Exhaust Hood Canopy Buying Guide: Things to Consider Before Buying

The exhaust hood canopy is designed in a rooftop style and adds beauty and class to your commercial kitchen. These range lids are crucial for aeration, removing odour & air pollutants, and keeping your kitchen safe and free from awful smoke. The beautiful range canopies offer better aesthetics to your food preparation space and perform admirably well by focusing on performance in its modern-day technology. This combination of aesthetics and performance is the reason why you should choose these products for your kitchen.

There are multiple product options for cooktops on our page apart from Canopies, and one of them is Commercial Gas Griddle, which is the best option for shallow frying delicate food items. Visit the Simco website for additional details.

Working Process of the Exhaust Hood

The range cover is designed like a canopy and equipped with a fan on the internal part. Therefore, its working process includes expelling and removing the food odour and smoke generated from cooking from the kitchen. By performing this function, the product cleanses the air and keeps your kitchen smelling new and fresh. These range awnings are available in various designs and offer easy controls through the support of multiple smart devices. We will try to talk about some things to consider while buying hood canopies in the following lines.

Check the CFM of the Exhaust Canopies

There are three points to consider while calculating the minimum size of a range lid. These points are - The cooking surface size, the amount of heat that a food preparation surface produces and the kitchen space and size. If you want your cover to be installed in the wall, you should have 100 cubic feet per minute (CFM) per linear foot area. For example, you should have a canopy rated at 250 CFM ((30/12)*100 =250 if you have a 30-inch wide range. In another scenario where the awning is installed over an island, the required space will be 150 CFM/linear foot. In such a scenario, the 30-inch cooktop would require 375 CFM. You can check multiple varieties of the product on Simco - one of the leading exhaust hood canopy suppliers in Sydney.

Ask About the Polyurethane Filter

When you cook oily cuisine or use vegetable oils, your food will always contain grease. If the lid is installed over the cooking top, these foods tend to split the fat to that equipment. Therefore, the machine uses a polyurethane filter to remove all the contaminations and oil from junk and greasy foods. This part of the canopy maintains the soaking effectiveness of the appliance & can remove up to 98 per cent of the fat impurities. The foul odour, food smells, steam, smoke, soot and other contaminations present in your commercial kitchen can easily be removed through this device. Therefore, ask the manufacturer about the filter cover on the awning.

Apart from the filter, precise equipment for the canopies is also essential. One appliance that your kitchen should have is Commercial Deep Fryers that provide even heat distribution. Visit the official website of Simco if you wish to buy this device.

Check the LED Lighting

LED lights that function as notification units are provided with all the smart appliances that require close observing. Therefore, ensure checking the LED lights while selecting an exhaust hood canopy if you want to check your cooking procedure and the functioning of the cover. LED lights to perform several functions, including illuminating and signalling the features of the cooking components. It also displays the cooking timer you have set for your consideration.

Verify Whether the Device is Easy to Monitor

Most of the range canopies available today are developed to be compatible with smart devices. If the lid you have selected also comes with this feature, you also need to choose a cooking top that functions well with the applications of the smart devices. Since the kitchen is a hub of all the activities and you have to continuously go back and forth to check your food item, having this feature is paramount to transforming your supervising services effortless. Irrespective of your present location, the information of what is cooking in your kitchen can be provided by your smartphone from anywhere. If you wish to buy this item, visit Simco - one of the top exhaust hood canopy suppliers in Melbourne.

See the Features of Timer & Refresher

Various innovative range awnings come with an automatic on and off the system. These products also consist of a refresher feature which allows you to refresh the device by setting up the timer. This feature continues till the cooking is completed. Therefore, it doesn’t let you worry about the working process of the range and helps you keep doing other work without a hood. For example, set the hood timer for an hour if you plan to bake for that duration. This process allows the hood to switch off automatically when the stove is turned off. Its refresher feature assists the user to expel the foul air out of the kitchen and keep it fresh. The refreshment time can be set according to your preference.

Check the Adapt Tech Feature

The adapt tech feature ensures that the air around the kitchen is clean and fresh by changing the fan on the device quickly. Most modern exhaust hood canopies consist of this feature. It works by scanning the cooking location and sensing the level of grease, soot, contaminants, and even smoke in the kitchen. The method helps the hood to adjust its function swiftly if the pollutant levels exceed in the room. In eliminating the impurities, the fan slows down and eventually turns off when it’s not required.

Check Whether the Material is Stainless Steel

It is essential to wipe and clean your hood canopy frequently to remove the soot and other impurities clinging to it. Therefore, make sure to check that the canopy material is long-lasting and resistant to rust while selecting your preferred equipment. You should be able to clean the device with a wet cleaning cloth without worrying that it will get damaged. If you do not want the fingerprints to leave marks on your appliance while touching, ensure checking whether the substance on the outer part constitutes a touch-free coating.

One of the pieces of equipment made of stainless steel and eases the task of a hood is Commercial Gas Stoves. These products are handy and are available for every big & small restaurant and food store. You can check out the Simco website for more details.

Check the Heat Sensors

Another essential point to consider is to check the heat sensors of the hood. Range hoods control the amount of heat in the kitchen as they are fitted with a fan. If the food preparation generates high temperatures, the heat sensor in the device gets notified of it and balances the heat in the room by quickly turning on the fan.  

Check the Number of Fan Speeds

Check with the supplier about the necessary number of fan speeds. It is recommended that you use a minimum of two rates: a high-speed setting to use when cooking and a shallow and tranquil environment to use after cooking to continue ventilating the space while eating.  Any more than three set speeds are unnecessary. If the supplier wishes to provide the number of speeds exceeding three, it should just utilise a changeable speed switch that the user can easily set to any rate desired. For more options for this product, you can go to Simco, the leading exhaust hood canopy supplier in Perth.

Take a Look at the Thermostat Control Feature

Protecting the microwave products from being damaged by high temperatures is the real purpose of the thermostat. The exhaust fan expels the hot air and pulls in cooler air from the rest of the kitchen in case of exceedingly high temperatures under the microwave. If the temperature below the canopy gets too high, a built-in temperature sensor in some models automatically turns on the fan. This feature is available mainly on over-the-range microwaves. However, this feature is not recommended because if you are cooking with oil and your pan catches fire, the exhaust fan will come on, drawing more air to the fire, fanning it, and perhaps making matters worse.