Planetary Mixers at Simco Group are an ideal choice for baker businesses and commercial joints that plan to sell bakery shaped recipes. Food trade types like café corners, ice cream parlours, mobile catering, food trucks and bakery outlets (obviously). Simco provides delivery of commercial planetary mixers across Australia with not to be missed deals, warranties and services.

Such types of equipage are apt for kneading, mixing, tapping, stirring and blending a variety of ingredients in dry and liquid form. Heavy duty Planetary food mixer is a heavy-duty food processor that acts as a huge support system to your kitchen staff members. These appliances are designed to reduce the workload in a high-traffic kitchen, thus increasing the output of your commercial kitchen. Planetary stand mixer and Planetary floor mixers offer a variety of options that not only suit your operational needs but your staff’s convenience too. This equipment is not to be missed while planning your list of commercial kitchen types of equipment.

Which Planetary Mixer is my pick?

Your pick is dependent on various factors that should be overlooked. Like the budget, staff skills, menu items, requirements of your customers and future modifications in menu items. If you need to pick one point that would revolve around your pick, that would be the capacity of the mixing bowl. Study your menu items and your daily requirements carefully and then buy your perfect pick. If you have to produce huge quantities of batter, then the standard 7-litre bowl will not be your ideal pick. This capacity is suitable for smaller outputs, like in a domestic kitchen or in a commercial kitchen where bakery products are rolled out compactly.

Simco Group is the best heavy duty planetary mixer supplier across Australia and New Zealand. You will find mixers of reliable brands with a bowl capacity of 10, 20 and 30 litres capacity.

What type of ingredients are to be used while operating a planetary mixer?

Mixers are known as the master of food prep jobs in a commercial kitchen. As they function with a variety of ingredients, chefs call them their best kitchen buddies. When we talk about mixing and beating processes of food prep tasks, they perform jobs on a wide range. Specially designed for kneading and blending ingredients for the dough, cream, butter, eggs, whipped cream, fillings for scones and similar such food types. Not just a bread dough, you can also need pizza dough for pizza lovers. So pizza joints can’t ignore this wonder appliance. The bowl of such appliances carry capacities from 10 litres to 30 litres can knead doughs to serve large demands and can blend sauces and dressings used for pizzas, kinds of pasta and salads.

Simco is a leading platform for heavy-duty planetary mixers on sale. 

How is a Planetary Mixer fashioned?

The apparatus of a planetary mixer for food business holds two kinds of bowl placements. A stationary one and a movable one. Starting with the bowl capacity of 10 litres, appliances are available in stainless steel material. Such material is highly preferred as it if a food-grade material.  Mixers are also designed for floor placements and stand placements. They can be easily placed on benchtops as per the convenience of the kitchen staff. The base beneath the mixer bowl is solid. Planetary mixers at Simco are designed by seasoned brands. Their set-ups cater to the commercial needs of food businesses and the hospitality industry as a whole.

You will find planetary mixer at Simco which is gear driven with automatic stop functionality of gears are switched without stopping the appliance. It is also equipped with a safety power switch off to avoid overusing of the appliance. Such finely designed appliances are user-friendly and quite easy to maintain.

You need to be careful while placing accessories of mixers into dishwashers. Some are not meant to be so you have to clean them separately in your washing sinks or stainless steel tubs.

What accessories come with a Planetary Mixer?

Your purchase with Simco is hassle-free and quick. You will receive stainless steel dough hook, flat beater, stainless steel mixing bowl and wire whisk. Along with all of this a safety guard is given to ensure safe usage of the appliance. Unique features like interlocked bowl lift and bowl guard are a part of the unique online inventory of planetary mixers at Simco. If you buy from us, you have the convenience of operating the appliance at 3-speed levels. Such appliances at Simco with 30, 20 and 10 litres come with a 6 feet long cord. This makes the placement of the appliance extremely convenient to place on countertops at a distance from the electric point.  

What is the way to make Planetary Mixers last long?

We understand you invest a huge amount of investment in commercial equipment while you are starting your food business or renovating or expanding an existing one. To make heavy-duty appliances last long, ut is imperative to clean and maintain them regularly. This not only increases the life of the equipment but it also makes operations in the busy kitchen smooth and uninterrupted. Make sure you unplug the appliance before you start the cleaning process.  The hooks that do the whisking of blending jobs need to be carefully washed and cleaned. If the size does not fit in the dishwasher, then that need to be wiped with a dry lint-free damp cloth and then dipped in warm soapy water for about an hour. Make sure you not only clean the accessories and equipment but disinfect also. By avoiding such, they might turn into breeding grounds for pathogens. You need to stay away from high chemical or corrosive detergents as they might ruin the metal of your appliance. As this type of equipage runs on gears, do check whether the gear area is greased well to avoid wear and tear. The solid base needs to be lifted and wiped with disinfectant once every day according to the frequency of usage. Bacterias look for such places to breed. Many follow a scheduled cleaning task to ensure the staff follows the cleaning process, ensuring food safety too. You receive a catalogue while purchasing such types of appliance. Study those instructions and follow strictly to avoid losses which could take you far.

Planetary Mixer as the name suggests works in the same fashion as the movement of all elements of the universe. While the hook rotates in one direction, movable bowls also move for effective kneading, mixing and blending. When you plan your purchase, you should consider the warranties the brand is offering as they play a vital role in curbing expenses and maintain the efficiency of the kitchen jobs. Many brands also replace equipment if needed and also offer smooth deliveries of types of equipment. Your brand should also be lucrative when it comes to services and labour. So do research well while picking your product.

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