Your Easy Guide to Food Prep Types of Equipment

Congratulations, on your new establishment/restaurant/food joint/fast-food restaurant/mobile catering service/ etc…. And you begin your food business by making the right decision for buying the perfect Commercial Food Prep Equipment.

Now, what decision is the right decision? Your choice of purchasing food prep equipment should be as per your staff and your menu. These are going to be the only thrust behind the choices you make. You might require a specific tool like a butcher’s knife. But what if your staff does not even know how to hold it? Or you might have a well-skilled staff member who knows how to operate planetary mixers but you pick up a normal household food factory. Every commercial kitchen is different as it has a unique menu to serve. A simple brunch might not require heavy-duty machines while a highly gastronomical dinner would not be possible without commercial food prep equipment.

Identifying the skills your staff has or needs in future and what your menu requires is going to be vital. And for newbies, it can be extremely daunting to think and process what should be picked or not.

Allow me to make you familiar and give you a checklist that will be your buddy while you carry on with your super heavy tasks to not only open a new establishment. But to run it smoothly by equipping your commercial kitchen with the appropriate machines:

1. Equipment for Cooking- A cooking range is undoubtedly the most essential pick for your commercial kitchen. A range is a combination of burners as well as an oven. It is surely your multitasker buddy in the kitchen. Depending on the space and requirement of your kitchen in the restaurant, you can select a 2 burners range or even a 12 burner range.

Commercial Ovens are available in many sizes and shapes to aid trading space. Tasks like heating, cooking, baking, roasting are the tasks that can ease with commercial ovens. You will find a normal commercial oven doing these tasks whereas a complicated set up as well doing the same. Now that depends on your budget and set up.

Char grills (char broilers) give an appealing visual effect and taste to your food especially meat, fish, burgers, cottage cheese and likewise preparations.

Gas Griddles can make your cooking process extremely smooth as it comes with a metal plate that heats from beneath elements sourced from Natural Gas or Liquified Petroleum Gas. A variety of restaurant menu items can be cooked at the same time with griddles. Like you can toss eggs, cook pancakes and much more.

Commercial Gas deep fryers are the ones that give that crisp texture to French fries. Yes, you will find this equipment in food establishments where frying is a routine task to serve the guests. Fish, potato fries, doughnuts and many types of food that require the process of frying are prepared in gas fryers.

2. Equipment for Food Preparation- In this category, you will come across machines and tools that help you with bringing the food down to various shapes, sizes in quantities that you require.

Food Processors come with different attachments as they are capable of performing tasks like cutting, shredding, slicing and grating. You will find this machine useful when you have to perform repeated tasks for food preparation.

Mixers are found majorly in kitchens that prepare bakeries stuff and pizzas. The commonly used mixers are Planetary mixers and Spiral mixers. These mixers are heavy-duty buddies which can knead you doughs, prepare cream fillings, icing of the cake, frosts of scones and are extremely helpful and time-saving.

3. Equipment for dishwashing- Dishwashing at home is easier than a restaurant kitchen. Not only cleaning, you have to sanitize them and arrange in a manner to make it useful for the next working day. You will find most of the food outlets having large sinks (both single and double) in their kitchens with a separate outlet pipe. You will also find industry-grade dishwashing machines that facilitate dish washing for fragile serving ware.

4. Refrigerators and freezers- They are the spines for storage. If you require to store pre-prepared food or cooling or freezing certain foods or store prepared food, this is your sure pick. You can set temperatures for freezing large pots of sauce or you can store large volumes of grated cheese that you might have to use for pizza topping for special order. Bar freezers are a must in bars and pub establishments. And if you have enough space and budget, walk-in freezer is your perfect choice. It is a lot more convenient than the normal freezer. Freezers play a vital role in inventory management for commercial food joints. Look out for installation procedures and maintainence as they require at regular intervals.

5. Boards or tables- As per your food preparation, you require specific boards or tables. This helps in keeping a check on cross-contamination while preparing the food. You can pick salad bars that have preparation tops. Or you may find a pizza prep table at pizza joints. Apart from this many food trading venues also follow a colour code system to keep hygiene quotient in mind. For eg. You can assign a red board for meat while a blue board for sea-food.

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