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Advantages of Commercial Refrigeration for Catering Companies

According to research, It has been predicted that the industrial refrigeration sector would grow aggressively over the next five years. It obviously means that the business of commercial refrigeration suppliers and distributors in Sydney & Melbourne is also set to witness a massive jump after surviving the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Commercial cooling devices refer to various heavy-duty equipment that could withstand a large amount of workload. The kitchen is the hub of many things scattered about, including spices and ingredients for different food items and some perishable objects. These materials have to be stored properly so that they can be used for an extended period. Therefore, this service is highly beneficial for every catering company. What are its other advantages? Let us discuss further.

Saves Electrical Energy

One of the significant benefits of commercial refrigeration is that it helps in saving a considerable amount of electrical energy. In addition, the frequent maintenance of these appliances makes sure that they provide services for an extended period and does not use too much electricity. The maintenance of the cooling equipment is done so that they save a lot of energy and are pretty energy-efficient. Make sure to do the servicing properly. If you are unable to perform the servicing work yourself, hire someone technically proficient and trained staff.

Helps to Keep the Space Cleaner

When you are working in the catering industry, it is paramount to keep your fridges and freezers neat and clean to make sure that the food stocks are adequately maintained. The industrial refrigeration equipment makes the process easy for you. It is easy to clean the surfaces and shelves of these appliances, reach corners of the fridge and rotate inventory. While mould and bacteria can form and spread promptly in smaller units that pose health hazards due to easy access of bacteria to cramped spaces, the larger cooling units assist the workers in arranging the food neatly and adequately inside the machines.

One of the appliances that help in cleaner space is called top-mounted solid doors/freezers.  In these devices, the compressor unit is placed on top of the machine to store ingredients or dishes at the right temperature. The design of these refrigerators/freezers is available with fully stainless-steel construction and self-closing & self-opening doors to ensure durability & ease of cleaning. The top-mounted commercial refrigeration solutions are available in single, double, and three-door models.

Saves Significant Amount of Money

As we have discussed in the first point, one of the crucial advantages of business refrigeration units is their energy efficiency compared to other variants. Naturally, when your equipment saves energy, it will reflect on the electricity bill as well. The usage of minimal electricity results in saving money and time in the long run. Combined with their core advantage of being the best way to chill food items and store more ingredients, this feature makes them the best. You can check out such equipment on Simco, the best commercial refrigeration equipment supplier in Brisbane.

Long-Lasting & Durable

In an industrial restaurant or kitchen setup, meals are prepared continuously throughout the day for the establishment's patrons. It means the doors of commercial refrigerators/freezer are opened more than in an average household. Therefore, all establishments need a piece of equipment that is durable and survives frequent use. Industrial refrigeration appliances are an ideal choice. These devices have solid and more robust hinges that can manage a big kitchen's pressure of day-day rigours. These machines are also built in such a way to provide you service for a very long time.

One of the most durable items from Simco stables is Solid Door Cooling/Freezer Tables. These tables come with zero-emission emission insulation foam & have +43°C ambient working temperature. Its features include a fan-forced cooling system & an auto-defrost function for easy useability.  These cooling/freezer tables can be purchased in two, three, and four-door models, and you can customise the freezer table with drawers. You can check a range of options at simco.

Possesses Larger Compressors

The compressor can be defined as the heart of refrigeration as it moves the refrigerant around the unit and controls its overall temperature. When we talk about commercial refrigeration, its compressor is better and more prominent than the one installed in an average household & work twice as efficiently as a standard refrigerator. The larger compressor is one of the enormous advantages of this system and is why you should switch to this model for your restaurants or other commercial kitchens.

Created Explicitly for Commercial Use

The significant advantage enjoyed by this kind of refrigeration is that they are created specifically for the commercial or industrial. A commercial refrigerator's internal processes & technicalities are different from a regular freezer due to their varied usage. In addition, industrial refrigeration equipment comes in different sizes as well like counter fridges and display freezers. Apart from that, the industrial fridges are built to comply with the norm of food industries. These sectors demand a particular standard of hygiene to be maintained for cleanliness & recommend a deep cleaning. Therefore, the commercial fridges are designed to enable easier deep cleaning.

Other Offerings By Simco Commercial Refrigeration

Bottom Mounted Display Refrigerators

Simco is one of the largest commercial refrigeration suppliers for these refrigeration solutions. The bottom-mounted refrigerators are perfectly designed for the display needs of various businesses. These are perfect for use in front of the houses & stores and ideal for customers to check and pick their choicest items.

These units maintain a temperature between -0°C to +10°C and have the functionality to set the temperature as per the changing weather through Digital control. The display consists of the LED feature. It is made durable with double-layer tempered glass, and Internal LED lighting and an LED light box give appropriate visibility of the products in storage. You can purchase it in single and double door models.

Glass Door Tables

The main advantage provided by Glass door cooling tables is that an easy visualisation of the items stored in them is possible, which leads to the easy search of the stored materials in the fridge. The features of these devices are almost similar to the solid door cooling variant. The only notable difference is that high-quality, tampered, double-glazed glass is used on the door here to ensure that the visibility in the cabinet is better. These tables can be purchased in two, three and four-door options on Simco, the leading commercial refrigerator supplier in Australia.

Refrigerated Cake Showcases

Simco has a great range of refrigerated cake showcases, perfect for the ever-diverse cake shops, restaurants, cafes, and other food outlets looking for a refrigerated display solution. It includes compact table-top showcases that serve as special catering equipment in commercial food preparation units. These devices operate between +2°C to +8°C range. These machines are available with sliding & removable doors, high-quality LED lighting, and heated glass for easy usage and visibility.

Compact Under-Counter Refrigerators/Freezers

The primary benefit of these commercial refrigeration devices is that they are exceptional at managing extra space. These freezers can be put in the storefront for easy storage and access to food items while ensuring the correct storage temperature and quality. Its interiors are made of stainless steel, and the exterior is designed with galvanised back panel. It can be bought in multiple door options and is perfect for industrial refrigeration applications apart from being completely environment-friendly.

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