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Features & Benefits of Commercial Gas Stoves

When a commercial restaurant or food outlet starts its business in the catering market, it requires different types of preparation equipment. These appliances may vary according to the type of cuisine a food joint offers, the skill-set of the employees and the time of business. However, the one thing that remains constant is a gas stove.

The commercial gas stoves consist of burners and base and work on either electricity, gas or induction. Burners are those individual parts that heat up on a stove and are required to heat the appliance. One can perform many acts of food preparation such as heating, cooking, frying, shallow frying and tossing on gas ovens. These products

 are available in two, three and four-burner variety, and buying one of them depends on the number of delicacies you will prepare at the same time.

Features of Commercial Gas Stoves

  • Serves the commercial environment through its heavy-duty constructed frame
  • Heavy load sharing burners with standby pilots
  • American Robertshaw valves and controls
  • Burners made of Stainless steel
  • Cast in 304 stainless steel
  • Manual controls
  • Heavy-duty black matt trivets
  • Pipe gas inlet of ¾ inch
  • Four stainless steel screws designed to sit on a bench on adjustable legs
  • Removable drip tray
  • Helpful and effortless hand-operated control
  • Simple and handy manual ignition to all burners
  • Available in Natural Gas and LPG Variants
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Easy maintenance
  • Simple to clean
  • Stands suit all types of grills stainless steel manufactured
  • 2 Years warranty on equipment parts & labour + extended two years warranty on only parts (when registered online)

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Benefits of Gas Stoves

Adjustable Temperature Settings

One of the benefits of the gas stove is that its thermostat adjustments make food preparation all the easier. You can adjust temperature settings at the touch of the knob. This feature results in a greater degree of freedom in making different dishes. Every food item requires a specific temperature. For example, if you want to boil water filled in a utensil, you need a particular temperature to get it heated. However, it would help if you waited a little longer for the pan to get heated in case of deep frying or shallow frying. As different types of dishes require varied temperatures for heating them, a sophisticated form of gas product variant provides you total flexibility to monitor temperature settings and prepare delicious dishes. If you want to purchase these products, visit Simco, the leading commercial gas stoves supplier in Sydney & Perth.

Helps You in Preparing Food Quicker

When many patrons are waiting for their order, the restaurant staff can't afford to delay the preparations even for a minute as the cuisines have to be prepared at very short notice and served hot. That is why all the top professional chefs prefer commercial gas appliances for their food preparation requirement. The reason is straightforward; they want to prepare the delicacies in a significantly faster way. As these appliances come with adjustable thermostat settings, as mentioned above, cooking becomes easy and swift. Once you develop a habit of cooking on a gas device, you would think twice before using any other cooking mode.

There are other appliances which assist you in the quick preparation of food. One of them is Gas Burners with Oven.

Distributes Heat In an Even Manner

One of the crucial advantages of commercial gas stoves is that it spreads the heat evenly and makes cooking easier. These machines enable the central part to get heated very swiftly, which leads to a significant reduction in your overall preparation for cooking.  As the warmth is dispersed evenly across the cooking pot, it does not leave behind burnt spots on the cooking appliance. In addition, the cooler parts do not come in the way of the ingredients throwing up. The gas devices assist you in dishing out challenging recipes effortlessly due to their feature of consistent heat distribution.

Saves Significant Amount of Energy

One of the enduring benefits of a gas stove is that it saves energy. A gas variant takes less time in heating up and cooling down when compared with an electric version. This swift process happens because the mechanics dictate that heating begins as soon as you turn on the gas, and food preparation stops the moment the knob is turned off. This process reduces the wastage of energy in the starting and closing. In contrast, the electric coils in the oven need time to heat adequately before cooking. Similarly, the electric variant takes a bit of time to cool after it is turned off. This feature makes the gas equipment the obvious and best choice for commercial kitchens.

We have a diverse catalogue of items that save significant energy while cooking delicious recipes. The Gas Char Grill Rock is one of those appliances. Browse our wide range at Simco.

No Need for Electricity

This point is another significant benefit of a gas stove and proves how crucial it is in a commercial kitchen. These variants work perfectly fine, even if there are constant power outages in your neighbourhood or city. In many places, electricity outage is a common phenomenon. The kitchens that use electrical cooking appliances such as microwave oven would face great difficulties because of it. As orders pour in through the day and customers wait for their order, you can't give petty excuses such as electricity failure to your patrons making a queue outside your restaurant. In such a scenario, commercial gas versions are the perfect option for you. Simco, the top commercial gas stoves supplier in Brisbane & Melbourne, has a wide range of such products for your perusal.

Light, Long-Lasting & Beautiful

One of the fantastic attributes of gas ranges is that they are more lightweight, durable and good looking than other variants of cooking equipment. These variants have a metallic frame and a finish that can serve you for a long time. If a restaurant opts for an open layout kitchen system, i.e. allow their patrons to see their cooking practices and methods, these products provide a visually stunning look. These beautiful items add to the ambience's charm and provide the inner strength to serve you for multiple years.

Enables Hassle-Free Cleaning

One of the pet peeves of restaurant owners is the cleanliness and maintenance of their equipment. In the case of the commercial gas stoves, they need not worry. These appliances are easy to clean. Due to the stainless steel body of the cooking top, you can easily wipe your stove thoroughly after every cooking session.

Many commercial kitchens argue that the visual aesthetic of an appliance is essential, and they invest heavily in devices such as Glass top cooking ranges. These stoves indeed look attractive but get blotched and stained very quickly. Therefore, you have to wipe the stove with a mixture of soap and water frequently. In addition, you also need to switch on the exhaust so that the fumes do not sit on the stove and make it look dirty. You don't have to face any such problems while cleaning a stainless steel cooking stove.

Simco has a range of equipment that enable effortless cleaning while giving tremendous service to the users, such as Commercial Deep Fryers. For more information on this delicacy generating device, visit simco.

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