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Gas Cooktops- Benefits and shopping concerns of professional appliances

While you think of opening a mass food-producing facility or a community kitchen, you must be having a list of required professional appliances. Equipage like freezers, refrigerators and chillers might top your list. But we hope you do not make the mistake of placing a domestic appliance for a commercial gas cooktops to save money. Many newbies in the catering facility seldom take bad decisions of using the range of their home kitchen to serve a prominent number of people using the same.

In the beginning, the domestic range used in the home kitchen might function adequately in a food trade facility but surely cannot withstand the rough and tough handling and functions of a restaurant or a community kitchen. Let's brush through at some of the high-yielding outputs that a commercial gas cooktop wins over a domestic one.

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  1. Commercial gas cooktops offer mass meal production.
  2. Multiple methods and cooking procedures is another excellent benefit for a kitchen in a mass food-producing facility.
  3. Gas Cooktops of industrial use are designed to give way more controls and functions than a domestic one.
  4. With major controls and multifunctional ability, chefs perform a high meal-prep task with excellent efficiency.
  5. Installing and using professional ranges to their full ability increases the kitchen's output, raising the profits of the restaurant kitchen.
  6. Chefs can use professional ranges for longer hours as they are designed with heavy insulation mechanisms. So the touchpoints of the equipment and the cookware do not heat, making it easy for the staff to do their food jobs.
  7. Apparatuses of a community kitchen facility can brave heavy-duty food workout which lasts for future years.
  8. Heavy-duty gas cooktops are manufactured under Australian guidelines & protocols. This is a vast benefit as safety at the workplace is the priority of any business. You can check for the safety certification of the brand.
  9. Ranges or gas cooktops are manufactured with multiple burner points giving the staff enough space and increase the ability to cook or pre-prepared meals during rush time or on occasions.
  10. Placement of the burners in a domestic version will not allow you to accommodate multiple orders and prepare food with different methods and cookware of different sizes and shapes. But the industrial apparatus of a gas cooktop is fashioned to do the same.
  11. Gas cooktops in domestic Australian kitchens are prone to frequent breakdowns and other risks in a community kitchen. In contrast, the industrial version found in Australian restaurants experiences minor issues of malfunction, making your foodservice smooth.
  12. The highlight- You will lose warranty privilege if you use a domestic gas cooktop in a restaurant facility. No brand will support you with warranties, services or parts repair or replacement.
  13. Kitchens of industrial nature can serve a broad range of cuisines like curries, sauces, steaks, different bakeries and heavy output of frying jobs.
  14. Commercial gas cooktops in Melbourne and Sydney come with dynamic functions. They are integrated with advanced techniques so that chefs can bake, broil and steak at the same time to facilitate food trade service.
  15. In a facility where food production and service are at mass level, chefs must prepare in large stainless steel pans, utensils or need stainless steel lids to cover. This can only be achieved in the industrial version of a professional range.
  16. All the members of the kitchen brigade get the advantage of preparing various dishes at different heating levels. Commercial gas cooktops facilitate food jobs at several intensities to achieve perfectly prepared cuisines.

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Now that the unrivalled benefits of a heavy-duty gas cooktop are straightforward, shopping for the same appliance should be equally clear. Vital concerns should top your list while buying a gas cooktop of an industrial nature. 

Many Australian brands manufacture gas cooktops for industrial use. These appliances are available in a variety of designs, shapes, capacities and functions. But which professional range would suit your need? If you shop for a domestic one, you might save money, but will that prove productive enough for your catering business? To save money or escape a heavy investment, you might compromise on quality and durability. But that is not the right move. 


The above reasons are more than enough to learn the aspects to be considered for commercial catering equipment. You might not want to shell out funds for appliances that do not serve any purpose in your restaurant kitchen and prove to be a burden. Therefore, let's invest some time considering the following before you step into the Australian market to pick your heavy-duty gas ranges.

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1. Purpose- The first and foremost aspect to be focussed on is the purpose of the purchase. Your usage goal will direct you towards what type and model of the gas cooktop will work for you. Menu items will give you directions on the number of dishes prepared on the appliance. The other factors are the frequency and the number of staff members who can use the machine simultaneously. Various methods to prepare the same menu items to determine your perfect appliance are another aspect you shouldn't ignore. E.g., If you are running a bakery, you require to bake many bakery items like pastries, cakes, muffins and pies. So a professional gas range with an oven will suit your need. The chefs can use the gas burners to prepare syrups, liquid savouries and melted chocolate to decorate bakery items.

2. Capacity- The second aspect the should be on your list is the size of the appliance. The apparatus should roll out a high volume of food during peak hours or business hours by saying this. Simultaneously, it would help if you also were calculative about the dimensions of the cooktop so that it fits easily into your heavy-duty kitchen space. E.g., if you have limited retail space for your catering business, opt for a professional gas range of a smaller capacity that will fit in easily. And the appliance should be able to roll out the required quantity of meals, especially during holidays, festivals and business hours. 

3. Highlights- You should choose an appliance that comes with unrivalled features. Simco is the leading manufacturer and supplier of commercial gas cooktops in Sydney and other metro cities of Australia. You will find a variety of appliances in each segment with unique features and dynamic functionality. Your selection should be based upon the outcome by using the features. If an apparatus has all you require, but its features do not convert your requirement, why should you pay for that? Some are designed with vents, while others come with technology-based touchpads to initiate ignition. A gas cooktop that serves your daily operations without burning a hole in your pocket should be a wise choice.

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Restaurants and community kitchens in metro cities of Australia see a wide variety of appliance of industrial need. Commercial gas cooktops come in many designs, functions, quality, materials, capacities and appearances. Simco has an extensive network of distribution in the country. They make appliances available at any place in the country. Simco comes with multiple layers of experiences in the Australian food industry. The expertise is evident in the online inventory. The warranty policies are unbeatable. Simco offers two years warranty (Service, parts and labour) + 2 years warranty on parts only when registered online. Not just this. Simco is an expert in safe appliance delivery. Simco online products come with e-catalogues that provide a good base for installing, using and maintaining the equipment. Team Simco is a group of experts who have spent years of service in the catering segment. Concerns, questions and emergency spikes are dealt with utmost professionalism here.


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