco, the leading commercial refrigeration equipment supplier in Sydney. Remove items to mop the internal part, and put them in a temporary cooler or another department. Use a soft brush and warm water, soap or a vinegar mixture to wipe the fridge surface and shelves. Soak any drawers and shelves if you can remove them in water for a while and clean them after rinsing.

You should also wipe the outer part of the cooling equipment. Always remember to apply appropriate scrubbing products on the exterior made up of stainless steel. Try to use a soft brush and wet cloth to mop the surface and prevent using chlorine cleaners and harsh sponges & scrubbers. One can easily maintain the product using a mixture of hot water and a detergent-based or vinegar solution.  Think about applying a baking soda paste if you want to remove grease or baked food remains.


Clean the Condenser Coil Frequently

Frequent cleaning of your commercial refrigeration product’s condenser coil is necessary. You can clean the machines every three months according to the recommendation of most manufacturers, who also offer particular maintenance tips for the appliances. It is hard to maintain accurate temperature if the device is not clean and dusty. This problem can result in overheating and machine failure if not taken care of quickly. To clean the condenser coil, switch off the power and use a stiff bristle brush to clean the accumulating dirt after locating the coil near the condenser. Once done, use an air compressor or strong vacuum to clean any vestiges of dirt. If your freezer item is located near fryers or grills in the kitchen, check the user manual as it should provide proper degreasing methods.

Keep an Eye Around the Evaporator Coil Area

The evaporator coil is also a crucial element of your commercial refrigeration products, similar to the condenser coil. This coil is situated near the evaporator fan. It is responsible for cooling the internal freezer by soaking heat as warm air goes through the refrigeration system. Make sure to consistently clean and maintain the adjacent area near the coil. Make sure to avoid putting piping hot items inside the fridge. The coil may freeze due to airflow blockage by the vents, resulting in water leakage and increased temperature. You can find good-quality refrigeration products with low-maintenance parts on Simco, the top commercial refrigeration supplier in Melbourne.

One such product where the care of evaporator coil needs to be taken is Solid Door Cooling/Freezer Tables, which contains a fan-forced cooling system and easily usable defrost function. For more clarity, visit the website of Simco.

Check the Gaskets Frequently

Any split or crack can prevent the door from sealing shut, which causes cool air to exit the fridge’s internal part. Therefore, door gaskets are crucial to any commercial refrigeration product. Get recommendations from appropriate manufacturers and ensure replacing the gasket if it is broken.  For instance, many manufacturers ask you for the product’s serial and model number while replacing a gasket. However, we are not suggesting that you should not clean the gaskets if there is no damage. Make sure to frequently clean them, especially if they are placed in a kitchen with additional application of grease/ If there are no splits or cracks, you should still routinely clean the gaskets to prevent any damage. This procedure should be done more often if the unit is in a commercial kitchen where grease is regularly used, as too much oil and dirt can wear out your gaskets over time.

Check the Air Filters for Cleaning Requirements

The air filters of your commercial refrigeration appliance can get affected by the constant generation of heat and dust from your fryers and grills. Routine maintenance of these filters is essential because air ventilation in the unit can get impacted due to a significant buildup. Use a powerful vacuum to expel any dirt or loose debris and ensure removing any thick grease with the help of a degreasing solution. In addition, read the user service manual to know about the proper filter degreasing process. Always remember that too much grease and dust can ruin the air filter. Also, ensure replacing the filter urgently on noticing any splits from the debris.

Ensure Scrubbing Drain Pans and Tubes

Your large commercial equipment can freeze up due to attracting a large amount of dirt, sludge and slime. Therefore, ensure checking any parts that could be victim to constant buildups, such as drain pan and tubings. Your drain pan can emit a foul smell throughout your kitchen space if allowed to overflow with moisture and slush. You can use a vinegar solution or a combination of soap and hot water to clean the pan minimum of once a month. In addition, your drain tubes can also choke due to excess grime. This clogging may result in significant blockage, and you should try to check the tubing every alternate month to prevent such a thing from happening. A major choke in your drainage pipes can cause an overflow in your defrost mechanisms that can seep into the floor. If you notice calcium or water spots on the exterior of the hoses, wash them with soap and water to prevent any future damage.

One of the appliances that need continuous maintenance is the Square Glass Cake Display, an integral part of every café and food outlet. For more details on the product, go to the Simco website.

Ensure that your Refrigeration Equipment is Dry

Too much moisture can cause the functionality of your refrigerator or freezer to deteriorate over time. Therefore, be sure to scrub any spills accumulation on the surface or shelves of your cooling units immediately.  In addition, take care to check moisture buildups weekly. You can also decrease the number of slips & falls by getting rid of the moisture from the fridge floors. This maintenance program applies to a walk-in unit as well available on Simco, one of the prominent commercial refrigeration equipment suppliers in Brisbane.