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Commercial hoods- a vital role player in your facility

A commercial exhaust system is a critical apparatus with strong properties to facilitate safe and effective operations. Commonly cast in stainless steel hoods are an essential part of any facility. The presence of this kind of apparatus has a significant impact on the humans working under it. Suppose people are performing cooking jobs in harsh warm conditions and wearing multiple layers of clothes. In that case, they will still feel warm despite an efficient apparatus. But if the workers or humans under it wear lightweight and breathable fabric, they will not sweat and feel exhausted. In environments where chefs work, they have to wear chef hats, aprons and even gloves. Sucking out the smoke and smell of the workplace will regulate the inside air and maintain the temperature.

The heat is just one part of the discomfort, and humidity is the other part. The exhaust system needs to churn out the pollution particles that result from mass cooking jobs using various methods. A relaxed, happy, and highly efficient staff member in the working place will add value and profits to the business. Regulating the inside air when temperatures are down is comfortable and easy. But in summers, one has to deal with heat and humidity to accomplish assigned tasks.

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In a fit-out where the origin of heat is of various types and intensities, people tend to sneak into places where the temp is low and humidity does not bother them. While you prepare to shortlist the required commercial equipment for catering or other setups, design conditions are dealt with critically. Design conditions cover both summers and winter conditions.

Vitals of Equipment

In facilities where different types of heating like convection, radiant, conduction & gas are used for cooking food will heat the kitchen. A poorly assembled hood with improper insulation between the interior and exterior of the hood is the main reason for the heating. Heat should only warm the food and not the one preparing it.

Placement of equipment

Installation of an efficient and robust apparatus will help to curb this issue. A well-engineered and manufactured hood will minimise the dire impact of the heat in the kitchen, giving the workers a comfortable workspace. The proximity of the hood framework from the wall or roof will affect the volume of exhaust air circulated. Moreover, the strategic placement of cooking appliances like charbroilers, commercial gas cooktops, commercial fryers and other benchtop cooking equipment will help in the proper functioning of the hood. Yet another crucial factor that needs to be kept in mind while making purchases for your commercial facility. Your appliance's characteristics, features, and performance will determine the physical placement and the version of the exhaust apparatus.

You can always involve your stainless steel hood supplier to get a more precise and calculative picture of the installation of the exhaust equipment.

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Specific technology & Manufacturing

A wide variety of exhaust equipage is available today in the Australian market to brave the challenging weather conditions, comply with Australian safety protocols and code requirements. Apparatus with UV light, control unit, automatic water washing, controlled ventilation are some of the highlights that address the needs of owners of various facilities. Many brands manufacture hoods with ultra-modern mechanisms, materials and controls, giving the staff enough freedom to control the atmosphere according to their preference. If you need proper guidance, knowledge and expert advice on stainless steel hoods, contact Simco today. You can visit our Sydney showroom for a detailed visit.

The actual condition of workspace

Facilities with a low roof or low height should be considered or shared with stainless steel hood suppliers while planning for installation. According to the site challenges, type and version of the exhaust system will be specified or suggested. A site visit by the brand you are interested in will make things more clear and specific. A variety of customised options are also available in Melbourne and Sydney to overcome such type of shortcomings. Again, the fabricator can provide you with solutions while designing your catering facility.

Air distribution

The performance of your commercial stainless steel exhaust hood will critically and largely depend on how balanced is your site. Make-up air needs to be optimised in terms of its direction, speed and volume. While designing your workspace, it is essential to consider the air distribution factor.

Commercial inventory manufactured and distributed by Simco as per Australian standards and guidelines are available throughout the country. If you are looking for a stainless steel supplier in the capital city and Melbourne, remember Simco is there for you.

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We have discussed critical factors in the detail needed to be kept in mind while planning and purchasing a robust apparatus. Now let's take a look at the other factors that are as important as the above while we shop for the perfect equipment:

Which one?

Grease and heat are the two broadly categorised factors that need to suck out in a mass food-producing fit-out. We require a heat ventilation system when our cookhouse performs heating and cooking jobs at high levels and different intensities. And we need a grease ventilation apparatus when our menu items require the staff to perform heavy-duty frying jobs. There can be a possibility that you might need an efficient installation of both. But this largely depends on menu items, the number of orders and the frequency of food preparation.

Exhaust fan? Really?

One of the most significant parts of the exhaust system is the exhaust fan. A high power fan will be needed in the workspace if the site is enormous. You can choose from an up blast fan or a down blast fan. The exhaust fan helps in maintaining clean air and reduces the risk of accidents like kitchen fires.

Be choosy for a make-up air fan

Once the entire smoke and heat are out of the workspace, a make air fan is required. Usually similar to an exhaust fan, its prime function is to suck in air and pump it into the kitchen. The airflow of the kitchen is utilised in circulating fresh air, and the fan works to keep safe the energy coming from heating and air-conditioning.

Check the duct

Professional smoke and heat regulators are incomplete without a well-developed duct system. The complete functionality of the commercial stainless steel hood required curbs for proper working.

Rate of exhaust

The unit to measure the rate of exhaust hood is cubic feet per minute. (CFM). It defines the amount of air that should be removed from your food work area. The pointers considered while calculating CFM are the heating jobs, frying jobs and the smoke generated.

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Fire suppression system

Do not forget safety at the workplace is of utmost importance. To avoid serious fire accidents, installation of suppression systems post commercial exhaust apparatus is a must. This system is usually operated manually and is connected to the water tanks of the premises.

Hood Filter

Hood filters play a vital role in the successful working of a commercial exhaust system. Its two leading functions are to reduce the grease in the duct and to stop flames of fire from entering the vent. The Australian market has three main types of filters:

  • The stainless steel honeycomb filter
  • Aluminium honeycomb filters
  • Stainless steel baffle filters

The fire statistics from Australia show that the main reason behind the accident is the onset of fire in ducts. Incidents usually happen when filters get choked with grease, dust, and other particles and chimneys are not serviced for hard grease. And the fire spreads through the vent to other parts of the kitchen.

Experts say that grease filters reduce the amount of it entering the vent and thus reduce mishap chances. Installation of filters in hood systems is essential and critical. Regular checks, cleaning and maintenance, will increase the life of the apparatus and keep the human workforce safe and secure.

Australians enjoy chilled drinks in summers as the conditions get tough. Facilities that supply such items require modern commercial refrigeration that have high performance and low energy consumption. Shop for environment-friendly refrigeration equipment at Simco.

Upcoming brand in Australia showcase dynamically designed and engineered appliances that suit the strict codes and protocols of the country. But none give eminent reasons that would save unwanted expenses and messy business operations. Simco is a renowned name for apt commercial kitchen equipment. The brand provides warranty policies like none in the country. A group of experts in various facilities or fit-outs handle customers and their queries. We have a critical eye for every detail that the client shares. You are encouraged to shop for an appliance that syncs with your needs and requirements. And get your piece safely delivered anywhere in Australia.   

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