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Common Gas Cooktop issues and how to solve them

A busy kitchen fully-equipped with high tech appliances and a good kitchen brigade is all that is needed to hit a successful food venture. And you should not be surprised if you encounter issues in the working of such equipment.

We are going to specifically talk about the shortcomings one faces while using commercial gas cooktops. They get the power to enable heavy-duty cooking from either Natural Gas, Electricity or Liquified Propane. But don’t stress when your appliance refuses to work. I know you might run down a roller coaster of thoughts that how will you prepare the hot pasta sauces or how long will your guests wait for their bar-be-que order if your equipment does not support you?

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We do understand that a busy kitchen is highly dependent on its cooktops and ranges. And if you face issues in the rush hour or at some event hosting, then it can lead to a huge amount of chaos. But not to worry. You will be glad to know that issues of a gas cooktop can be fixed without much hassle.

We have listed the 5 main issues which arise while using such type of equipment and how you can fix them:

1.      Slow heating- This can be one of the biggest issues while you are busy preparing dishes. This will not only slow down the process of preparation but will make the visitors yell with anxiety. Some dishes require high temperatures during the cooking process. This way they get perfectly prepared to serve. Low heat will not allow proper cooking of so many similar types of food during the prep process.

The Fix: There can be a possibility of the burners being choked with debris or food spills. This does not allow the flow of the flame to come out completely. Acting as a blockage, you won’t be able to prepare aptly when the burner openings are clogged.

A thorough cleaning of the openings will help you solve this problem. You should ensure the knobs of the appliance are turned off while you think of cleaning. Before touching the parts of the appliance, make sure they have cooled down. Remove the burner grates and its caps. Soak then in warm soapy water. You can pick an industry-grade detergent with low chemicals. A not so hard brush will help your scrub off the greasy patches that are lying over the caps. While a toothpick and thorough rinse will clear the openings and gas valves. A dash of vinegar can give you good cleaning results.

2.      No spark in the Gas burner to light: To light the gas burner, it needs to get ignited first. If it does not, you get stuck even before the prep process begins. This can be very irritating. You may come across such type of issue in both gas cooktops and electric ones.

The Fix:  You should notice how is the burner behaving while you try to light it. The standard sound is that of clicking along with that unusual smell of gas. If you hear the sound and can not smell the gas, then possibly there is an issue with the gas flow. But if you do not hear the ticking sound while there is a smell of the gas, then there is an issue with the ignition switch or ignition point.   

To start with troubleshooting, first, switch the knobs off and unplug from the gas inlet.

Remove the cooktop grater and cap of the burners. After clearing off any food spills, try to rejoin wires as they might have become loose. If this doesn’t work, you might require a new ignition set. Look for a warranty on your warranty card which you have received while you made a purchase. Seek professional help from your commercial gas cooktop supplier. Services at Simco are offered to curb such issues. We cater to all major cities of Australia for gas cooktops like Sydney and Perth.

3.      Burners of Electric cooktop won't heat: If you have an electric mechanism driven cooktop, you might face this type of issue. In an electric set up, all the burners are connected with an ignition system which gets started at the onset of electricity.

The Fix: Check whether all burners are not heating or any one is not responding to the electric current. If none of them is responding, then it is an electrical issue. For this, you should call you commercial catering equipment supplier. Still, the issue persists, then a replacement would be required, so check the warranty card.

Another reason could be that just one of the coil is not heating up. So, you need to check whether the coil itself is properly plugged in or not.

You can even seek a replacement of the coil in case the coil is damaged.

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4.      The induction element does not heat: Another issue you can face while using commercial cooktops is that the element inside the mechanism that does not get heated up.

The Fix: One of the reasons could be the compatibility of the utensil used while preparations. Some cookware isn’t suitable to be used for specific kinds of induction cooktops. You should consider this factor while purchasing utensils for your cooking appliances. The mechanism in induction heats the pan or utensil directly unlike the traditional way. For induction style of appliances, you will be requiring ferromagnetic cookware. They are known to be the most suitable material for induction ranges.   

5.      Non-stop ticking sound: While you start your cooktop, the ticking sounds normal and relieving as it confirms the start of the cooking job. But due to some fault, if this sound doesn't stop and the burner is not ignited, then it is a matter of concern.

The Fix: This issue arises when the path or flow of the burner is obstructed. So just check for any dirt or debris that is blocking the way of the burner or its slim holes. Some cooktops are not sealed with burners. So food spills get clogged very easily in the gas crates. You will need a thin metal clip to separate the crates so that all the dirt can be easily removed.  Avoid using flammable things.

Still, if the sound does not stop, moisture could be another reason. If there is good air circulation where the cooktop is placed, then after a few minutes of drying up, you will be good to go without the sound.

Just follow these handy suggestions and your food work will not be interrupted. But if you are seeking a major fix or an upgrade of the equipment, reach We are best known for our services, innovatively designed catering inventory, warranties and deals for our customers. The best gas cooktops are found here for sale. You can also choose from a wide variety of appliance across many categories that are designed for the food business.

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